For exact volume measurements of liquids by hcj


									                                  Lab Equipment Notes Page

For ___________ volume                         Used to draw liquids into a
measurements of liquids.                       ________________

This is used to make specific
concentrations of a
_________________. It has a
precise graduation line in the                 It is used to contain
neck of the flask. A solute is                 reaction especially when
placed into the flask, then the                _____________ them.
solvent is used to bring the
total volume up to the

                                               Used to transfer
This is used to __________
                                               _______________ from
substances in a lab and is
                                               their original container to a
attached to a ___________.
                                               scale for weighing.

                                               Used to make __________
The most diverse glassware
                                               measurements of liquid
in the lab and can be used
                                               volumes. The bumper ring
for just about anything. The
                                               on larger cylinders is to
volume graduations on
                                               prevent it from
beakers should not be used
                                               _____________ if tipped
for ____________ measure.
                                               over. Keep it near the top.

                                               This can be used to
Used to contain chemical
                                               _______________ small
compounds when heating
                                               amounts of liquid. It can
them to very high
                                               also be used to cover

This attaches to the
________________. It is                        This attaches to the
used to support glassware                      ________________. It is
above the lab table.                           used to hold a large test
                                               tube or Florence flask
                                               above the lab table.
This glassware is used when
you want to mix several
                               These are used for picking
solutions together to see
                               up hot _______________.
how they might

Used as a support for
                               Used to __________ a lab
beakers when placed across
a ____________________.

                               Used to hold
Used to grind solids into      _________________ for
_______________.               short periods of "gentle"

This is used to help deliver
                               Used for ______________
______________ into
                               glassware or other lab
containers without spilling

                               These are used to dispense
                               very ______________
These are used to measure
                               amounts of liquid in
                               experiments such as

                               This is used to hold
This is used to take the
                               chemicals as you mass
__________ of objects or
                               them on a

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