SEO and Traffic Secrets Consulting Seminar by lcp19892


									SEO and Traffic Secrets Consulting Seminar

“We can put your web page on the top pages of Google, GUARANTEED, or your money


Dear Customer-hungry friend,


Thanks to the Internet, you now have to compete at a much higher level.


With more consumers turning to search engines as their first stop to find a good deal on a
product or service, its more important than ever to get your web page ranked at the top of the
search engines. But making it to the first page of organic search results takes a good deal of
skill and effort.


Where do you rank?


SEO and Traffic Secrets Consulting Seminar

Let me give you a common example: If you are a tour operator, think of the business you will
get by grabbing a top 30 position in Google. How many more clients will you get? What will that
mean to your profit line?


Every month, in Google, 14,800 people type in the search phrase Kenya safari. Google then
pulls up 809,000 possible results. If you are at the top of the first page of Google, you will get at
least 80% of those 14,800 clicks …for that search phrase alone! (Compare this to your top PPC
position where you’ll get about 10%.)


Again, where do you rank?


What profits are you losing this month by not being among the top 30 results of those 809,000
possibilities (or in the top 0.0000371)?


Some of you already have a p. 2 or p. 3 position … we will drive you higher.


SEO and Traffic Secrets Consulting Seminar

Let me explain a minute:


Why SEO (Getting to the 1st page of Google naturally) is better than PPC



SEO has one major advantage: it is strategically better because if you are able to somehow find
an edge or advantage over your competition, you're likely to hold on to this competitive
advantage longer with SEO than you would with PPC.


It takes work to get to the top of the organic search engines … but those who buy a top position
with PPC can be un-seated instantly from any business that desires their spot.


Not with SEO. You can see people gaining on you and you can take steps to hold on to your


SEO and Traffic Secrets Consulting Seminar

Summary: Once you allow us to put in the brilliant hard work to get leads and customers for
you via SEO, it's much harder for others to take that advantage away. They can never out-bid
you for your top ranking.


Here’s the offer: Let us do the hard work for you. Let us get you to the top of the search
engines … naturally … so you can say good-bye to PPC campaigns.


The cost for this success is as follows:


Top 30 position (that means, on the 3rd page of Google): Kshs. 99,000 + VAT

Top 20 position: Kshs. 149,500+ VAT

Top 10 position: Kshs. 199,500 + VAT

Top 3 position: Kshs 249,500 + VAT


SEO and Traffic Secrets Consulting Seminar

Every result means that you’ll appear in that category for a minimum of 20 days in the first full
calendar month that we achieve this goal for you.


Plus, we’ll keep you in your desired position for an additional Kshs. 50,000/month (retainer),
only if your results have been verified for a minimum of 20 days.


Remember that there’s a 100% money-back, no hassle guarantee if we don’t achieve your goal.

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