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									                                        Robert Gonzalez
                                              793 Glenhill Ct.
                                        Fremont, CA. 94539-5757
                                           510-715-6110 (Cell)

                                                About Me
I am a multi-talented, motivated individual who is looking to change career paths. I am currently
employed by NUMMI where I hold the position of Senior Specialist in the Security section of the General
Affairs department. I have been with NUMMI for nine years, all in Security, having advanced through 15
levels of promotion in that time.

Through the years I have developed a strong drive and desire to expand my knowledge base. I have, over
the past five years, taken on several different responsiblities from requisitions/purchase orders to fire
systems management to budgeting to sales. I am a self-starter and I am always looking for ways to
improve current situations.

I am also a self-taught PHP/MySQL developer that has been writing code since 1998. I began by hard
coding HTML after learning it from a magazine. I briefly dabbled in Perl in 2002 before discovering PHP in
2003. Since then I have become very proficient in PHP/MySQL development both on Linux and Windows

In my spare time I help the PHP development community by moderating the very popular PHP Developers
Network Forums, on which I am in the top seven posters in total contributions (3,600 as of 8/7/06).

Utilization of my talents with an enriching company that encourages growth

                                            Career Highlights
 Nine years perfect attendance
 Nine years of Standard or Above Standard reviews
 Implemented annual cost savings of $800,000
 Completed Toyota Production System training
 Promoted through 12 levels in seven years

                                        Work Experience Recap
Title                          Company                                   Dates
Senior Specialist              New United Motor Manufacturing, Inc       September 1997 to Present

Lead Developer                 Everah Media Services Company             March 2003 to Present

Community Work Supervisor      The Independent Way                       August 1994 to August 1997

                          Professional References Available Upon Request
                                          Robert Gonzalez
                                               793 Glenhill Ct.
                                          Fremont, CA. 94539-5757
                                            510-715-6110 (Cell)

                                        Detailed Work Experience
Senior Specialist – New United Motor Manufacturing, Inc.                     September 1997 to Present
I am currently a member of the Security section of the General Affairs department. I began my career as
an administrative assistant in September of 1997 and was quickly promoted to a professional level team
member in 2000. I have advanced through the ranks, most recently being promoted to a supervisory level
of Senior Specialist. In my current position I am primarily responsible for the complete management of a
fleet of 125 company vehicles. I order, assign, distribute, maintain, recover and sell company vehicles.

I am also responsible for plant protection, loss prevention, policy enforcement, investigations and
documentation. In addition, I am a member of the company fire brigade. I have knowledge of various fire
suppression systems including wet systems, dry systems, deluge systems and CO2 systems. I am certified
in first aid, CPR and AED. I am also a certified HAZWOPPER specialist with training as recent as December
2004. I am also trained in lockout/tagout safety procedures and am familiar with the HazMat guide and
MSDS’. I write emergency incident reports and manage emergency response activities when necessary.
Additionally I am our section's budget coordinator currently responsible for managing a budget of $4.2
million. I create purchase requisitions and purchase orders using PeopleSoft Financials and I assist in the
development of contract requisitions.

I also assisted in the creation and development of the company Disaster Management and Incident
Command Plan and am a trainer to the executive staff on disaster management and incident response. I
am highly skilled in MS Office applications having developed a large portion of our section's on-line
reports, databases, spreadsheets and presentations. Lastly, as the company vehicle program at NUMMI is
a management only program, I am responsible for regular communications with company management,
Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Engineering and the production workforce to coordinate vehicle
analysis, repair and maintenance to comply with strict legal regulations surrounding the nature of our

In 2003 I began development of a website aimed at allowing me to manage my fleet vehicle program
more efficiently and visibly. Very quickly that web site turned into a full program administrative tool that
allows members of the Security section, the Quality Assurance department, the Finance Department, the
driver corps and the general public to view and use information related to the user group that is logged in.
As a result, I also became the Security section webmaster, responsible for managing our section's intranet
web site and developing and maintaining the company car sales external web site.

                                      Key Highlights of this Position
 Corporate facility protection (Security and Fire Protection)
 Emergency Response planning, development and coordination
 Program management, project oversight, group facilitation
 Manage $4M+ annual budget
 Requisition, Purchase Order development
                                          Robert Gonzalez
                                                793 Glenhill Ct.
                                          Fremont, CA. 94539-5757
                                            510-715-6110 (Cell)

                                 Detailed Work Experience (Continued)
Lead Developer – Everah Media Services Company                                      March 2003 to Present
I started Everah Media Services Company as a means to develop web sites and internet applications. After
teaching myself HTML in 2000, I decided to move into database development and internet applications. I
taught myself PHP in October 2003 and within a few months I had written my first internet application
driven by a MySQL backend. Since then I have developed several database driven applications. I am
skilled in PHP4 and PHP5, object oriented PHP development and MySQL database development. I have
also taught myself VBScript (ASP 3.0) coupled with a MS SQL Server backend. I am in the process of
learning C#.NET and hope to be deploying .NET applications soon.

The following is a list of some of the sites I have developed and a brief description of what I did for the
project. There are other development projects that I have taken on but are not yet complete that I am
willing to discuss as well.
As webmaster for the East Bay Swim League, I set up a dedicated Fedora Core server with PHP and
MySQL and several accounts for each of the 6 teams participating in the networked, content sharing,
jointly administered league web site. Written in PHP 4 with a MySQL 4 backend, this site was developed in
OO PHP and is set up to allow several levels of authentication, multi-user communication, data
management and file sharing.
I developed this website from top to bottom as an identity for my media company. This website runs on a
PHP/MySQL application backend that I developed. I created a content management system to manage site
content, a project workflow application to allow users to receive quotes and manage projects from the
initial inquiry through completion of the project and an invoicing application that is tied into the project
workflow to monitor and manage payments. ( )
I developed the user interface, the graphics, the database and the applications scripts for this mortgage
website. I used HTML, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL. I created several applications including a mortgage
calculator chooser, a contact form email processor, a referral rewards “sweepstakes”, a quarterly drawing
sweepstakes, a testimonials table display, a referral directory (online phonebook) and a mortgage
glossary. I also developed an administrator interface for the site owners to allow them to manage their
site content and application data on their own.
As an offering to this Evangelical Christian Church I developed their entire web presence, including the
acquisition and registration of their domain name, development of their logos and graphics, development
of the user interface of their website and the development of their business management and content
management applications. Their entire church management system runs on a PHP/MySQL solution
including the management of website content, church members, events and Sunday messages.

                                      Key Highlights of this Position
 Start to finish web application development
 Object Oriented PHP Programming
 MySQL database development
 (X)HTML and CSS standards compliant UI development
 Contributor on the PHP Developers Network Forums (Handle: Everah)
                                         Robert Gonzalez
                                               793 Glenhill Ct.
                                         Fremont, CA. 94539-5757
                                            510-715-6110 (Cell)

                                Detailed Work Experience (Continued)
Community Work Supervisor – The Independent Way                            August 1994 to August 1997
As a Community Work Supervisor I was responsible for the supervision of developmentally disabled adult
workers in warehouse work activities and in community work situations. I supervised between eight and
18 workers performing various job assignments using various tools and equipment. In this position I was
responsible for documentation of work hours, incident reports, skills progression and positional adequacy.
I also conducted time studies, job scheduling and worker evaluations.

                                      Key Highlights of this Position
 Supervision of workers in a production environment
 Compliance with safety guidelines
 First-aid and emergency response
 Worker reviews, time studies, job training
                                          Robert Gonzalez
                                               793 Glenhill Ct.
                                          Fremont, CA. 94539-5757
                                            510-715-6110 (Cell)

                                            Skills and Training
 Microsoft Office – Expert Level
 Lotus Notes – Advanced Level
 Peoplesoft Financial – Advanced Level
 Linux – Fedora Core Level – Beginner Level
 Apache – HTTPD Level – Intermediate Level
 MySQL (3, 4, 5) – Advanced Level
 PHP 4 – Advanced Level
 PHP 5 – Intermediate Level
 phpMyAdmin – Advanced Level
 (X)HTML – Advanced Level
 CSS – Advanced Level
 ASP – VBScript Level – Advanced Level
 SQL Server – Intermediate Level
 Javascript – Intermediate Level
 C#.NET – Beginner Level
 First Aid and CPR – Advanced Level
 HAZWOPER – Specialist Level

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