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Welcome to “More Than Homes_”


									Welcome to “More Than Homes!”
We have developed this website as the most comprehensive one-stop source of real estate information whether you are a buyer,
seller, or investor in the Salt Lake City property market.

It’s a Home, it’s a Community, it’s an Investment!
Buying a house is a long-term commitment to a particular building, to a particular neighborhood and its people, and to a finan-
cial investment. I help my clients think through all the issues and understand the implications of their choices. As an experi-
enced architect and Realtor and working closely with financial, tax, and mortgage advisors, I am uniquely qualified to help you
make a wise decision.

Unique Insight about our Local Markets
I passionately believe in having informed clients. Utah’s real estate market, though, is truly different from anywhere else in the
country and one cannot find knowledgeable sources about trends here. To correct the situation, I have collaborated with Utah-
based experts to provide analyses and tools that actually focus on our local market. Across the pages of my website you can find
articles, guidelines, and commentaries that address all aspects of buying, selling, and investing in the Salt Lake City property

The Expertise You Need, the Attention You Deserve!
I am committed to providing my clients with unparalleled customer service and expert insight. Please don’t hesitate to call me or
e-mail me with any real estate questions. If I cannot help you myself, I will put you in touch with one of my professional partners
that can provide know-how on all topics related to real estate.
Featured Homes
This “Featured Houses” page showcases properties I believe offer a very appealing combination of distinc-
tive architecture, neighborhood setting, and investment value. You can easily browse through them to see
the detailed description and additional photos.

The information you see here is unique and not available anywhere else in such a succinct way. My sources
are various – For Sale By Owner (FSBO), Short Sale properties, Real Estate Owned (REO), bank-owned, or
properties in the process of foreclosure. I work very hard to verify the information and identify great op-
portunities for buyers. You can book an appointment to visit any of these properties by simply selecting
the “Schedule a Free Showing” link below or just contact me via e-mail or over the phone. I’d be happy to
answer your questions.

                                                               Address: 34434 Blueberry Way
                                                               State: UT     Zip: 88337
                                                               Price: $345,000
                                                               Beds: 4       Baths: 3   Floors: 3
                                                               Year Built: 2002
                                                               Square Feet: 3,450       Lot Size: 0.9
                                                               Annual Property Tax: 2,100
                                                               Status: Pending

                                                               Full Description:
                                                               This is a beautiful home in a cul-du-sac in one
                                                               of the most desirable areas of South mountain.
                                                               Located near highways and within walking
                                                               distance from schools and community pool.

                                                               Home Features
                                                                 * Alarm                 * Hardwood Floors
                                                                 * Cable/Satellite TV    * Microwave
                                                                 * Carpeted Floors       * Patio/Deck
                                                                 * Dishwasher            * Washer/Dryer
                                                                 * Disposal              * Waterfront
                                                                 * Fireplace             * Wheelchair Access
                                                                 * Gas Range

                                                               Community Features
                                                                 * Bike Paths            * Playground/Park
                                                                 * Boating               * Pool
                                                                 * Clubhouse             * Public Transportation
                                                                 * Controlled Access     * Spa/Jacuzzi
                                                                 * Courtyard             * Sports Complex
                                                                 * Fitness Center        * Tennis Courts
                                                                 * Golf Course
For Buyers
Everything you need to find the perfect house for your needs is at your finger tips. Whether you are looking for your own home or
an investment opportunity, whether you need a brand new, a previously owned, or a bank-owned (foreclosed) house, whether it
is a convention or an HUD property – here you have the complete set of tools to make the right decision.

You may want to start by reading some of the articles in the “Learn about Buying” section, where you can gain complete insight
about the process of buying a property, about the ways to optimize your search, and about proven steps to maximize the value of
your investment. If you still have any questions, don’t hesitate to schedule a free consultation with me or simply drop me a ques-
tion. I will follow up and provide you with the answer.

The “Search All Properties” tool will give you quick and efficient access to the most comprehensive database of properties for
sale along the Wasatch Front. Set your search criteria and browse through the 20,000+ active listings available. The information
is current and complete. Don’t forget to also check the “Featured Houses” page where additional houses are showcased that
are not part of the publicly available listings, such as For Sale by Owners (FSBO), expired (but still for sale) listings, and fore-
closed properties.

For Sellers
Selling a house is one of the most emotionally draining and financially important actions people undertake in their lives. In
today’s tough real estate market environment, it takes hard work, creativity, and customer commitment to successfully sell a
property. My goal is to help my clients maximize the value of their homes while minimizing the disruption to their lives. My back-
ground in architecture, remodeling, interior design, and staging of homes allows me to best showcase your house to prospective
buyers. I also spend much time monitoring, reading, and analyzing the current trends in the market. Armed with the precise
market data and insights, my clients can gain the confidence to negotiate the best price for their homes.

You may want to start by reading some of the articles in the “Learn about Selling” section, where you can gain complete insight
about the process of selling a property, the ways to optimize your marketing effort, and proven steps to maximize the value of
your home. If you still have any questions, don’t hesitate to schedule a free consultation with me or simply drop me a question. I
will follow up and provide you with the answer.

I can prepare a customized estimate of the current value of your home, which I offer as a free service to all my customers. Sim-
ply enter the requested information in the “Free Home Value Analysis” tool. The more information you supply, the more precise
my estimate will be.
Investing successfully in real estate is a complex and challenging endeavor. Unfortunately, the reality is clouded by many untrue
myths and assumptions. Real estate may be either a great or a mediocre long-term investment, depending entirely on the up-
front work that has gone into identifying, verifying, and capturing the investment opportunity. You must consult your professional
advisors before you jump in.

I work very closely with experts in real estate investing, financial planners, accountants, mortgage originators, and general con-
tractors to bring all the information needed to help my clients make the right investment decisions. I continually monitor all new
property listings to identify attractive opportunities meeting the investment criteria of my clients. Doing the complete homework
is absolutely critical for investors who are interested in the foreclosure segment market.

The “Learn about Investing” section is a great place to start, where you can gain key insights about investing in real estate. If
you still have any questions, don’t hesitate to schedule a free consultation with me or simply drop me a question. I also offer as
a free service to my clients to search for opportunities that meet their investment objective. Simply enter the requested informa-
tion in the “Find a Property to Invest In” tool. The more information you supply, the more precise my search will be.

Most home buyers underestimate the importance of getting the right mortgage product. I advise my clients to spend as much
time and effort securing the best mortgage loan as finding the right house. In today’s difficult mortgage market, “earning” a low-
cost mortgage can cut your home ownership costs by tens of thousands of dollars over the life of the mortgage loan.

The “Learn about Mortgages” section is a great place to start. With the help of mortgage partners, we have developed clear and
practical guidelines and tools to help you find the right mortgage product for you. Use the mortgage calculator in the “How Much
Mortgage Can I Afford?” tool to estimate your monthly payment under various scenarios for loan amounts, interest rates, and
down payments. The “Get Pre-Approved Quickly” tool will let our partner experts identify mortgages for you. They will also be able
to tell you how big a loan you could obtain and on what terms. This is a quick and free service we offer to our clients.

If you still have any questions, don’t hesitate to schedule a free consultation with me of Premier Mortgage & Capital or simply
drop me a question. A mortgage expert will get back to you quickly.
Success in real estate comes only with knowledge about the local market. The Utah property market is truly different from the
rest of the country, but it is also utterly un-researched and misunderstood. The media – TV, newspapers, the Internet, radio
– are full with news and facts that have nothing to do with the reality in Salt Lake City. To fill this void I am working closely with lo-
cal professionals to analyze, understand and explain the real estate trends along the Wasatch front. Both in stand alone articles
and on the pages of my proprietary Newsletter my clients find materials contributed by experts in mortgage financing, real estate
investment, real-estate tax matters, architecture, re-modeling and other live-style topics. You will not find such local focus, knowl-
edge, thoughtful analyses, and provocative ideas anywhere else.

The “Popular Articles” section comprises some of the most asked for articles and analyses. The rest of the materials are sum-
marized in groups addressing three broad areas of interest. “Your House & Money” covers topics related to real estate and
wealth creation, financial planning, taxes, property investment, etc. “Salt Lake Community” comprises articles and commentar-
ies on trends in the local real estate markets. “Home Living” is where I have fun and provide materials on local architecture,
remodeling trends, gardening, art and décor, and cooking.

Contact Us
By now, it is probably obvious that real estate is my passion and I am fully committed to providing my clients with exceptional
customer service and attention.

I am glad to offer a free consultation over the phone or in person. Simply click on the link and let me know when it is convenient
for you to talk. Of course, I can also be reached real time over the phone and I will be happy to provide you with information and
answer your questions.

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