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									                   I Have a Dream Oakland
October 2006

    Special Interest
                          Message from Martha
                          When our program kicked         programs, the scholarships
                          off over 9 years ago, the       to private and parochial
    • I Have a Dream      prospects of college for the
      Final Event a
                                                          middle school and high
                          third graders at Prescott       schools,    all    made    a
                          Elementary School were          significant difference. But
    • Message from        dim.      The high school       most      importantly   your
      Martha              graduation     rates   were     efforts and your support
    • Student spotlight   under 25%, and only 8%          convinced our students that
                          graduated       with     the    they could make their
                                                                                         only 90 African Americans).
                          academic credentials to         dreams of college come
                                                                                         Dreamers        will    also    be
                          attend a four year college.     true, and that someone         attending UC campuses at
                          They were enthusiastic (as      cared that they did so. We
                                                                                         Davis,       Merced,          and
                          the old pictures attest) but    are delighted to announce
                                                                                         Riverside.      The California
                          the chances of their going      that we have overcome the      State University campuses of
                          to    college    were    not    early grim statistics and
                                                                                         Humboldt, Sacramento, San
                          good. We are happy to           eighty of our Dreamer and
                                                                                         Jose, San Francisco, Los
                          report that with your           Gear Up Students are
                                                                                         Angeles, San Diego and Long
                          support our efforts have        going to college! We will
                                                                                         Beach      will      be     seeing
                          paid off. Our mentoring         be sending 9 students to the
                                                                                         Dreamers enroll in the fall.
                          program, our after school       World’s Best University, UC    Harvard University has given
                          tutoring,    our     summer     Berkeley (where two years
                                                                                         one of our Dreamers a “full
                          academic       (and     fun)    ago the freshman class had
                                                                                                           (Cont. on pg. 5)
                          I Have a Dream Final Celebration
                          There were tears of joy,        program that had been a “Big             Screen”,      Barry
                          laughter, full bellies, and     part of their lives for the Shabaka Henly, whose film
                          plenty    of   home-grown       past nine years.               credits      include     “The
                          entertainers present at the                                    Terminal”, “Collateral”, “Ali”
                                                          The evening’s speakers
                          I Have a Dream End of the                                      and the recently released,
                          Program Ceremony on             were made up of many
                                                                                         “Miami Vice”. Shabaka, as
                                                     th   faces from IHAD’s history
                          Saturday,     June      10 .                                   he is known, spoke to our
                                                          including: one of the original
                          Dreamers       and      their                                  students        about      the
                          families, past and present      Directors, Wanda Stewart;
                                                                                         importance of recognizing
                                                          former     Director,     Tony
                          staff and volunteers, board                                    how far they’ve come and
                                                          Thurmond; and Dreamer
                          members, and friends of                                        their potential to do great
                          the Oakland project packed      turned       Life       Skills
                                                                                         things in the future.
                                                          Coordinator,         Danette
                          into the Laney College
                                                          McCain. Also included in There was also an open mic
                          student center to show
                          appreciation and love for a     the lineup was a star of the session where students’
                                                                                                        (Cont. on pg. 4)
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A word from the students…
  “Harvard is absolutely WONDERFUL... Although I miss the Bay Area a
  lot, I must admit, I am having a lot of fun here. My roommates are great.
  One is from the East Coast (Philadelphia) and the other is from the
  Midwest (Wisconsin), so we bring very different experiences to Harvard,
  but we are getting along very well so far. I just made up my class
  schedule today. It's kind of exciting for me, because I have three
  classes on Mondays, Wednesdays, and/or Fridays and my Spanish
  class meets every day for one hour. That frees up a lot of time for me to
  have my work-study job and to work out. I'm loving this schedule!”
  --Jocelyn Eastman, Harvard University

     Thank you for your support!                                              “I expect to pass through this world
    We would like to thank the            and     financially robust          but once; any good thing therefore
    many        donors      and           enough to support the               that I can do, or any kindness that I
    volunteers     that   have            diverse needs of over 200           can show to any fellow creature, let
    contributed    their  time,           West Oakland youth and              me do it now; let me not defer or
    money, skills, and care to            their families.       WE            neglect it, for I shall not pass this
    the program over these                COULD NOT HAVE DONE                 way again."
    many years. It has taken              IT WITHOUT YOU! Thank
    the efforts of a countless            you!                                                 --Etienne de Grellet
    number of people to keep
    this program academically
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A word from the students, Continued…

                           “My college experience has been wonderful. I
                           have made a lot of friends that I hang with. I
                           have been up on my homework and I have been
                           doing great. I have met with my EOP advisors
                           and I’m doing good. I like it up here and I do not
                           have any complaints!!!”
                           --Eddie Lee, CSU Humboldt

                                                  “So far college has been what I expected it to be. I am having a lot of fun
                                                  meeting new people and learning their so-cal ways. My roommate and I get
                                                  a long great. In terms of classes, it’s so different. I'm on my own and the
                                                  teacher never reminds us to read this and write that. I don’t know if I like
                                                  that yet, but slowly I’m getting used to it. There is so much to do here,
                                                  going to the gym to workout, bowling, eating, or sitting outside near a pond
                                                  to do your homework. On the weekends I dedicate my time to exploring the
                                                  city. So far I've been to the malls and outlets, mission beach, pacific beach,
                                                  over the bridge that goes over the water into the island called Coronado,
                                                  the Gaslamp Quarter which is stores for shopping, restaurants and music.
                                                  I've even been to a concert at night along the marina outdoors! I miss
                                                  home though. The weather, my family, the way things used to be with my
                                                  friends and my own 'not squeaky bed'. I like the fact I can do what I want
                                                  when I want and still be on top of things which basically means school to
                                                  me. There's a bit of everything here at San Diego state and it’s great and
                                                  I’m so glad I chose to come here.”
                                                  --Gabriella G. Sanchez, CSU San Diego

                                                                                          “Being at CSULB has been a
 “Put yourself in a state of mind
                                                                                          wonderful experience. I have enjoyed
 where you say to yourself, ‘Here
 is an opportunity for me to                                                              all my classes and the people are
 celebrate like never before, my                                                          great. I just finished rush week for an
 own power, my own ability to                                                             Asian interest sorority called Chi Delta
 get myself to do whatever is                                                             Theta. The campus is great and I'm
                                                                                          just loving southern California.”
                                                                                          --Jannie Lam, CSU Long Beach
 Martin Luther King, Jr.
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A word from the students, continued…
                                             The “I Have a Dream” program has played an important role in my life. From
                                             the very beginning they set out one goal for us which was to go to college.
                                             But it was definitely much more than just going to college. They taught me
                                             and showed me things I would have never learned or seen on my own. They
                                             taught me about the importance of staying in school and going to college. I
                                             know that without this advice I wouldn’t be where I am today. I wouldn’t even
                                             think about going to college. The IHAD foundation was not a typical after-
                                             school program that helped me with my homework; it was like a second home
                                             to me. They also had the best summer programs. I remember the first
                                             couple of summers were the most fun summers I had when I was younger.
                                             Classes ranged in different subjects, but I personally enjoyed the field trips
                                             since I had not been to a lot of places before. One of the experiences that I
                                             will never forget was my first trip to Lake Tahoe where I saw and touched
                                             snow for the first time. I just want to thank everyone in the program who has
                                             helped me or taught me something, But I want to thank them on behalf of my
                                             family and myself for helping me to be the first in my family to attend college.
                                             --Linda Men, CSU East Bay

Celebration Cont’d…
voices were heard. All of     Dreamers, including songs
the Dreamers who spoke        by: Lance Moore, Sierra
credited the program and      McKinney        and       the
the wonderful people who      multitalented James Vinson,
were a part of it for helping who      accompanied      the
them       become         the pieces not only with vocals
successful young adults that  but keyboard as well.
they are. It was definitely a Additionally,        Angelina
heartwarming moment that      Johnson took the stage and
brought tears to the eyes of  fired everybody up with a
many.                         dance performance that
                              combined hot urban moves
To help the Dreamers get
                              and traditional West African
off on the right track, “I
                              dance to an eclectic mix of      Sergio Larios, Nubuia Agulara, and Diana Baires with their mentor at the St.
Have a Dream” put together
                              today’s grooves.                 Elizabeth graduation.
gift baskets for each student
                                                                                                     laugh and reminisce about
in attendance.          Some To round out the ceremony,        Even though the night ended
                                                                                                     times past.
included sheet sets and there was a special moment             with an amazing photo
comforters for dorm rooms of appreciation for The              history of the program--              It was a powerful ending to
and others had back packs Cooks, Martha and John, by           complete with “now and                a program that affected the
and school supplies.          the board members and the        then” comparison pictures             lives of many in a very
                              California    Student     Aid    and        a    wonderfully           positive way.♦
Sprinkled throughout the
                              Commission       for    their    inspirational  soundtrack--
program were performances
                              dedication and commitment        many families and staff
by many of our talented                                        members hung around to
                              to the program’s success.
    Page 5 of 6                                                     I Have a Dream
    A partial list of students and their schools:
  Nubia Aguilera, CSU San Jose               Elisha Heron, Dillard University          Britney Parnell, CSU San Jose
  Diana Baires, UC Berkeley                  Tony Hicks, CSU Sacramento                Dominique Pate, UC Berkeley
  Javonae Bilbo, Dillard University          Derrick Hill, UC Berkeley                 T'keyia Penick-Goodwin, UC Riverside
  Bethlehem Biru, Western Career College     Jeremy H'oard, CSU East Bay               Nancy Polio, UC Berkeley
  James Brown, Laney College                 Antoine Howard, UN Las Vegas              Catarra Richmond-Mathis, Vista Community College
  Krystal Brown, Heald College               Cameron Island, CSU San Jose              Tamara Robertson, Job Corps
  Jennifer Carroll, CSU San Francisco        Jasmine Jackson, CSU San Francisco        Demarco Robinson, EBCC
  Lena Chhit, CSU San Jose                   Kevin Jennings, Dillard University        Demetrius Robinson, Morehouse
  Michael Collins, Laney College             Vanessa Jennings, UC Berkeley             Joya Rodgers, UC Berkeley
  Brittany Cunningham, CSU Humboldt          Angelina Johnson, CSU Sacramento          Chanmakara San, CSU San Francisco
  Kierre Dodds, Dillard University           Jannie Lam, CSU Long Beach                Madaga Sarr, Florida A&M University
  Datonja Drake, Laney College               Sergio Larios, Diablo Valley College      Ruby Scott, Job Corps
  Fabiola Duran, Western Career College      Eddie Lee, CSU Humboldt                   Charles Simms, UC Berkeley
  Amy Ear, Bryman Career College             Shawnica Lewis, CSU Sacramento            Alexandria Simpson, Disney Work Program
  Jocelyn Eastman, Harvard University        Dyamond Littlefield, Mills College        Tynesha Staten, Merritt College
  Rosalyn Eastman, Laney College             Michelle Mack, CSU San Francisco          Marquis Stevenson, CSU Los Angeles
  Derrick Engram, Job Corps                  Edwin Maldonado, College of Alameda       Stephon Taylor, San Francisco City College
  Julian Ford, Laney College                 Nicole Martin, Laney College              Victoria Taylor, Arizona State
  Shawn Ford, EBCC                           Sierra McKinney, Dillard University       Rico Thomas, Laney College
  Shamelca Generette, CSU San Francisco      Linda Men, CSU East Bay                   Antanisha Thompson, Merritt Community College
  Gabriella G Sanchez, CSU San Diego         Curtis Miller, Santa Rosa College         Roosevelt Thompson, Laney College
  Melissa Goodwin, CSU Long Beach            Khadra Mohamed, CSU San Francisco         Michael Tuttle, Art Institute of SF
  Briana Grayson, Job Corps                  Alicia Moncrease, Laney College           Shawn Vasquez, Diablo Valley College
  Taja Harrington, Diablo Valley College     Lance Moore, CSU Los Angeles              David Watson, College of Alameda
  Ashley Hayes, CSU Long Beach               Devon Murphy, Laney College               Tamara Wilhite, Job Corps
  Paul Haymon, UC Berkeley                   Christine Nguyen, UC Davis                Hershal Willingham, Missouri State
  Jackie Haynes, Laney College               David Nguyen, CSU San Francisco           Samuel Wilson, Oregon State
  Jimmy Haynes, Laney College                Dominique Olison, Dillard University      Jessica Works, Laney College

Message from Martha                        (cont from pg 1)
ride” scholarship to attend.         Gates Millennium scholarship,
Another      is     going       to   the     Ronald     McDonald
Morehouse, and a third to            Charities House Scholarship,
Mills College. West Oakland          the      Harvard      Faculty
Dreamers are seeing the              Scholarship,       California
country as well.         Arizona     Scholarship       Federation,
State    University,     Oregon      Second Honors, and the
State, Missouri State, the           Academic     Competitiveness
University of Georgia, Dillard       Grant.
College in New Orleans and
                                     We are pleased, but not about
the University of Nevada Las
                                     to rest! Some Dreamers were
Vegas have each accepted
                                     held back along the way and
one or more Dreamers into                      th                        Mr. and Mrs. Cook at Nancy Polio’s Graduation Ceremony
                                     are in 11 grade—we intend
the College class of 2010!
                                     to get them into college next       Tesia Johnson, who will tell However,           the   joy    of
We have a large number of
                                     year. Others dropped out,           you her plans elsewhere in       attending             multiple
students who have opted to
                                     and for them we are                 our newsletter.                  graduations and watching all
attend     the       Community
                                     encouraging either a trade of                                        those responsible young
Colleges       of      California,                                       For me the last nine years
                                     marketable training or the                                           adults walk the stage to get
including     Merritt,    Laney,                                         have been an adventure
                                     “bridge program” which allows                                        diplomas, and hearing the
Chabot,       Santa         Rosa,                                        which, like all true adventures,
                                     them to go into the community                                        pride in their voices when
Alameda and Los Angeles.                                                 has had its highs and its lows.
                                     college system to earn their                                         they announced that they
Our students have been                                                   We could not do it all. The
                                     GED and their degree. We                                             had been accepted to the
honored with well deserved                                               same night I learned that
                                     realize, as well, that getting in                                    college of their choice made
scholarships. Some of the                                                Jocelyn      Eastman        was
                                     to college is not the end of the                                     it all worth while. Thank you
awards received by IHAD                                                  accepted to Harvard, I learned
                                     effort—we will support them to                                       all for allowing me this
students are The East Bay                                                that another Dreamer had
                                     stay in and graduate! For this                                       privilege. ♦
Consortium Scholarship, the                                              been charged with murder.
                                     we are fortunate to have
                          . . . But don’t worry! We’re still here for you!
  "I Have a Dream"       Even though the I Have a Dream                   summer. Why not come in and talk to
Foundation - Oakland     Program-Oakland will cease to exist as           Tesia about what your options are??
     Contact Info:       you know it, we are still here to answer         She has tons of information on
   Office Address        any of your questions and give you               vocational programs, GED programs
      959 12th St        emotional support when you need it…              and Community Colleges.
     Second floor        not to mention send out the Dreamer             Assistance in your job search—for
  Oakland, CA 94607      Scholarships to those who qualify!!              those of you who are planning to go
                                                                          directly to work, she can help you
   Mailing Address       Tesia Johnson, our College and Career            create a top notch resume, discuss
    PO Box 23244         Coordinator, will hold regular office            interviewing techniques and how to go
  Oakland, Ca. 94623     hours at the Bethlehem Lutheran                  about searching for a job.
    Office Phone:        Church, 959 12          Street (second          Anything else!!—If you have an issue
    (510)663-3331        floor). She will be there to support all         and are not sure where to go or who
                         of our students, regardless of their             to talk to…CALL HER!! If she can’t
      Toll Free:         current situation. Some of the things            help you she can definitely give you
   1-888-IHAD-655        you can come to her for are:                     advice on who to ask or how to get
  (1-888-4423-655)           Assistance passing the CAHSEE—              your issue solved…or even just be the
        E-mail:               we have many CAHSEE books                   supportive ear to listen.        and practice tests- she can also           Tesia will also be the contact for
                              tutor you (or help you find a tutor) if     Dreamer Scholarships so make
  We’re on the Web!           necessary!                                  sure to get in touch with her to
       See us at:            Assistance figuring out a plan—             complete your paperwork NOW!!!          some folks don’t have a plan for
                              what they are going to do after the

   PO Box 23244
Oakland, Ca. 94623

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