How to upgrade the firmware of the Edimax Access by njv27068


									How to upgrade the firmware of the Edimax Access point?
                                                                Author: Longcent
This FAQ is applied to the following models:
     All series of the Edimax access points.

Firmware is a software that is embedded in the access point. It’s a binary
image file that can be upgraded in the accesspoint by the end user using
a web browser (Windows IE, Firefox, mozilla, netscape etc.) Edimax will
publish the latest firmware in the web site periodically. It’s suggested not
to conduct firmware upgrade unless there is a severe bug in the current
firmware of the access point.

Steps by Steps:

Step 1 : Download the latest firmware from the Edimax web site at
and save it on the Desktop of your PC.

Step 2 : Log on to the management web page of the AP. By default, the
management IP is , and the user name is “admin; password is

Step 3. Click “Upgrade” and “Browse”.

Step 4. Click the latest firmware saved in the Desktop.

Step 5. Click “Apply” button.
Step 6. Click “OK” button for writing the latest frimware to the access point.

Step 7. Click “OK” button.

       The operation of firmware upgrade is finished at this stage.
       Please do not power off or disconnect the AP when the
firmware upgrade is going on, otherwise, the AP may be defective.

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