NMLS Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System by derong123


									NMLS Policies and Procedures

  •   Identification Requirements: Please present one form of Official, State or Government
      issued, valid identification, bearing both a photograph (NJ: Physical Description) and a
      signature. No photocopies or faxes of identification or of name change documentation will
      be accepted.

  •   Personal Items: No personal items, food, or drink are permitted inside the testing room.
      Personal items include, but are not limited to: pens, pagers, cellular phones, digital
      watches, hats, non-medical electronic devices, outerwear, purses, and wallets. Personal
      items must be kept in your assigned locker or returned to your car prior to the start of
      your test. As Prometric is not responsible for any personal items, we encourage you to
      bring only your identification into the Center.

  •   Calculators: If you need a calculator for your testing session, please see the Test Center
      Administrator. You will be provided with a non-programmable, non-printing calculator.

  •   Scratch Paper: Six (6) pieces of scratch paper will be provided to you upon admittance
      to the testing room. Please count this paper when handed to you by the Test Center
      Administrator. All scratch paper must be returned at the end of your test.

  •   Restroom Breaks: Restroom breaks are permitted, however the time on your test will
      continue to count down. You will be asked to sign the logbook upon exiting and re-
      entering the testing room. You will be asked to show your identification prior to re-
      entering the testing room. Per NMLS testing policies, you are not permitted to leave the
      building during a restroom break. You will not be permitted to access any study materials,
      electronic devices, etc during your rest breaks.

  •   Appointment Length vs. Test Time: For all Mortgage Loan Originator tests, an
      additional 30 minutes is scheduled to allow for the completion of administrative tasks and
      the tutorial presented prior to your session. For example, the SAFE Mortgage Loan
      Originator Test - National Component is scheduled for 3 hrs. Once you have been signed
      in and have completed the tutorial, the exam will start and a timer with 2 hours and 30
      minutes will appear on the monitor.

  •   Results: Upon completion of your test, your result file is electronically encrypted and
      returned to NMLS. Prometric personnel have no access to your result file at this point.
      The score report you receive at the testing center is for information only. The results are
      not official until they are validated and posted to NMLS. The results will be posted to
      NMLS within 3 business days. If you have questions regarding your score, please
      contact the NMLS Call Center.

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