Reminder, all TUSD employees should have access to the by fzk93926


									The Office of Professional Learning, in collaboration with the Human Resources
Department is excited to launch our new TUSD Professional Learning Portal.
This web-based management system allows you to easily:
       View the course catalog of TUSD professional learning opportunities
       Register for TUSD courses, workshops and staff development
       Pay for courses by credit card
       View and print your Salary Increment Credit and Staff Development transcripts
       Propose courses and study groups for Salary Increment Credit
       Manage your professional portfolio beginning with the 2008-2009 School Year
       o Track credentials: licenses and certifications

       o Staff Development: during the workday, on the job or mandated training

       o Salary Increment Credit: after-hours training that enhances skills in service of the
         District but is not required, and earns participant a stipend or step increase

To log in for the first time:

   o Visit the TUSD Professional Learning Portal Homepage at

   o Type your Username: First Name.Last Name i.e.: John.Doe

   o Type your Password: Your 6-digit Employee ID # i.e.: 005555

   o The system will prompt you to update your e-mail address.

   o The system will prompt you to set your account clue question. Please type the
     question: What is your mother’s maiden name? Then type the answer.

Congratulations! You have successfully logged into the TUSD Professional Learning
Portal. Check back frequently for updates to the course catalog. Certificate information
and historical course data from our old system will be added in the next few months.

Should you have questions or experience difficulty logging into the Professional
Learning Portal, please contact the Office of Professional Learning at 225-6532
(while at your computer).

Reminder, all TUSD employees should have access to the Internet at their work site.

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