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					                                                                       Valley Notes
                                                                                           Valley Savings Bank

                                                                                                                  October 2009

Valuable information for our valued customers at Valley Savings Bank.

Looking back, moving forward.                             Fall has arrived and with
                                                          it comes the cool, crisp,
                                                          colorful days we all
                                                                                       A Rewarding Invitation.
                   enjoy. It’s the time of year when I like to take a deep breath      Now, for a limited time, you can earn
                   of fresh air and reflect on where we have been and where
                                                                                       350 Valley Savings Bank reward
                   we are going.
                                                                                       points for every person you refer who
                   As many of you know, the financial strength and stability           opens a checking account with us.
                   of Valley Savings Bank has remained incredibly strong               It’s a sweet deal we call smxtra™ and
                   during the recent tumultuous times. We finished 2008 in             that stands for smiles + extra special
                   great shape and expect 2009 to be even stronger. Thanks
                                                                                       outstanding service.
                                         to our adherence to time-tested and
                                         proven banking principles, we have            Here’s how it works. Pick up referral
                                         an excellent capital base, strong asset       coupons at either Valley Savings
                                         quality and ample liquidity. Rest             Bank location – they’re available
                                         assured this institution remains a safe       at the drive-through and in the
                                         haven for your deposits, your savings         lobby. Or better yet, simply go to
                                         and your loans.                      and
                                          Think of it this way. Valley Savings         email invitations to everyone you
                                          is more than just your bank. It is a         know. The more friends who accept
                   Ann Durr, President    locally owned and operated business          your offer, the more rewards you earn
                                          with a longstanding reputation for           – 350 for every new checking account
                   dependability and integrity. And while it goes without saying       customer. You can use your points to
                   that a strong economic foundation is the number one thing
                                                                                       purchase gift cards and merchandise
                   you look for in a bank, it is also important to know that here
                                                                                       on the Valley Savings Bank Rewards
                   at Valley Savings we believe in making your life easier by
                   offering the most up-to-date banking services.                      link on our website. It’s all good.

                   Take a minute to read the articles in this newsletter. There is     And don’t worry, we reward your
                   one about our exciting new e-Rates Online mortgage tool,            friends, too. Every referral who opens
                   another about the expanding benefits of our e-Statements            a new checking account receives 300
                   program and great ideas for encouraging children to save.           points, as well as smiles + extra special
                   Also, on page 3, you’ll find an article you will want to            outstanding service... smxtra! We told
                   keep and refer to the next time you order checks. And did           you it was a good deal. Think of it as
                   I mention there’s a new way to earn Valley Savings Bank             our way of showing you how much
                   reward points for you and a friend? Read on. It’s all here.         we value your business. And the truth
                   Thank you for your patronage!                                       is, we want more great customers just
                   Ann H. Durr. President                                              like you!

Go electronic, go green.                   Beginning November 1,
                                           you can go paperless with
                                                                           No more waiting for that bulky paper statement
                                                                           to arrive in the mail. The ability to review and
                                           the new Valley Savings          organize your entire Valley Savings portfolio
                   Bank e-Statements and enjoy the many benefits           directly to your computer is a great time-saver...
                   this free service offers. The convenience, speed        and a convenience not every bank can offer.
                   and efficiency of viewing your Valley Savings           Take a big step toward convenience and
                   Bank statement on your computer screen is one           sustainability by signing up for e-Statements at
                   advantage. Knowing you are doing your part to           the beginning of November. It’s easy. Simply
                   keep our planet green is another.                       go to and click on the
                   With e-Statements, you will receive a monthly           e-Statements link to sign up. It’s fast, easy and
                   email letting you know your Valley Savings Bank         secure. We guarantee you’ll love it!
                   statement is available for quick, secure access.

140 Portage Trail: 330-923-0454 • 505 Graham Road: 330-928-8550 •                                  Pa g e 
Valley Savings Bank      Valley Notes
                                                 Apply for a mortgage from home-sweet-home.
                                                                    Whether you are purchasing a new home or thinking about
                                                                    refinancing your existing home, Valley Savings Bank
                                                                    e-Rates Online is the place to start. This remarkable new
                                                                    program allows you to research mortgage options, view
                                                                    interest rates and submit a loan application right from your
                                                                    computer... 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The whole
                                                                    process takes about 20 minutes! Nothing could be easier or
                                                                    more convenient.
                                                                    And the best part of all? You’ll know within seconds of
                                                                    applying whether you qualify! How’s that for service? In
                                                                    fact, you can submit an application and find out if you are
                                                                    approved even before deciding on a new home. Being pre-
                                                                    approved is a great benefit and carries a lot of weight when
                                                                    working with realtors and sellers.
                                                                    If you have questions during the e-Rates Online application
                                                                    process... not to worry. Answers are provided every step of the
                                                                    way. You’ll even have access to an online mortgage calculator
                                                                    and a glossary of mortgage terms. And as always, Matt Vargo
                                                                    and Aaron Barnhart, our Valley Savings Bank loan specialists,
  Valley e-Rates Online available October 1, 2009.                  are just a phone call away.
                                                                    Here’s what you can do:
                                                                       • Research mortgage options
                                                                       • View current interest rates
                                                                       • Sign up for Rate Watch and get an email notification
                                                                          when the rate you want is available
                                                                       • Submit a loan application
                                                                       • Access online mortgage calculators,
                                                                          a glossary of mortgage terms and loan information
                                                                       • Obtain a decision within seconds
                                                                          after submitting application
                                                                    Getting started is easy. Go to
Contact Aaron Barnhart (left) at 330-928-8550 or                    and click the e-Rates Online icon or the Mortgage Rates
         Matt Vargo at 330-923-0454.                                link to begin.

Bank everywhere and anywhere with surcharge-free MoneyPass®
               Going on vacation?              pay a surcharge, nothing could be          better time than now to start!
               Traveling for business?         smarter. (Remember, too, there’s never     Remember the name... MoneyPass.
               Visiting relatives for the      a surcharge when you use the ATM           Simply look for the logo and use
               holidays? Or just out and       machines at either of our two Valley       your existing Valley Savings Bank
about locally and need access to an            Savings Bank locations.)                   ATM or debit card. It’s easy, convenient
ATM? Wherever and whenever you need            All you need to access any MoneyPass       and free. And don’t forget about
to bank, MoneyPass, the surcharge-free         machine is your Valley Savings Bank        our online banking service and new
ATM network for Valley Savings Bank            ATM or debit card. Don’t have a card?      e-Statements program – two more ways
customers, is nearby.                          No problem. Stop by one of our two         Valley Savings Bank is simplifying your
With 28 locations in Summit County             convenient locations and we’ll be happy    banking... and your life.
and thousands more nationwide,                 to provide one. Or perhaps you have a      For local and nationwide locations,
nothing could be more convenient than          Valley Savings Bank card and have not      visit and click
MoneyPass. And because you never               been using it. In that case, there’s no    the FREE ATM locator button.

Pa g e 2 Stability, strength, and professionalism since 1923.
                                                                                                                 October 2009

Checking customers can expect                            If you have a checking       Drop three digits
multiple October statements
                                                         account with Valley          when ordering checks.
                                                         Savings Bank, you will
                                                         receive more than one        Keep this information and refer to
                                                                                      it the next time you order checks.
                   statement during the month of October. This will happen
                   only during October... and it’s all because we are making          The following is important
                                                                                      information for Valley Savings
                   improvements to serve you better. Some checking account
                                                                                      checking account customers.
                   customers will receive three statements and others will            Effective October 26, three
                   receive two. We apologize for any inconvenience but, as            digits currently included in your
                   we said, October is the only month this will happen.               checking account number will
                                                                                      no longer be necessary. (See
                   The reason for the multiple statements is our transition to
                                                                                      illustration below.) These three
                   a new month-end statement date for all of our checking             numbers should be omitted the
                   account customers. This is an important step toward                next time you order checks.
                   enhanced services such as consolidated paper statements            If you obtain checks directly
                   and e-Statements. Bottom line? It’s all about greater              through Valley Savings Bank, we
                   convenience and efficiency for you.                                will automatically take care of the
                                                                                      change. If you purchase checks
                   Effective the end of October, everyone with a Valley Savings
                                                                                      through an outside source, simply
                   Bank checking account will be on the same statement cycle.         indicate the three numbers to
                   Your statement ending date will always be the last day of          be deleted when re-ordering. If
                   each month. That means, beginning in November, you will            you open a Valley Savings Bank
                   always receive your statement during the first few days of the     checking account after October
                   month. It’s an easy to remember timeframe. We think you’ll         26, you don’t have to do a thing.
                                                                                      The new account will reflect the
                   like it.
                                                                                      shorter number.
                   Another good thing? You can now receive your statement             Any questions, give us a call.
                   online. Simply sign up for e-Statements online and we will         This update is simply another
                   email you each month when your statement is ready for              example of our commitment
                   quick, secure access right on your computer screen.                to streamlining our banking
                   No more waiting for your statement to arrive in the mail,          processes to better serve you.
                   no more wasted paper. For more details about our new
                   e-Statements program, see article on page 1. To sign up, go
                                                                                      Beginning October 26, 2009, these
                   to and click on the e-Statements icon.       three digits will no longer be needed.

                   Paying for medical expenses         Health Savings Account (HSA)         deferred and distributions
                   can be a major concern for          at Valley Savings Bank.              for qualified medical expenses
                   individuals covered by a plan       An HSA is a tax-exempt trust         are tax-free.

                   with a high deductible.             or custodial account set up          Want to know more?
                                                       exclusively for paying qualified     Call Christine Petroff at our
    Bank on the benefits of a                          medical expenses for you
                                                       and your family. Funding for
                                                                                            Cuyahoga Falls location.
                                                                                            She’s our HSA expert and can
    Health Savings Account                             the account can come from            explain all the requirements
                                                       you, your family and/or your         and answer all of your
                   Now you can alleviate that          employer. All contributions          questions.
                   concern by establishing a           are fully deductible for federal
                                                       income tax purposes, earnings        Give Christine a call at
                                                       on the account grow tax              330-923-0454.

140 Portage Trail: 330-923-0454 • 505 Graham Road: 330-928-8550 •                                        Pa g e 
Valley Notes
Valley Savings Bank
140 Portage Trail • Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 44222

With youth savings account, saving dollars makes sense.
                                                 At Valley Savings Bank, we believe in encouraging young people to save.
                                                 That’s why we offer a special savings account just for children. We call it
                                                 our Pathfinder Youth Savings Account and we invite youngsters of all ages
                                                 to participate.
                                                 Children can open a Pathfinder account with just $10! The money earns a
                                                 competitive interest rate, with earnings compounded quarterly... and there are
                                                 never any service fees. We think it’s a cool offer and a great way to educate the
                                                 young people in your life about the rewards of saving.
                                                 Ideas to share with children.
                                                   • Every time you earn money or receive money as a gift, deposit all or a
                                                     portion of it in your Pathfinder Savings Account. The more money you save,
                                                     the more money you earn and the faster your account grows!
                                                   • If you have something special you are saving for – like a new video game,
                                                     a special outfit, a school trip, a car or college – write your goal on a piece
                                                     of paper and hang it somewhere in your room. This note will serve as a
                                                     constant reminder of why you are saving!
                                                   • When it comes time to make a purchase, be a thrifty and educated
                                                     buyer. Shop around and watch for special offers to make sure you find
                                                     the best price.
                                                   • Track your spending habits by writing down everything you buy and the
                                                     cost of each purchase. This is a great way to see where your money goes!
                                                     You may find you are able to save more money – and reach your goal
                                                     more quickly – simply by cutting out some unnecessary purchases like gum,
                                                     soda pop and fast food!
                                                   • Saving money is a lifelong practice. Visit Valley Savings Bank
                                                     and we’ll help you get started!

Main Office                          Graham Road Branch                Lobby Hours                               Drive-Through Hours
140 Portage Trail                    505 Graham Road                   Monday-Thursday 9:00am to 4:00pm          Monday-Friday
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 44221           Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 44221        Friday 9:00am to 6:00pm                   8:30am to 6:00pm
v: 330-923-0454                      v: 330-928-8550                   Saturday 9:00am to 12:00pm                ATM on site
f: 330-923-3538                      f: 330-928-1888
                                                                          Toll-free 24-Hour Account Access Telephone Banking 888-923-0454
Stability, strength, and professionalism since 1923.                                                                           Pa g e 

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