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0209 - Calif


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									 Department of Finance                                                                      Fund: 0209
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                            STATE OF CALIFORNIA                                              Renumbered
                           MANUAL OF STATE FUNDS                                                  From:
 Legal Title
 California Hazardous Liquid Pipeline Safety Fund
 Legal Citation
 Government Code, Sections 51018-51020
 Fund Classification                                   Fund Classification
 GAAP Basis                                            Legal Basis
 Governmental/Special Revenue                          Governmental/Other Governmental Cost Funds
 Authority and Purpose
 Chapter 1222/83 created the California Hazardous Liquid Pipeline Safety Fund as depository for fees and
 fines collected by the State Fire Marshal under the California Pipeline Safety Act of 1981.
 Administering Agency
 (3540) Department of Forestry and Fire Protection
 Major Sources
 Annual fees for service and fines as allowed under the California Pipeline Safety Act of 1981.
 Costs of providing hazardous liquid fire suppression training to local fire departments.

 Administrative expense of the State Fire Marshal and local agencies.
 Appropriation Authority
 Section 51019.1 of the Government Code provides that money in the fund is available upon appropriation
 by the Legislature.
 State Appropriations Limit
 Excluded - - Revenues in this fund are not proceeds of taxes, however, when transferred, may become
    proceeds of taxes. These revenues are used to regulate the activities engaged in by the payers.
 Historical Comments

2/1/2010                                                                                      FUND 0209

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