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The Dominant Female


									The Dominant Female...
It is a difficult subject. What I can express with clarity is that in the scope of my life I have met
no man I could not solve and in most cases step around and beyond. I am not certain what
created this force within me, though I know that my husband tempered it. I do believe that the
potentials of the High End Dominant/submissive originate within the DNA. Those that seem to
carry the traits the strongest appear to descend from families of historical dominance. I believe
that most women are naturally 'commanders' of their realm. Generally this is perceived to be
their homes, children, families. They are the organizers, propellers, shelterers, comforters. They
are the creators of life. They are the glue that holds the world together.
Within this, other things are also true. The majority of women carry a submissive strain split that
allows them to tolerate the 'dominant' man. And, most women emerge from conditional training
toward how to 'submit' to men. The result is a confusion of instinct, social training, and angst.
Emerging from this are a tiny number of women that stand up to openly reveal themselves. They
are the antithesis of the bitchy, arrogant, self-serving female. This is the woman that comes to
believe that the elements that are instinctively natural to her, enhance, improve and stabilize the
world around her. If I follow my natural self it is to direct, inspire, control and insist on actions
from those around me. Sometimes this is a subtle thing, other times it is exceedingly overt.
When I was young I struggled greatly with this, for I felt there was a de-feminizing quality to it.
Until I realized that the judgment or the critique was the viewpoint of others. To equate strength
in a woman to masculinity is the cruelest of all. For what emerges from within me is the heart of
my womanhood. This judgment is the final effort to control the uncontrollable dominant female
through words of shame. There came a moment when I sundered the barriers and boundaries
binding me. When I ceased viewing my own strength as anything but the purity within me. At
that moment my laughter returned, my joy of life, my exuberance in the wonders surrounding
me. In essence I gave myself permission to be free.
The true dominant is the ultimate giver. Within me I know the power to elicit the deepest
glorious responses from another human. I give to them the total freedom to be themselves.
Giving this engages my whole essence. To find a mate whose natural response is true, who has a
clarity of self to desire and glory in being totally loved, taken, cared for, chastened, prodded,
held, is a priceless deeply sought honor. Even as the women have been conditioned to respond
against themselves, so too have the men been conditioned that they must stand above a woman
or not be a man.
It is possible that I could make a reasonable life with a non-submissive man, but only if I
withdrew core pieces of my soul. It is less possible that I could do even this much with a man
that diminished the female, it is likely that I would learn him then try to take him apart. That
would be devastation. The only possibility of true happiness is with a special man that believes
within his very soul that he could give himself wholly to the right woman.
To me, I find my greatest contentment in showering those I love with attention. I am tactile,
visually and mentally triggered. With children this manifests as the mother presence. With a man
it manifests as total domination of his world. I love to play, taste, touch, feel every part of a man.
I love men. The way they look, smell, move. I love their physical mass. I like to challenge their
mind and body to perform in ways they have never known and cannot achieve alone, for this is
an intertwined inseparable bond. One of total trust, ultimate love, and true freedom.

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