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									                      Women’s Club
 VOLUME 64                                                   NUMBER 1                                                           OCTOBER 2009

From the President…                                                        are participating (many repeat vendors from last year)
                                                                           and buy some of the unique items offered for sale that
The 64th year of the UB Women’s Club started with the                      day (holiday gift items, theme baskets, maple syrup
New Members’ reception on August 27th. The reception                       products, candy, soy candles, jewelry, purses, unusual
was held at the Center for the Arts on the UB campus.                      painted rocks creations, soaps, lotions, fossil/onyx
The Co-chairs, Liza Mitchell and Paula Noe, did an                         carvings, pasta, jams, and seasonings to name a few).
outstanding job of organizing the event. Thomas                            Also, volunteers are needed for any 2-hour period of
Burrows, Executive Director of the Center, gave an                         your choosing on the day of the event (especially during
interesting talk which was followed by a tour.                             early set-up hours). To sign up, please call Marcia
I want to welcome our new members and encourage                            Sickau 472-6412.
them to consider joining an activity group.                                Your assistance is greatly appreciated…there are usually
The mission of our club is to raise funds for academic                     questions from the many vendors and it’s nice to have
awards. We join together as an enthusiastic and friendly                   UB Women there to help---it’s easy really!!
group of women for fun and friendship.                                                                              Marcia Sickau 472-6412
It is my goal to keep you, our membership, well
informed of all the club’s news and activities. In addition                         Upcoming Programs through December 2009
to the club’s newsletter, e-mails will be sent out to keep
you well informed. I encourage you to please make sure
that we have your e-mail address.                                          November 1 (Sunday) ...............................................6:00 pm
                                                                                     INTERNATIONAL FEAST: GREECE
Membership to the Women’s Club does not require a                          Location:   Mythos Restaurant
relationship or affiliation with the university. Please                                516 Elmwood Ave., Buffalo
encourage your friends to join us and invite them to our                   Co-Chairs: Norma Rubin, Meena Rustgi
This year’s International Feast, Greece, will be held on                   December 3 (Thursday) .......................................... 11:30 am
November 1st at Mythos Restaurant. Co-Chairs Meena                                       “SOUP’S ON” LUNCHEON
Rustgi and Norma Rubin have planned a wonderful                            Location:   Center for Tomorrow
evening. I hope to see you there.                                          Co-Chairs: Carmella Hanley, Mary Lou Mancuso
                                                                                        POINSETTIA DISTRIBUTION
                                  Ellen R. Pierino 998-4108                Co-Chairs:   Lois Kelly, Joyce Lenda, Marion Schultz
Holiday Shopping Extravaganza
                                                                           December 4 (Friday) ............................... 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Mark your calendars – come and shop! For the second                                HOLIDAY SHOPPING EXTRAVAGANZA
year UB Women’s Club is sponsoring a student/staff                         Location:   UB Student Union
(and general public) Holiday Shopping Extravaganza on                      Chair:      Marcia Sickau
December 4, 2009 from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM in the
Student Union on the North Campus. Show your                               NOTE: Board meetings will start at 6:00 PM all year.
support for this wonderful event and get in the holiday
shopping mood. See the wonderful various vendors who
 UB Women’s Club Newsletter: Ellen Pierino, President; Julie Cohan and Lorraine Aloisio, Editors; Joyce Lenda and Sarah Llinas,
 Corresponding Secretaries. This newsletter is printed through the courtesy of the office of Dr. William Jusko.
Welcome New Members                                   Tribute Fund
Welcome to the newest members of our UB               Contributions may be made to the Grace Capen
Women’s Club. This is your club and we hope that      Award Fund for a special occasion, to honor
each of you will get involved as much as possible.    someone or as a remembrance. Send a check to
If we haven’t already met you at the New Members      Sandy DeMarco, 175 Old Orchard, Williamsville,
Reception we look forward to meeting you and          NY 14221, or call her at 639-3954.
getting to know you at other upcoming events.
                                                      Contributions received:
                                                      In memory of May Cadenhead by Romaine Rustum
MaryEllen Aquilina      Kathleen Joy-Krahn            In memory of Marilyn Swanson by Marisa Mihich
Linda Baso              Carol A. Loos                 In memory of Carolyn Piscopo by Marisa Mihich
Josephine Burgio        Regina McCabe
Vicki A. Chojnacki      Sharon Minklein               We mourn the loss of Mary Ann Allen.
Loretta S. Guewa        Barbara Morrisey              Honorary Members
Patricia Haynes         Jeanette Schonfeld            The UB Women’s Club has ONE honorary member
Norma Heimerl           Gloria Werblow                who turned 100 the year the Women’s Club
Micheline Hine          Gail Zichittela               celebrated our 50th Anniversary. Pat Thomas turned
                                                      114 in June of this year. On October 1, 2009, the
If you know of anyone else who might wish to join     Buffalo News reported that she is now the oldest
the Women’s Club, contact me for a membership         natural-born US citizen. Although she may not
packet.                                               remember you, if you would like to drop Pat a note,
                            Carole Brox 832-5292      send it to:

                                                      Pat Thomas
Corrections to Tri-Fold                               St. Francis Home
CROSS-COUNTRY SKIING                                  147 Reist St.
Joan D’Arrigo       655-3120                          Williamsville, NY 14221
Gloria Werblow       632-4405                         Additional Email Addresses
RESERVATIONS                                          If you do not have these email addresses, please
Mary Lou Mancuso      432-7414                        add them to your current yearbook.               Email
                                                      ub-womensclub@buffalo.edu if you have a change
International Feast: Greece                           in address, or if you do not receive our emails.
Come join us for a delicious 12 course dinner at      Aloisio, Lorraine sewit2@roadrunner.com
Mythos Restaurant on Sunday, November 1, 2009.
                                                      Llinas, Sarah     sllinas@roadrunner.com
Reservations (see page 9) are due by October 25.
Contact the chairs for more information.
                            Meena Rustgi 632-5768
                           Norma Rubin 688-7062       Reminders:

International Committee                               To be included in the 2009-2010 Yearbook, your
                                                      dues must be paid by October 15, 2009.
All Women’s Club members are invited to the
International Committee’s monthly brunches. You
                                                      If any information changes (name, address, phone,
are invited to meet and greet UB’s international
                                                      email address), notify Ninfa Straubinger at
students and have a healthy and tasty meal as well.
The Welcome Brunch is on October 20, 2009 in
Room 210 of the Student Union from 11 am to 1         ~~~~~~~~~~~~
pm. For other dates and additional information, see   To remain a member of every activity group (except
the Activity Group section of the newsletter.         Bridge Flight), you must pay dues.
Our 2009, 24th Annual Holiday Poinsettia and Wreath sale is a major fund-raiser which proceeds go to the Grace
Capen Academic Awards Fund. Please support these awards by ordering your holiday plants and wreaths.

                                                 UB Women’s Club
                                          2009 Poinsettia and Wreath Sale

               Order Deadline: Tuesday, November 24th, (Tuesday before Thanksgiving).
                Pick-Up Deadline: Thursday, December 3rd,       10:00 AM - 2:30 PM
                                   At Soup’s On luncheon - Center For Tomorrow

Checks Payable to: UB WOMEN’S CLUB
Mail Order To: Lois Kelly, 3928 Summerway Lane, Hamburg, NY 14075

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- Cut and Mail Order Form - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
POTS                           POTS                                          Winter Rose Poinsettia
4-½” - $5.50                   6-½” - $8.50                                  6” - $9.50

_____ Red          _____ Red                              _____ Red
_____ Marble       _____ Marble                           _____ Pink
_____ Pink         _____ White
                   _____ Burgundy
Hanging Baskets                      NEW      Poinsettia Floor Pots NEW
10” - $16.00                         8-½” $22.50          10” - $33.00
_____ Red                            _____ Red            _____ Red
_____ Marble                         _____ Marble         _____ Marble
_____ White                          _____ White          _____ White
_____ Burgundy                       _____ Burgundy _____ Burgundy
                               Fresh Balsam Fir Wreaths
Outside Diameter 22” - 24”                 Outside Diameter 24” - 26”

________ $11.50 Plain                       ________ $14.50 Plain
________ $14.50 Decorated                   ________ $17.50 Decorated
          (Bow and Pine Cones)                        (Bow and Pine Cones)
                               Thank you for your support.

TOTAL ENCLOSED:                     Name:____________________________________________________
$________________                           __________________________________________________
                                    Day Phone: ___________________Home No. ____________________

A copy of our latest annual report may be obtained upon request from the UB Women’s Club or from
the office of the Attorney General, Charities Bureau, 120 Broadway, NY, NY 10271
Buffalo Federation of Women’s Clubs                       attractive loose leaf binder so you can add pages to
                                                          it. The cookbook costs only $15 a copy. Additional
UB Women’s Club is a member of the Buffalo                supplements are $6. A portion of this amount will go
Federation of Women's Clubs. The Federation is            to benefit the Grace Capen Academic Award Fund.
comprised of a group of Buffalo area women’s              You may pick up a cookbook at all Women’s Club
organizations. All activities of the Federation are       functions or contact Barbara Meenaghan or Ann
open to our members. UB students benefit from the         Rudin to make other arrangements. Our cookbooks
scholarships given by this organization. The              make a great gift for family and friends.
following activities are planned:
                                                                               Barbara Meenaghan 636-5475
Wednesday, October 17th, 2009                                                           Ann Rudin 689-7804
Fashion Show
Location: Salvatore’s Italian Garden
Tickets: $25                                              February Wine and Dinner
Contact Billie Jean Gates at 741-3924                     The Women's Club Wine and Dinner is the Club's
Monday, November 9 , 2009                                 biggest fund raiser for the Grace Capen Academic
Scholarship Tea 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm                        Awards. This year's event will feature the wines of
** VOLUNTEERS NEEDED to help host **                      Argentina. It will be held at the Buffalo Launch Club
Location: Center for Tomorrow                             on Friday, February 12.
UB North Campus                                           If you were at last year's event, you know what an
Donations to scholarship fund (checks and cash)           enjoyable event it was. If you weren't there, you
accepted at door. More events next newsletter…            don't want to miss it this year. Please mark your
                        Billie Jean Gates 741-3924        calendar for this special event. Invitations will be
                        Kathy Feliciano 832-7255          going out in January and space is limited so you will
                                                          want to respond early. The wines that are served that
Poinsettia and Wreath Sale                                evening will be available for purchase.
Our committee is busy firming up the details of our       At this event there is also a basket raffle and auction.
Annual Poinsettia & Wreath Sale. Order forms can          We are taking donations so if you care to donate or
be obtained from our website, or from Marion              have someone else or a business willing to donate,
Schultz, Lois Kelly or Joyce Lenda. Everyone was          please let us know. See letter on page 9. We look
so pleased with last year’s seasonal decorations from     forward to seeing you on February 12th.
Bengert’s Greenhouse, and we are happy to                                                    Lois Kelly 649-8015
announce they will again be our supplier for these                                          lavkelly@verizon.net
items. Back by popular demand is the “Winter Rose”
poinsettia, featuring those beautiful bright red crepe-
like petals. These gorgeous plants were large and
                                                          University and Community Service
very long lasting. Standard poinsettias in various        We need volunteers to help at these activities:
colors will be offered as well, and the fresh wreaths
can be ordered with or without bows. Remember,            Federation Tea on Nov 9 2-4 PM at UB
all proceeds are to benefit the Grace Capen Awards        UB Child Care Center
program for our very own U.B. students. Thank you         Roswell Park – Sell “Paint Box” cards at malls
all for your generous support of this very important      Aids Community Services - Gift Wrapping at malls
fund raiser!                                              Graduation - May, 2009
                                       Marion Schultz     Please contact either of us to volunteer.
                            mare.shultz@gmail.com                                   Romaine Rustum 691-0384
                                                                                         Lois Sindoni 633-9182
Women’s Club Cookbook
The Women’s Club cookbook called “Here’s What’s
                                                          Email Addresses Needed
Cookin’…” is available for you to purchase. It            If you are not receiving Women’s Club emails,
contains delicious recipes from Gourmet Techniques        please send your email address to us at
and Wine Tasting Parties. The cookbook is in an           ub-womensclub@buffalo.edu so we can add you.
Shirts for Sale                                               Academic Awards and Scholarships
Our UB Women’s Club shirts are available in                   Last Spring, UB Women’s Club awarded fifty four
support of Grace Capen Academic Awards. Many                  Grace Capen Academic Awards of $300 each to UB
thanks to all who have purchased either the royal             sophomores who maintained at least a 3.9 grade
blue polo with our logo embossed in white, or the             point average for their first three semesters at UB.
long-sleeved mock turtle with the blue embroidered            The total of the awards was $16,200. Michael Ryan,
logo at the neck. At $20 each, these shirts are high          Dennis Black and Joan Ryan welcomed students,
quality cotton, wash and wear beautifully, and can            parents, and members of the UB Women’s Club at
be used for sport or leisure. Each shirt raises $20 for       the award presentation and reception held in the
our award fund. Contact Lee to order.                         Jacobs Executive Development Center, formerly the
                                                              Butler Mansion, in downtown Buffalo.
                                 Lee Baker 691-5972
                                                              Each year, the Women’s Club endowment provides
                                                              financial aid for a number of students. Last year, an
                                                              additional $11,000 was made available for UB
                                                              students in the form of financial aid. The University
                                Winter                        at Buffalo will award financial aid scholarships from
                               Addresses?                     the UB Women’s Club Endowment in the amount of
                                                              $13,239 for the 2009-2010 Academic year. These
                                                              awards are in addition to the fundraising we do all
                                                              year to fund the Grace Capen merit awards. Several
     If you would like your newsletters sent to               students will benefit from this endowment managed
     a different address, notify Corresponding                by the Financial Aid office.
     Secretary, Joyce Lenda, 688-6887                                                       Julie Cohan 688-6890

                                                              Back-to-School Garage Sale Thanks
Bon-Ton Community Day
                                                              Earlier this year a request was made on the mailing
UB Women’s Club is again participating in Bon Ton             list to help support the annual Back-to-School
Community Day on November 14, 2009; stores open               Garage Sale sponsored by the UB Libraries.
at 6:00 a.m. Coupon books can be purchased for                The results are in and it was another very successful
only $5.00 (call Marcia Sickau, 472-6412 or see any           sale to benefit UB's Campaign for the Community.
activity chairperson who will have a supply). Inside          They made over $2350 this year, bettering last year's
each booklet there are various money-saving                   total by $100! THANKS go out to everyone who
coupons including a $10 coupon for your use on                helped make this such a worthwhile event by
that day. (Simply put that means you spend $5.00              donating items, helping get the word out, and by
for the booklet and receive a $10.00 coupon in                purchasing things at the sale held at the Health
return….that’s like being paid $5.00 to shop at Bon           Sciences Library.
Ton on November 14, 2009. The beauty of this
fundraiser is UB Women’s Club gets to keep the                Once again, the students who came to the sale were
entire $5.00 purchase price plus we get to share in           so appreciative of the variety of goods and the
the overall revenue generated by all the other non-           bargain prices to help them get their new school year
profit community organizations that are also selling          started. Hot sellers this year were three ring binders
the booklets. It’s a pure WIN WIN situation for               (again), cookware, comforters and dorm/office
everyone!! It would be wonderful if each UBWC                 refrigerators.
member buys just 1 booklet to use or give as a                                                      Mary Soom
gift…the profit our Club would receive from your                                              msoom@buffalo.edu
participation would be tremendous!
                                                              Copy the letter on the next page and help by
                             Marcia Sickau 472-6412
                                                              asking for donations for the basket raffle.

                                      The Women’s Club

October, 2009

Dear friend of the University at Buffalo,

Each year the UB Women’s Club recognizes, through the Grace Capen Awards, academically
gifted students from our University. Our group raises money to fund these awards through a
number of special activities which are open to the University and the community.

On Friday, February 12, 2010, we will once again hold our always successful wine and dinner
evening. This year, the evening will feature the wines of Argentina. The event will be held at
the Buffalo Launch Club on Grand Island.

Your donation of merchandise or a gift certificate for our sweepstakes will help support higher
education by helping students. Please help us make this another successful event. Your
contribution is tax deductible (acknowledged by a receipt) and your participation is recognized
the night of the event.

On behalf of the UB Women's Club, I thank you for your contribution.
Let's make this an evening to remember!

Lois Kelly
Vice President, UB Women's Club
                                               Activity Groups
ACTIVITY COORDINATORS                                              COMPUTER (CONT.)
       Jo-Ann Schwartz joannschwartz1@netzero.net 688-4366
                                                                      Oct. 28- Everything Email
       Joan Roy   joan1458@AOL.COM          ...693-8152               Nov 18- Doing Documents
                                                                      Dec 16- Holiday Helpers - graphics
ART HISTORY                                                        More next newsletter…
(Last Friday. Meet at CFT at 10:00 am)                             CRAFTS
    Penny Ferguson whfpsf@aol.com ........692-1976                 (4th Monday at 1 pm)
    Oct. 30- Exhibit of works by our own Jean Jain                      Elaine Kellick ekellick@aol.com ........ 836-1071
    at Temple Beth Am, 4660 Sheridan Dr. Wlsville                       Sarah DiNatale sarah3@roadrunner.com 633-9762
    Nov. 27- Homage to Salvador Dali at Museum                     We are looking for a volunteer for hosting the
    of European Art, 10545 Main St., Buffalo                       February meeting. A $3.00 one time fee will be
BOOKS                                                              collected from each member.
(2nd Monday from 1 to 3 pm)                                             Oct. 26- Christmas tree craft at Sarah DiNatale’s
    Geraldine Sonnesso sonnesso@gmail.com 839-5312                      117 Park Forest, Williamsville
    Fran Kurtz ....................................... 688-7069         Nov. 23- Wintery Walnuts at Joan Ryan’s
Location: NOTE CHANGE: Clearfield Library,                              243 Frankhauser, Williamsville
770 Hopkins Rd (near Klein). Dues $2.00 per year.                  More next newsletter…
    Oct. 12- A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen                        CROSS-COUNTRY SKIING
    Leader: Reidun Reitan                                          (Every Friday at 9:45 am)
    Hostess: Zelda Feldman, Joan Richmond                              Marie Schillo ........................................ 832-1921
    Nov 9- Birth of Venus by Sarah Dunant                              Joan D’Arrigo ...................................... 655-3120
    Leader: Nancy Golden                                           This group meets for skiing or hiking.
    Hostess: Mary Ann Ellis, Suzanne Grossman                      Skiing locations vary. No skiing if no snow.
    Dec 14- Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson                    FRENCH CONVERSATION
    Leader: Geraldine Sonnesso                                     (1st Monday at 2:00 pm)
    Hostess: Lona Allendoerfer, Mickey Hice                            Virginia Ziebarth. ................................. 837-9229
More next newsletter…                                                  Mimi Swados. ...................................... 839-2483
BRIDGE ADV/INT                                                     The group meets in the home of members. Members
(1st & 3rd Mondays from 10 am to 2 pm)                             are asked to speak in French only.
     Chris Sonne-Noe ...................................626-9492   GARDEN CLUB
Verbena's Restaurant, 930 Maple Road, Wmsville                          TBA - If interested in chairing, contact:
Looking for new members, please join us.                                Jo-Ann Schwartz                                         688-4366
Call if interested in a duplicate Bridge group.                         Joan Roy............................................... 693-8152
Shirley Lojacono, our Bridge Chairman for the past                 GOURMET
10 years, has chosen to step down. However,                          EVENING (3rd Thursday at 7:30 pm)
Shirley will stay on as a member. So, we will                      Location: Members’ homes.
continue to enjoy her delightful company. All                      Call chair for more details.
Bridge players extend to her our sincerest gratitude                   Kathy Coppola kkc691@verizon.net .... 636-3104
for her years of hard work.                                            Kathy Alaimo-Cronberger ………… .. 688-9088
COMPUTER                                                           GOURMET
  th                    rd
(4 but sometimes 3 Wednesdays at 7:00 pm)                            TECHNIQUES (2nd Thurs at 10:30 am)
    Julie Cohan mgtcohan@buffalo.edu .......688-6890               Location: Members’ homes. Notification by email.
Location: 205 Alfiero Center, UB North Campus                      Call chairs for more details.
surrounded by Park, Jacobs, Baldy and Lockwood                         Barbara Paganelli cvp@buffalo.edu ... 689-9077
7:00-9:00 Topic Demos and “Ask the expert” All                         Katrina Wobschall................................ 634-9317
questions welcome on any topic.                                        Penny Carriero happen4@aol.com …. 549-4848

 GOURMET (CONT.)                                                          INTERNATIONAL (CONT.)
   TECHNIQUES (2nd Thurs at 10:30 am)                                     Free parking and shuttle bus service are available
      Oct. 8 – Penny Carriero’s at 9940 Erie Rd.,                         at the Center for Tomorrow and Alumni Arena
      Angola. Must RSVP by Oct. 5                                         parking lots.
      To carpool, call Katie Wobschall or Jean Jain.                      NEEDLEWORK
 The chef from the "Mustard Seed" will be                                 (3rd Thursday at 1:00 pm)
 demonstrating a fish stuffed with vegetables rolled                      Ardis Stewart kstewart@buffalo.edu        688-7115
 in Panko crumbs and baked. Also a peanut butter                          We meet the third Thursday of the month at 1:00
 pie, salad, etc.                                                         PM. Please call the hostess if you are coming.
 INTERNATIONAL                                                                 Oct. 15 – Virginia Olszeski's patio home at
 (Tuesdays from 11 am to 1 pm)                                                 Canterbury.
     Meena Rustgi rustgime@roadrunner.com 632-5768                        NOON TIME MOVIE
     Vonnie Jones .........................................881-0864       (3rd Wednesday of the month)
 Location: Room 210 Student Union.                                             Joan Ryan meryan@buffalo.edu ........... 626-9332
     Oct. 20 -October Welcome Party                                       Contact chair for details.
     Nov. 10 -Thanksgiving Feast                                               Oct. 21 Details will be sent in email.
     Dec. 8 -Holiday Party                                                TENNIS
     Feb. 16 -Winter Theme                                                (Wednesdays from 1:30 to 3 pm)
     Mar. 16 -Spring Theme                                                TBA If interested in chairing, contact:
     Apr. 20 -Last Party of the Year                                         Jo-Ann Schwartz                                        688-4366
                                                                             Joan Roy............................................... 693-8152

2009-2010 Women’s Club Activity Groups Master Schedule
Week             Monday                  Tuesday                 Wednesday                   Thursday                         Friday
1st         Bridge – 10:00am                                                                                          XC Skiing – 9:45am
            Verbena on Maple

            French – 2:00 pm

2nd         Books - 1:00pm                                                            Gourmet – 10:30am               XC Skiing – 9:45am
            Clearfield Library                                                        (Techniques)
            770 Hopkins Rd.

3rd         Bridge – 10:00am         International ***       Noon Time Movie          Needlework – 1:00 pm            XC Skiing – 9:45am
            Intermediate/Adv         11am – 1pm                                       (in homes)
            Verbena on Maple         210 Student Union
                                                                                      Evening Gourmet ** –

4th                                                                                                                   XC Skiing – 9:45am
            Crafts 1:00–3:00pm                               Computers* 7:00 –                                        Art History –
            (in homes)                                       9:00 PM 205 Alfiero                                      10:00am Meet CTF
                                                             Center (see below)                                       – always last Friday

For Bridge Intermediate/Adv/Flight info, contact Shirley Lojacano 549-4229                         Garden Club TBA
Activity Groups with irregular meeting dates:                                                      Tennis      TBA
* Computers: 9/30, 10/28, 11/18, 12/16, 1/27, 2/24, 3/31, 4/28, 5/26
** Evening Gourmet: 10/15, 11/19, 1/21, 2/18, 3/18, 5/20, 6/17
*** International: 10/20, 11/17, 12/8, 2/16, 3/16, 4/20

                          2009 International Feast: Greece
Mythos                                             to benefit
                                       The Grace Capen Academic Award Fund and
                               The International Committee of the UB Women’s Club

              PLACE:              Mythos
                                  510 Elmwood Avenue at West Utica, Buffalo

               DATE:              Sunday, November 1, 2009

               TIME:              6:00 P.M.

               COST:              $30 per person
                                  (tax, tip and $5.00 contribution are included)

                                ∞∞ A multi-course Greek Feast ∞∞
                                     ∞∞ GUESTS INVITED ∞∞ 

              For Information: Call Meena Rustgi at 632-5768 or Norma Rubin at 688-7062.

        Please send checks (payable to The UB Women’s Club) by Sunday, October 25, 2009 to:
                      Meena Rustgi, 362 Sunrise Blvd, Williamsville, NY 14221

                             Cut reservation form below and send it along with your check.
                   I would like to attend the 2009 International Feast: Greece to benefit
       The Grace Capen Academic Award Fund and the International Committee of the UB Women’s

Name: __________________________________________________________________

Number of people attending: _______ Check enclosed for $ _________ @$30.00 per person.
Please list the names of the people in your party below, or on the reverse side.

                               Newsletter Deadlines

                                         Monday, October 19, 2009
                      Watch for Soup’s On, Poinsettia Sale, & Valentine Wine and Dinner
                                         Monday, January 18, 2010
                      Watch for Election meeting, Chinese Banquet & Spring Flower Sale
                                          Monday, March 1, 2010
                              Watch for Spring Luncheon & Spring Flower Sale

--                                                                                               --

               Women’s Club
VOLUME 64                                      NUMBER 1                                     OCTOBER 2009

--                                                                                               --

     UB Women’s Club
     Linda Eaton - Treasurer                                                    Non-Profit Organization
     289 Lakefront Blvd.                                                          U.S. Postage Paid
     Buffalo, NY 14202-4325                                                          Buffalo, NY
                                                                                   Permit No. 826
     Address Service Requested


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