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					Organized by Marcie Newsletter                                                                  Fall 2005

                Organized by Marcie

Message from Marcie
I would like to thank all of my clients, referral partners and advisory board for a successful year. It
has been a year of growth and change. Some of you may not recognize my new logo and company
name, which were introduced earlier this year. I am also pleased to announce that I now have a
website: Please visit regularly, as I will be updating and refining it
as time goes by. If you have any suggestions for topics to be covered in the newsletter or on the
website, please send me an email at

I hope everyone is making the most of the long summer days. While many people enjoy the hot
weather, there are those of you who dare not venture out when heat advisory warnings are in
effect. Instead of feeling like you are stuck in the house, use the time to start an organizing project.
Decide what you need to accomplish and work at it until you are finished. One organized drawer
is a start to an organized desk. One organized shelf is a start to an organized closet. The trick is to
finish one area before you start another or you will feel discouraged because you don’t see any

For those of you who are looking forward to the crisp days of autumn and the cold weather that
follows, it will be here before you know it. One thing you have to look forward to this January is
Get Organized Month, an annual event sponsored by the National Association of Professional
Organizers (NAPO). Look for more information about GO Month in the next newsletter and on
my website.
    –   Marcie

            Have nothing in your house that you do not
            know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.
                                                                          Henry David Thoreau

Getting you organized so you have time to do the things you love to do!                            1
Organized by Marcie Newsletter                                                                  Fall 2005

Organizing Tip
Even though the kids are enjoying the long,                          School Calendar
hot days of summer, it’s not too early to start                      School Menus
thinking about back-to-school.          School                       Sports Schedules
supplies are already on sale at local stores,                        Required Reading
giving you the opportunity to stock up before                        Class Lists
the crowds converge and you aren’t able to
get everything on your child’s list. If you do               Make as many dividers as you need, using
shop early, keep your list and all the                          topics that make sense to you and your
supplies on a shelf or in a drawer so                              family. Put pages that are replaced
you know what you have and don’t                                     weekly or monthly, like school menus,
duplicate your purchases when you                                     in page protectors. When you get the
see another sale.                                                     new one before the current month is
                                                                      over, you can slip it behind the
Many      families   find    themselves                              current one in the page protector.
overwhelmed by the amount of paper that                          When the month is over, toss the old one
enters their homes once school starts. Here                  and the new one is right there. Multi-page
is a way to keep the paper from overtaking                   documents like school phone lists can be
your life: create a Back-to-School binder to                 three-hole punched and put right in the
hold all of the important papers you need to                 binder.
refer to.
                                                             My clients like the way this system allows
You will need a three-ring binder, dividers                  them to keep track of vital school
and some page protectors. Label each of the                  information. Let me know how your binder
dividers so that you can find what you need,                 works for you.
for example:

                                        Marcie’s Maxims:
     When you bring something new in to your home or office, discard something
     you already have. It doesn’t have to be of equal value; for example, if you add a
     new picture frame, can you part with a pair of socks or a t-shirt? When you
     return from a convention or trade show, can you get rid of some of the
     promotional items or literature you were given? The idea is to make sure you’re
     not creating clutter and to get into the habit of purging what you don’t need.

     Remember that tossing doesn’t necessarily mean trashing. If you have
     something that can be of use to someone else, pass it on. Keep a shopping bag
     in a closet that you put your discards into and, when it fills up, take it to a thrift
     shop or homeless shelter.

Getting you organized so you have time to do the things you love to do!                            2
Organized by Marcie Newsletter                                                                    Fall 2005

Creating “Activity Zones”
This issue we are going to focus on creating a               and you are guaranteed that your bills are
bill-paying zone. To ease the stress of paying               paid on time, avoiding late fees.
bills, gather the following items: calculator,
pen, pencil, paper clips, stapler, staple                    When you use web bill-pay, you can set up
remover, return-address labels, stamps,                      the payment the day the bill arrives and file it
scissors, file folders, envelopes and bills. If              away or do your bill paying on a weekly, bi-
you have a desk, put everything you need to                  monthly or monthly schedule, just like
pay bills in one drawer or file. If you don’t                someone who pays bills manually. Decide on
have a desk, put the items in an easily                      the frequency you want to use and set up
                    transported file box, tackle             folders accordingly; for example, if you pay
                   box, tool box or table-top                bills monthly, you can put them all in one
                     organizer.                              file. If you pay bills on the 15th and the 30th,
                                                             label the folders with those dates and put the
                        My favorite way to pay               bills in them as they come. If you prefer to
                       bills is by using my                  pay bills weekly, you can label folders 1st
                    bank’s web bill-pay service.             Week, 2nd Week, etc.
             If your bank offers the service,
take a look at it. It enables you to set up your             Finally, to really simplify bill paying, sign up
bills for payment ahead of time, but the                     for automatic payment for your utilities,
money doesn’t come out of your checking                      phone service, loans, mortgage and credit
account until the date you specified. You still              cards. These bills can be paid automatically
have to enter the amount in the checkbook                    each month, even if you don’t use web bill-
and you still have to keep track of your                     pay. Ask the services you pay regularly if
balance, but you don’t have to mail anything                 they offer automatic payments.

Holiday Preparation
Getting ready for fall and winter holidays can               another jar of honey
be time consuming and stress inducing. To                    mustard or rosemary.
enjoy the holiday season, decide what is really              While you’re in your
important to you and eliminate the rest.                     pantry, consolidate
                                                             open containers and
Is it really important to decorate your home                 throw away spices that                 have no
for each holiday? If so, store your                          scent. Most food items have a limited shelf
decorations in large, lidded, plastic containers             life and begin to deteriorate after time.
that can be kept in a basement, garage or
closet and label them accordingly. If your                   If you prefer not to cook, there are plenty of
decorations are easy to get to and easy to put               stores who provide delicious, attractive take-
away, you will enjoy using them more.                        home options. Remember, you don’t have to
                                                             do everything yourself to have a memorable,
Is it important to you to cook lavish meals or               enjoyable holiday. Give yourself permission
try out new recipes? Take stock of                           to eliminate the things that take up your time
ingredients you already have as you plan                     and don’t provide you, and the people you
meals, so you don’t end up buying yet                        love, with joy.

Getting you organized so you have time to do the things you love to do!                               3
Organized by Marcie Newsletter                                                                      Fall 2005

Success Story
Okay, I admit it. Sometimes I keep things that I don’t need. I finally sent to the recycling bin
materials from a class I haven’t taught in three years and probably will never teach again. If I do
teach that class again, I’m sure the presentation and all of the handouts will be different. I freed up
almost half a drawer in a file cabinet and freed myself from the burden of something I no longer
need. Like many of you, I file things away that I’m sure I’m going to use again and then I am
reluctant to let go of them. Studies show, however, that we use only 20% of what we file 80% of
the time. I hope I have inspired you to let go of outdated, unnecessary paperwork.

If you have a Success Story you would like to share in a future issue, please let me know.

Product Highlight
Everyone needs a good planner. Whether                       is available in several styles, including one
you choose an electronic PDA or a paper                      that is punched to fit a Franklin planner.
calendar, you need a place to record
appointments, keep phone numbers and                         The Family Planner by G4 Publishing
make lists. While I appreciate technology, I                 ( features a week
am still devoted to my paper planner, the                    at a glance and is spiral bound.
Franklin Covey system
(                                     Planner pads (
                                                             features two weeks at a glance and is available
You can find planners, including the ones                    in loose leaf and spiral bound styles.
shown here, at retail stores and on the
internet. They each offer a calendar, room                   The GO MOM!™ Planner, created by Molly
            for shopping lists/meal planning                 Gold, is available in stores. While you cannot
            and space for notes.                             order it on her website, she offers helpful
                                                             Quick Tips and Timely Solutions that make a
              Amy Knapp’s Family Organizer                   visit to the website (
              (                   worthwhile.

Marcie Lovett
17723 Lochness Circle
Olney, MD 20832

                         Call today for a free estimate from a Professional Organizer: 301/219-3789

Getting you organized so you have time to do the things you love to do!                                4

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