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                                                                                                                                         Solution Overview
               mining dynamics
                                               Solution Overview
                                               Mining Dynamics is a platform specifically designed to operate in the 3D
                                               dimensional world of mining.  

                                               Designed for the enterprise, Mining Dynamics’ core functionality is the integration
                                               and management of large volumes of critical business information at all levels of a
                                               mining business. Linking desktop software packages and enterprise solutions, such
                                               as SAP, through a generic interface, Mining Dynamics revolutionizes the integration
                                               of critical 3D information into all mining business processes, providing fast access to
                                               the right information at the right time, by the right people.  

                                               Why Mining Dynamics?
                                               Successful mining operations depend on the availability and reliability of data in
                                               order to make critical, every day decisions. Because of the complexity of mining
                                               data and the spatial characteristics associated with it, rapid universal access to
                                               trusted and accurate information has traditionally been difficult. Basing decisions
                                               on data that is misplaced, not universally accessible, out-dated, or incomplete
                                               can at best become a bottleneck in the decision making process, and at worst be
                                               operationally and financially devastating.  

                                               In order to maximize efficiency and profitability, miners must get the right data at
                                               the right time to the right people – regardless of their job function or where in the
                                               world they are located. Mining Dynamics reliably coordinates and manages both the
                                               common and unique data types associated with any mining operation and enables
                                               the integration, visualization, and comprehensive management of the wide variety of
                                               mining data, regardless of its origin or software platform.

CONTROL aNd STORaGE    |     dISCOVERY     |          ENTERPRISE             |       3d VIEW           |        PLaN COMPLIaNCE
                    Mining Dynamics - a solution built for the mining industry
Solution Overview

                    The critical issue for all mining operations is the need to understand the
                    most efficient and profitable way to operate its main asset – the ore body.
                    Our knowledge of the ore body is always incomplete, and with each
                    additional drill hole or portion that is mined, our understanding of the
                    characteristics changes. Consequently, the mine models which represent
                    this data must constantly evolve. Mining Dynamics provides the first
                    enterprise mining data management solution which can offer a practical,
                    web-based, controlled mining data environment that works with your data
                    and applications, and can link the three dimensional characteristics of
                    a mine operation into the two dimensional world of corporate enterprise
                    systems and accounting packages. 
                    Mining Dynamics – the modules
                    There are five modules in the Mining Dynamics solution:
                                                     Boosts performance and quality by                Allows business processes to be
                                                     providing powerful workflow manage-              completed quickly, accurately, and reliably
                                                     ment and extensible storage (including           in a quality-controlled workflow. By
                                                     metadata) and data transformation.               managing the control and storage of
                                                     Mining Dynamics Control and Storage              mining-related files and data from
                                                     form the core module of Mining Dynamics          numerous sources, the right data can be
                      control and storage            and is required before any other modules         delivered to the right people, at the right
                                                     can run.                                         time.

                                                     Allows searching for 2D and 3D mining            Provides efficiencies in 3D data
                                                     data across multiple geo-spatial data            integration, sharing, and identification.
                                                     stores (for example, GIS databases,
                                                     exploration drill hole databases, and
                              discovery              Mining Dynamics Storage).

                                                     Controls authorized data interchange             Provides efficiencies and controls in
                                                     between mining desktop products and a            corporate reporting and financial
                              enterprise             customer’s ERP.                                  monitoring.

                                                     Web browser based visualization of               Assists in comprehension, communication,
                                                     mining related spatial information from          and decision making. Eliminates the need
                                                     multiple sources, in multiple formats, and       for expensive end-point solutions to view
                                                     in multiple map projections. Specific            and interrogate 3D objects.
                                                     end-point applications are not required to
                              3d view                view the objects.

                                                      Provides the technology and process             Reduces the gap between planned and
                                                      necessary to ensure that a mine’s plan is       actual data, allowing users to quickly and
                                                      achieved. Provides rapid feedback on how        easily analyze compliance to the plan,
                                                      actual production is tracking against the       minimizing the risk of failing to meet
                        plan compliance               plan.                                           corporate or regulatory compliance.

                    Mining Dynamics – providing you with a return on your investment                                Mining Dynamics helps resolve business and operational challenges by
                    Mining Dynamics is a solution that provides a clear and quantifiable return                     providing a pre-integrated, standard solution for end-to-end business
                    on investment.                                                                                  processes with full SAP integration capability. 

                    Implementations show that an investment in Mining Dynamics can give a                           In addition to being a SAP software solution partner, Runge’s Mining
                    direct payback of close to 100% in just over two years through reduced                          Dynamics solution has been certified as a SAP NetWeaver composite
                    costs relating to timely and accurate planning, improved operations, and                        application.  
                    the efficient use of resources. 
                    Investing in a Mining Dynamics solution from Runge will provide you with                        Mining Dynamics provides the unique ability to reliably integrate business
                    a significant and real return on your investment, helping you to make the                       processes, information management, and operational data with enterprise
                    right strategic and operational decisions quickly.                                              systems. Mining Dynamics is the only current solution which allows data
                                                                                                                    from mine plans to automatically interface with corporate enterprise
                    Mining Dynamics for use with SAP ERP                                                            systems and accounting packages such as SAP and Oracle. This capability
                    The Mining Dynamics solution is a fully certified SAP software solution that                    provides management with real time and up to date financial information
                    extends and adds value to a mining organization’s SAP solution. Through                         which is critical for decision making. 
                    working closely with SAP, the Mining Dynamics solution provides extended
                    functionality for users of the SAP ERP application, providing connectivity                      Mining Dynamics makes sure the right information gets to the right people
                    from the mine operation to corporate reporting requirements.                                    at the right time – every time.

                                                                                                      For more information on how this powerful web-enabled solution can
                                                                                                      optimize your mine operations see

                                                                                                                                     PROVIDING THE RIGHT INFORMATION
                                                                                                                                                   TO THE RIGHT PEOPLE
                                                                                                                                                           AT THE RIGHT TIME

                                                                                                      mining dynamics

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