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					                  Immanuel Bible Church
                     Urban Immersion

                   May 14-17, 2009
                   Washington, D.C.

               We are what He has made us,
created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared
  beforehand to be our way of life. Ephesians 2:10 (NRSV)

                 We are called to serve…
              but that can be overwhelming.
       The Bible does not say we are to cure hunger,
             end all disease or homelessness.

      Our call is simply to be faithful in obedience by
                  continually serving those
                 around us as God calls us.
                     (Matthew 25:31-40)

Let us always remember that God will take care of all of it.
        We are called to be obedient as He calls us.
                Our call is to be obedient.

                    Justin Hormel
       Former Co-Director, CSM, Washington, D.C.

                 A wonderful opening from our Co-Leader Don Woodall…

                                   Wow, what an amazing three days.
           I truly felt that God molded us overnight from individuals into a “team”.
                   I took time to look up the dictionary definition of “team” –
                     a group of people linked together in a common purpose.
                               I thought that pretty much described us…
We intentionally “dropped our nets” and “followed HIM” with servants’ hearts (and hands and
                             feet) to serve and love our neighbors in DC.
We shared serious times and also took time to laugh (and eat ice cream!). Once again, God put
                           this team together and I thoroughly enjoyed the
                              inter-generational mix of adults and youth.
                        I love each of you as brothers and sisters in Christ!


We began with prayer inside the National Cathedral. The first time we’ve ever done that and it
was special! In our tour we saw the most powerful city in the world AND all the needs within it.
The disparity and the potential are so clear and overwhelming at the same time. You go from
wealthy Capitol Hill to boarded-up buildings within seconds. As we drove through Anacostia,
stopping to pray from that high point where we could see all of the City, so beautiful and
touching at the same time. The class distinctions of our society are so apparent during the
prayer tour.


It was amazing to meet the homeless man who was so at peace. He was joyful! He told me how
much he loved my hat. We had a great conversation and we talked about music. I told him
about WGTS 91.9 and the great Christian music they play – A.J. Sydnor.

We were asked to organize clothing and what a great team effort. We worked so well together.
Seamless in our efforts! – Peggy Young

I’ve learned that I need to be careful in how I come across to people. I need to be mindful of
what my attitude and face say to others. I learned a lot in what I experienced today and I am so
thankful for that – CC Arndt

I think we peeled thousands of millions of onions. – Nick Mastrangeli

I was impressed with how doing something as simple as relating to the men at Charlie’s Place by
talking with them – made a difference. – Tim Paumen
Tim won their respect immediately – he spoke to them in Spanish. It was a powerful witness that
being able to “speak their language” matters in serving others. – Peggy Young

I chatted with a German man who asked me if I was “very Christian” which opened up a
discussion about rules, doing good and a sense that it was more a checklist vs. a personal
relationship with Jesus Christ. It was an interesting dialogue and told me a lot about his
perspective – Elizabeth Humphrey


The sign at DC Central Kitchen touched my heart – “Cook as if you were preparing the food for
your own family.” Then the verse that came to me was Colossians 3:23 –“Whatever you do, do
it excellently unto God not man.” While DC Central Kitchen is not a Christian-based ministry, it
does do its work excellently. They care much about doing their best to show dignity in how they
prepare the food and keep in mind those receiving it need the best we have to offer them. I was
impressed by their professionalism and pride they take in their work. – deedee Collins

I learned much about cutting tomatoes…and humility. I was scolded much in my inability to cut
tomatoes the DC Central Kitchen way! The great news is that I am still learning at 51! –
deedee collins


Mrs. Hawkins has a grand plan for Children of Mine. She’s going to keep on going – nothing is
going to stop her. It was great spending time with her. -- Nick Mastrangeli

Mrs. Hawkins has a deep love for the Lord. She’s also a very feisty lady. She actually uplifted
us and commissioned us in our visit with her. How powerful that was! -- Tim Paumenm & A. J.

Mrs. Hannah Hawkins time with us at the end of our work was a precious gift from a very busy
woman. Her passion for God’s kids, her vision for the future and her sold out nature for God’s
plan to reach out to others was refreshing and convicting! You could feel her heart’s desire for
“her kids” when she rolled out the plans for a new building and restoration of the two historic
buildings on the property. As we walked out to our cars, Tim Paumen said it best… “Mrs.
Hawkins ROCKS!” – Peggy Young


I was able to step out of my comfort zone at Regency House, talking to an older woman, when I
delivered her food. It felt good to do that. – Abby Paumen

The residents so appreciated meeting a younger person like Abby today. She has a wonderful
spirit and encouraged those she met. It was a joy to watch that happening. – Inge Sydnor
Paul Brown is such a gifted man. It was great to meet with him and ask him what we could pray
over for him. It was neat that deedee knew him from visiting on a regular basis so we were
invited right in to his place to chat. He loved visiting with us and we loved encouraging him! –
Kristin Arndt

This is not my first visit to Regency House. I note that most people are happy to see us and
receptive. What struck me most during this trip was:
1) I am older than some of those we served,
2) Some of the apartments are dark and empty and you sense the loneliness,
3) I wondered what placed the people there in the first place.
Glad we could be an encouragement to them in our food distribution. It’s always good to come
and serve here. –Don Woodall

deedee and I were able to pray over Yvette. It felt natural and the right thing to do. – Fred

While I enjoyed delivering the food, I felt like I missed an opportunity to pray over the people we
served. – Teiko Campbell

What I have found works best is to pray before I enter any situation and ask God to lead what
happens and how best to reach out to another person. It will be clear if that is what needs to
happen because God is in the midst of it all. In the end, I always say that the “ministry of your
presence” is what speaks most to people in need. We all chose to show up this weekend and the
folks we have served have been blessed! – deedee collins


Breakfast at Calvary touched me in that they are intentional is showing respect to those they
serve. Every place was set, there were small centerpieces, and we delivered the food and
beverages to each individual guest. God cares about the gift of hospitality and it is in the details
that is made evident. – deedee collins


AmaniDC was a powerful witness. Again it was teamwork in action, under Tim’s able
leadership. God knew we were coming and was ready to put us to work. We left it much better
than we found it. – Terry Young

While I vaccumed at AmaniDC I noted all the dirt in the corners. It reminded me that God is
gentle in how he cleans us, corners and all. – Peggy Young

Setting up the “sidewalk store” for the AmaniDC shop was so much fun. Peggy and I couldn’t
have been happier anywhere else! – deedee collins

I loved working with my hands, determined to finish a task, at AmaniDC. – Nick Mastrangeli

I was moved by ministering to the man in the wheelchair at AmaniDC. – AJ Sydnor

I loved seeing our teamwork when given the plunge assignment. I didn’t even know we had a list
of tasks and rules. We fully experienced life in the city and what it means to be in need.– Peggy

Here we were sitting on a bench in Dupont Circle talking to people we didn’t even know who
had little or nothing. Our time there made me appreciate all I have in my life. – Cyndy Arndt

Visiting with the masked young man outside the Scientology Center was memorable. We did
minister to him, even encouraged him to explore a relationship with Jesus Christ, and I realized
we were there at the right time for the right reason. –Cathy Mastrangeli

The plunge was a big step of faith for all of us. Praise for Fred’s leadership in figuring out our
bus routes. – Inge Sydnor

It was good to do the plunge and see the results. We bought dinner for a homeless man named
Jesus. Amazingly resourceful our team was in finding socks and comforters. – Don Woodall

Highlight of my day was seeing AJ determined to find comforters and going to three drycleaners
before she got some! -- Teiko Campbell


I was moved by the worship at Central Union Mission. I was reminded God can change anyone
when I heard the testimonies of those two men. – Abby Paumen

The most powerful event of the day for me was attending worship at Central Union Mission. In
your lifetime you might see 10-20 people come to a saving faith in Jesus Christ. I saw two men
accept Christ this night. The mission deals with the core of each person and heals them from the
inside out. – Fred Hartman

  What a powerful day in so many ways. With AmaniDC, we were the IBC presence to support
their initial efforts to get started in a real life context. Then the plunge wasn’t something I would
want to do but it was a good experience for all of us. The worship at Central Union Mission was
      powerful. Again, we saw the commitment of IBC to that ministry in a real life context.
                                               –Tim Paumen

Attitude is everything. Everyone I saw on this trip was thankful for what they were given. – Nick

The intergenerational aspect of our team is huge. We have with us the future elders and leaders
   among us. Youth are impactful in the community. It was great to see that during this trip
                                        – Terry Young

  I have lived in Washington, D.C. and I find it’s all about status, what you do, where you live.
    This trip gives me a different perspective of this city and I am glad I came. – Tasha Haug

  Praises for our drivers throughout this weekend – it’s a lot to be responsible for and we got
                           everywhere we needed to be! – Inge Sydnor

One of the things that touched me the most on this trip was Abby and Tim praying at 5:40am in
the morning. Such a powerful witness of a father and his care for his daughter. – Don Woodall

 I find that ministering to the homeless or college students (which I do in my job at Penn State),
  it’s all about the same --- it’s being relational. All they ask is for someone to listen and to be
                       emotionally available to them. – Elizabeth Humphrey

                        The entire trip was about providence, not coincidence!

                                    We’re glad we came, we’re glad
                                    we served and we left blessed!

                                The 2009 IBC Urban Immersion Team


                                        Charlie’s Place
                                  1830 Connecticut Avenue, NW
                                     Washington, DC 20009
                                    Tom Gross (Paul & Larry)
       Brethren Nutrition Program
      337 North Carolina Avenue, SE
         Washington, DC 20003
              Mr. Middleton

           DC Central Kitchen
            425 2nd Street, NW
          Washington, DC 20001

            Children of Mine
         2663 Mt. View Place, SE
         Washington, DC 20020
          Mrs. Hannah Hawkins

          IONA Senior Services
          Adult Day Health Care
          Washington, DC 20016
               Sam Lipkin

  Calvary Episcopal Saturday Breakfast
             820 6th Street NE
          Washington, DC 20002
                Mr. Bragg
7:00-9:00am Second, Third, Fourth Saturdays

       3166 Mt. Pleasant Street NW
         Washington, DC 20010
            Brittany Noetzel

          Central Union Mission
           1350 R Street, NW
          Washington, DC 20009
              Sarah Spinler