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					Sample Carpenter Resume
Notice how the job seeker in this sample carpenter resume opens with a clear objective of what he wants. These few well-chosen words will catch any employer's attention. He then lists only those previous work experiences that pertain to this particular job-carpentry and cabinet building. All carpenter resumes should include this vital information. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Barry Jones 21 Porterville Road City Road, USA 23417 888-888-8888 Objective: Carpenter Seeking an interview for work as a carpenter SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS: Professional carpenter, trained, bonded and licensed. Ready for immediate hire for furniture building and custom cabinetwork. Excellent safety record, beautiful designs and execution. RESUME of EXPERIENCE: Hamilton Carpentry, Inc., Big City, USA Custom cabinet making Capital Carpentry, Inc. High-end furniture design and building TRAINING: American Trade School, Any Place, USA RECOGNITION: National Association of Professional Carpenters Carpenter of the Year 2005 1997 2000-2007 1998-2000

NOTE: This carpenter resume is a condensed version of a full resume--to serve as an example only. Always consider what the employer is looking for in the carpenter he hires. Tailor your resume to that company.