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									Online Tools and Syndication

Financial capability in the UK

 The background: What is the National Strategy for        5. Budget Calculator:
 Financial Capability?                              -
                                                             this enables users to calculate their budget and
 We have developed our Financial Services Authority          find out if they have enough money to cover
 (FSA) online tools as part of the National Strategy         their spending
 for Financial Capability. As the UK's financial
 watchdog, we lead this strategy in partnership with      6. Loan Calculator:
 the Government, financial services industry, voluntary -
 sector and consumer and education groups.                   this helps users to work out repayments for
                                                             different loan amounts
 Financial capability means being able to manage
 your money, keep track of your finances, plan ahead,     7. Mortgage Calculator:
 make informed decisions about financial products  
 and stay up to date about financial matters.                - this shows users what their repayments might
                                                             be depending on how much they want to
                                                             borrow, how long for and at what rate
What online tools do we offer?
                                                          8. Stakeholder Pension Decision Trees:
We offer a range of impartial, online, interactive 
tools that help consumers with budgeting,                    notes_index.html - these trees enable users
borrowing, planning for the future and shopping              to make their own choices about pension
around for financial products. These tools are easy to       arrangements
use and do not feature any advertising for financial
services firms, just helpful and impartial information.   Most of these tools sit on
Our tools include:                                        - our website for consumers.
1. The Financial Healthcheck: -            How can you use the tools to help
   this gives users an idea of their financial needs,
   based on answers to some simple questions              your clients?
2. Debt Test:                                             We are keen to make our online tools and content -              available on other websites. Many partners find
   this helps users to identify whether they are          that tools from the FSA add value to their
   likely to get into trouble with their borrowing        websites as we are a trusted source of information.
   over the next year or so                               Our tools are impartial and engaging, and our
3. Pension Calculator:                                    research has found that consumers trust them and - this helps              find them useful. They are a valuable addition
   users to make plans for their pension and to           to consumer-facing sites, as they help users
   see the impact of different contribution levels        become more financially capable, and are easy
                                                          and quick to use.
4. Comparative Tables: - these tables help
   users compare similar products from different
   companies, including mortgages, annuities
   and savings accounts
Online Tools and Syndication

Financial capability in the UK

We already have links to our tools and content
from a range of sites including financial services
firms, Government agencies and advice
organisations. It is quick and easy to link to
our tools and you may find it beneficial to use
them in discussions with your clients.

If you want to discuss how you can use our tools
and other content or have any questions about our
work in this area, please contact a member of the
online tools team:
Philip Eaton
020 7066 0532
Julia Parkes
020 7066 0838
Anna Nicolaou
020 7066 0806

Want more information?
The FSA website contains further information on
the National Strategy for Financial Capability:
For clear impartial information from the
UK’s financial watchdog:

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