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California School Employees Association                   Santa Monica College Chapter 36                       August 2007

                               “81 Years of Putting Our Power to Work"
Report from                                                                                            The opening cere-
Chapter 36                                                                                           mony was moving and it
Delegates:                                                                                           included a multimedia
81st Annual CSEA                                                                                     presentation of mem-
Conference, Las                                                                                      bers' sons and daughters
                                                                                                     serving in the military,
Vegas, Nevada –
                                                                                                     as well as CSEA mem-
  Bernie Rosenloecher,
                                                                                                     bers currently serving in
Connie Lemke, Fred
                                                                                                     the Iraq War. Tribute
Zimmerman, and
                                                                                                     was paid to those who
Vinnessa Cook were                                                                    died while serving, as well as all our
joined by Peggy Rhoads, visitor and                                                   union brothers and sisters who have
retiree, along with 1600 other dele-                                                  passed away since last year’s Confer-
gates converged on the Paris Hotel in                                                 ence. Nominations for CSEA state
Las Vegas, NV. There were another                                                     offices took place on opening day, in
400 guests, vendors, visitors, and                                                    addition to campaign speeches, and
staff. One cannot fully express how                                                   Q-&-A sessions.
empowering it was to see the vast                                                       By mid-conference, a variety of
Paris Ballroom filled with hardwork-                                                  legislators had spoken to CSEA dele-
ing CSEA members. The Conference                                                      gates on pertinent issues, such as
is the most important CSEA member                                                     SB840, the Single Payer Fee Health
event, as the victories and accomplish-                                               Care structure, cuts of social programs
ments are celebrated and the course of           Chapter 36 President Bernie          funding on the horizon and the No
the upcoming year is determined.             Rosenloecher, expressing support for     Child Left Behind program. Jack
  As your elected Chapter 36                     Resolution 14, the call for the      O'Connell, the State Superintendent of
                                               immediate end to the war in Iraq.
delegates, we participated in the Com-                                                Instruction, spoke about the impor-
munity College Forum, attended                                                        tance of the CSEA organization in
Education Days workshops on "Civil                                                    California, in addition to the fact that
Rights, Social Justice and the Labor                                                  we have the best legislative committee
Movement,” the merit system, and                                                      in Sacramento protecting our inter-
contract negotiations. We also                                                        ests. He explained that we must
networked and prepared to speak                                                       continue to fight against any potential
about the three resolutions submitted                                                 cuts.
by SMC Chapter 36. It became appar-                                                     Your Chapter 36 delegates worked
ent during the course of the conference                                               and networked, presented and repre-
that Chapter 36 and the work we do is                                                 sented SMC classified employees with
respected around the state; it                                                        dedication and enthusiasm.
consistently leads in the passage of         Connie Lemke urges the Conference        The above article is based on summary
                                             participants to approve Resolution 15,   reports previously submitted by Vinnessa
resolutions.                                   giving employees the right to chal-
  On July 31st, 2007, another resolu-                                                 Cook, Corresponding Secretary, on behalf of
                                              lenge and have removed any untrue
                                                                                      herself and other delegates Bernie
tion presented by Santa Monica               derogatory statements from their per-
                                                                                      Rosenloecher, Connie Lemke, and Fred
College Chapter 36 was adopted,                sonnel files. The resolution passed.
making a total of two out of three        removed from their personnel files.
SMC resolutions that passed with a                                                                  In This Issue
                                          This resolution is now on it's way to       81st Annual Conference article        1
significant majority vote! The first      legislation. SMC's Resolution to join       Conference Report; Know               2
victory was the resolution to have a      our AFL-CIO brothers and sisters in          Your Rights Day
live feed of State Board of               supporting the quick return of U.S.         Labor Day Celebration; Labor Day      3
Directors meetings. Our second con-       troops was defeated. However, we             Parade; Education Budget Cuts
ference success was the resolution that   have a strong and persistent chapter        Harmful Pension Initiative;           4
                                                                                       Member benefits/discounts;
allows employees the right to             that does not give up and will keep          Dates to Remember
challenge and have derogatory memos       trailblazing on important issues.
More About the Conference . . .
Power, dedication on display at             Delegates finished action on            CSEA is ‘thriving’
81st Annual Conference                    resolutions in one day, approving 10        In his State of the Union
  LAS VEGAS—CSEA’s 81st                   of the14 proposals, including one         address, Feckner reported that the
Annual Conference can probably be         that raised retiree dues. Delegates       association is not only strong, but
summed up in three words: empow-          approved the association’s general        thriving. He reviewed a number of
erment, pride, and efficiency. From       and restricted fund budgets for 2007-     accomplishments and new projects
July 29 through August 3, more than       2008.                                     in the past year, and said he looks
1,600 delegates conducted business        The buzz of the conference                forward to similar success in the
like professionals, debating the is-        The buzzwords of the conference         coming year.
sues effectively and efficiently, and     were healthcare reform and retire-          A number of public figures
setting the course for the year ahead.    ment security as Feckner, Executive       attended the conference to speak to
Association officers elected              Director Bud Dougherty, and               CSEA’s member-delegates,
  CSEA set a clear path for the           Governmental Relations Assistant          including State Superintendent of
future as delegates elected Associa-      Director Dave Low all talked about        Public Instruction Jack O’Connell,
tion officers. Rob Feckner was re-        the continuing struggle to provide        AFL-CIO President John Sweeney
elected as Association President,         healthcare to all Californians, as well   and Chris Gardner, author of “The
Allan Clark was re-elected as First       as the potential threats to public em-    Pursuit of Happyness.”
Vice President, Michael Bilbrey was       ployee pensions. “There is little
re-elected as Second Vice President       doubt in my mind that the single big-     Energized for the year ahead
and Lori Klingen-Smith was elected        gest challenge facing this union, and       The conference ended with the
as Association Secretary. They will       maybe Americans in general, is the        member-delegates leaving energized
each serve two-year terms. “I’ve          skyrocketing cost and availability of     and abuzz about the year ahead.
served you as Association President       quality healthcare,” Feckner said.        CSEA’s next annual conference will
with dignity and integrity for the last   “This is a legislative concern, it is a   take place Aug. 4-7, 2008 at the Las
two years and that’s not going to         bargaining concern and it is a quality    Vegas Hilton and Convention
stop,” Feckner said.                      of life concern for our members.”         Center.

                                KNOW YOUR RIGHTS DAY
  What you don’t know WILL hurt                                                       Please RSVP no later than Septem-
you!                                                                                ber 18 by calling the Costa y Valles
Announcing this valuable training!                                                  Field Office at (800) 834-9959, ext.
  You will walk away with the                                                       3843 or email us at cvforsvp@csea.
knowledge and power to protect                                                      com. Make sure you provide your
yourself in the workplace.                                                          name, chapter # or school district,
Know Your Rights Day Training                                                       and the location at which you will be
Saturday, September 29, 2007
Registration starts: 9:30 a.m.
                                                                                      There are three training locations
Program: 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
  This comprehensive training will                                                  for your convenience
give you the knowledge you need to                                                  Santa Barbara Community College
protect yourself and rights on the          Give us six hours (we’ll provide          Cafeteria
job.                                      the food and beverages) and you will        721 Cliff Drive
  In a round table format you’ll learn    leave with a new understanding of           Santa Barbara, CA 93109
about:                                    workplace rights. You DO have             Saugus Union School District
  Discipline / Due Process                rights! You just need to know what          Bramlett Room
  Personnel Files / Evaluations           they are.                                   24930 Avenue Stanford
  Overtime / Wages / Volunteerism           You will also have an opportunity         Santa Clarita, CA 91355
  Fringe Benefits (sick leave, vaca-      to ask questions from experienced         North High School—Cafeteria
tion, etc.)                               Labor Relations representatives who         3620 W. 182nd St.
  Workers’ Compensation                   will be providing this training.            Torrance, CA 90504
Page 2                                                                              Classified Focus August 2007
                                                                                     LABOR DAY PARADE ON
                                                                                     SEPTEMBER 3rd
                                                                                     The Labor Day Theme for 2007
                                                                                     is: “Workers of the World Unite
                                                                                     for Health Care, Pension, and
                                                                                       This Labor Day (September 3rd)
                                                                                     will focus on the struggles for unity
                                                                                     and workers rights for our labor
Labor Day                                                                            movement. Living wages, health
 Celebrates Workers                                                                  care, pensions, and work place
  Labor Day celebrations began in the United States with a massive march in          safety are what secures worker
New York City in 1882. More than 30,000 workers paraded that day in support          unity.
of labor. More than 12 years later, the federal government officially recognized       Basic worker rights continue to
the first Monday in September as a national holiday.                                 erode at an alarming rate by a well
  While many labor organizations favored a May 1 holiday to commemorate              funded and organized corporate
the demands for an eight-hour workday, President Grover Cleveland worried            and political agenda, striking fear
that the date would be used as a memorial for the Haymarket Riots of 1886. He        and uncertainty into all workers
instead approved the day in September, which was originally requested by the         and their families.
Knights of Labor.                                                                      The labor movement must exer-
  Today, gatherings of workers and their families for barbecues and picnics are      cise the right to protest and speak
common. Speeches by union leaders and politicians are the big news of the            out against these threats. Another
day. Unlike most other national holidays that celebrate one person or a
                                                                                     year of actions have already pre-
conflict, Labor Day celebrates the contribution of all American workers—the
                                                                                     sented new challenges and must be
people who labored to make America what it is today. It is a national tribute to
sweat and hard work.
                                                                                     continued through Labor Day.
                                                                                       We must unite, we must be heard,
                                                                                     and we must be seen on the streets!
      State Budget Passes                                                              On September 3rd, Labor Day,
                                                                                     join us in standing up for all
After a 52-day impasse, the
California State Senate was finally                                                  workers of the world.
successful in passing a state budget                                                   Parade begins at Broad Ave. and
to the Governor.                                                                     E Street in Wilmington. Assembly
                                                                                     begins 8:00 a.m. and the march
  The budget bill passed the Senate
                                                                                     starts at 10:00 a.m. Union banners,
on a vote of 27 to 12, ending the
longest budget stalemate in the coun-                                                signs, and floats are welcome.
try. The Assembly had approved a bi-partisan budget on July 20, but that               There’s a rally at Banning Park
budget did not meet the demands of Senate Republicans, who wanted to make            at noon, with speakers, music, and
deeper budget cuts and to change some environmental policies not related to          shuttle buses. Hot dogs and
the budget.                                                                          refreshments available.
  A preliminary analysis shows that this budget includes:
                                                                                       Bring your family and friends.
                                                                                       Carpool with others.
  4.53 percent COLA for all K-12 and community college programs, including             Email to others whom you have
categoricals, county offices and pre-school.
                                                                                     met at conference or at trainings.
  $25 million increase in child nutrition meal reimbursements.
                                                                                       RSVP to Jose I. Morales at 805-
  Full funding restoration for Community Based English Tutoring Programs.
  Full funding of Community College growth at 2 percent.
                                                                                     712-4623 or
                                                                                     and help CSEA to continue be the
What’s Next?
                                                                                     Leader on supporting Health Care
  The budget is not final until it is signed by the Governor. He agreed to use
                                                                                     For All, with your presence. SEE
his line item veto power to reduce the budget by up to $700 million from the
budget passed by the Legislature. The governor has not revealed what those
                                                                                     YOU AT THE PARADE.
cuts will be, but he has indicated that they will not compromise key state pro-
grams. It is expected that he will sign it as soon as it is logistically possible.
Note: Some numbers and proposals may change as additional details become
                                                                                                                 Page 3
                       HARMFUL PENSION INITIATIVE                                                 HOW TO GET CSEA
Former Assemblyman Richman Submits Pension Initiative                                               DISCOUNTS
                                  In June, former Assemblyman submitted a pension             Ticket sales are offered at the
                                initiative to the Attorney General for title and            Fresno and Rancho Cucamonga
                                summary.                                                    field offices and through Member
                                  CSEA is conducting a full analysis and working            Benefits at CSEA Headquarters in
                                with our coalition partners on research, message, and       San Jose. We accept CSEA
                                other campaign activities to insure that this initiative    members’ personal checks up to
                                fails to either reach the ballot, or is defeated if it      $150. We require a money order or
                                qualifies for the ballot. The following is a brief          cashier’s check for orders exceed-
                                summary of the Richman initiative.                          ing $150. Visa and MasterCard are
                                                                                            accepted at all locations. No cash
1) Peace officers cannot retire before age 55 and pensions are cut from three
                                                                                            is accepted.
percent to 2.2 percent.
                                                                                               All transactions are subject to a
2) Public safety members cannot retire before age 60 and pensions are cut from              $1 handling fee. Unless otherwise
2.5 percent to 1.8 percent.                                                                 noted, tickets must be purchased
3) School, state, teacher, local agency, and other public employees cannot                  from a CSEA office. Tickets cannot
retire before age 65 and pensions are cut to 1.5 percent. For employees with Social         be purchased at the parks for the
Security the formula is cut to one percent. (Current maximum ranges are between             advertised discount prices. To
2.3 percent to 2.4 percent.)                                                                avoid unnecessary trips, always
4) All public employees’ final compensation is cut from the highest year average            call your field office first to make
to a five-year average.                                                                     sure it’s open and to confirm it has
                                                                                            the tickets you want. Please note:
5) No provisions for early retirement for pensions or health care unless the                Ticket prices are subject to
effect would be to reduce the normal cost of providing retirement or health care            change.
upon reaching the minimum retirement age. The only way to provide for early
retirement is by severely decreasing retirement factors even further. The Richman               CSEA Member Benefits,
factors already reduce benefits by 25 to 60 percent from current benefits, so early                 Headquarters
retirement factors would cut benefits to virtually meaningless levels.
                                                                                           CSEA Member Benefits is open Monday
6) In order to receive retiree health care, public employees must reach minimum            through Friday, from 8:15 a.m. to 4:45
retirement age, have five years continuous service immediately prior to retirement,        p.m. You may purchase tickets in
and ten years total public service. This would mean a public employee who works            person or by phone with your Visa or
from age 25 to age 50, gets sick and is forced to retire early would get no health         Master-Card at (866) ITS-CSEA (487-
benefits at all, and no pension until age 65.                                              2732) or by mail (allow 10 days for
  Imagine a 20-year veteran firefighter who started work at age 25 who                     delivery).
suffers a serious illness. He or she would be faced with the prospect of retiring          CSEA Field Offices
early, losing health coverage permanently, and not receiving a pension until full            Tickets are available from the Fresno
retirement age, or else trying to stay on the job while seriously ill.                     and Rancho Cucamonga field offices by
  Former Assemblyman Richman has actually found a way to draft an initiative               mail (allow 10 days for delivery) or in
that is worse than his last failed attempt and we will make sure this one meets the        person from 8:15 a.m. to 4:45 p.m.,
same fate.                                                                                 Monday through Friday. Field offices
                                                                                           cannot accept cash. To avoid an unnec-
                                                                                           essary trip, always call one of these to
                                                Dates to remember . . .                    make sure it’s open and has the tickets
                     Have a Ham
                                                9/3/07 Labor Day, CSEA offices             you want.
                      this Fall!
                                                                                            The Classified Focus is published
                 Purchase a $40                 9/15/07 Board of Directors
                                                                                               by CSEA Santa Monica College
                 Honey Baked                            meeting, San Jose                           District Chapter 36
Ham gift certificate for $34,                   9/20/07 Chapter 36 monthly                 1900 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90405.
                                                        meeting, noon, B111
which you can use for your ham                  9/23/07 Autumn begins
                                                                                           Please submit all articles or story ideas
or turkey purchase at any Honey-                                                           for consideration to Nancy Donohue,
                                                                                           Editor, in the Maintenance Dept.
Baked Ham location. Certificates
                                                                                            The Classified Focus newsletter is
are available through CSEA Mem-                                                                           now online.
ber Benefits at (866) ITS-CSEA                                                             Go to the CSEA website to view cur-
(487-2732).                                                                                rent or past issues at:

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