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					DECEMBER 2005

                NO SECRETS TO
                                            E      Y         E           O       N
                                                                                          A     R       B        O          N    N          E

                ARBONNE SUCCESS
                My Arbonne journey started about four years ago when I was invit-

                                                                                              NEW RVP
                ed to a presentation. Like many others, I had never heard of
                Arbonne, so I was skeptical. But, because I had been searching for
                a skin care line that would help with my acne-prone skin, I was also
                open to finding out about Arbonne. I was so impressed with what I
                learned that I knew that I had to use the products. I signed up as a
                Consultant so I could get a discount. And, although the business
                aspects intrigued me, I had difficulty pursuing the opportunity because
                of past failures in other network marketing ventures. On top of that,
                I had low self-esteem, poor confidence and lacked support — elements
                that were not conducive to starting a business.

                At the time, I was practicing as a registered dietitian and many
                could not understand why I would want to leave this profession to                                                                  jill williams
                sell Cleansing Gel and lipstick. But deep in my heart I knew that the
                Arbonne business involved more than “selling” product. It was an                                     Independent Consultant, Regional Vice President
                opportunity to help others, build friendships and grow personally.                                                Dream Weavers; Columbia, MO
                As much as I believed this wholeheartedly, I could not get past my
                fears. So, for three years I did what I call “playing” Arbonne. I
                shared the products with family and friends and hosted                          convinced that it really was the ideal vehicle to potential financial
                Presentations here and there. But the desire to do more with this               freedom, time leveraging and personal growth. The key is to choose
                opportunity continued to tug at my heart. I felt like I was teasing             the right company and commit yourself to working the business as
                myself by treating Arbonne like a hobby, instead of the incredible              a business. My next big step to doing Arbonne as a business was
                business venture I knew it could be. I had to make a decision to                to face my fears about booking Presentations and begin recruiting
                either pursue it as a true business or let it go. My first step was to          and building a team.
                build my belief in the network marketing industry, as well as gain
                confidence in myself that I could do this.                                      Honestly, there is no magic secret. Just face your fears and do it!
                                                                                                With the support of friends, I was able to schedule the Presentations
                In November of 2004, I began researching the network marketing                  I needed to successfully launch my business in November. Initially, I
                industry. I found out that I had completely misjudged it and was now            had great success at retailing product and signing up Consultants
                                                                                                                                                            continued ...

                                                                                                    Jill with daughter, Kylie
                                                                                                          and husband, Jim.     Jill’s daughter,

                                                  Kylie, Jill and Jim.
                       s u c c e s s strategy:

                                                                                                                                                                               NEW REGIONAL VICE PRESIDENT
      “         Embrace your fears,
               believe and persevere.
who only wanted to buy at a discount, but I was still struggling to
recruit people interested in doing the business. Instead of letting fear
and doubt get in my way, I placed faith in finding those who need-
ed this business. In January 2005, I sponsored my first amazing
business builder, Jesse Bodine, who is now AM and on her way to
RVP. Sponsoring Jesse gave me the confidence and the positive
momentum I needed to drive my business forward. Since then, my
                                                                           Jill with members of the team.
business has grown faster than I ever imagined.

First, I want to thank God for giving me the strength and belief
to persevere.                                                                 what I did when I sponsored each of you. I know you all will be
                                                                              Region very soon!
ENVP Christy Dreiling: Thank you for not giving up on me and
believing in me, when I did not believe in myself. You are the role           To DM Jennifer Comer: Thanks for your trust in the company and me
model I want to emulate in business and in life. Your passion, gra-           to jump in with both feet. I admire you and cannot wait to see what

                                                                                                                                                                                              The testimonials in this story reflect the actual experience of an individual, are anecdotal only, and may be atypical.
cious heart, unconditional loving spirit and commitment to help oth-          your Arbonne future holds.
ers, are my inspiration to be the best person and leader I can be.
                                                                              To DMs, Natalie Stark, Sharla Huseman, Natalie Wells, Sarah
To my dad: Thank you for instilling a strong entrepreneurial spirit in        Squires-Weber, Cheryl Morris, Kim Magsamen, Amy Kell, Leslie
me. I miss you so much, but I know you are smiling down from heav-            Nelson and Stacey Bryant-Wimp: Thank you so much for your hard
en and that you are proud. To my mom: Thank you for supporting                work. I am fortunate to have you in my Region and appreciate your
and believing in me always. I love you dearly. To my twin sister,             commitment and excitement. I will see you at the top very soon. To
Jodi and my brother, Brett: Thanks for believing and supporting me.           my Managers in qualification, including Nicki Lewis, Kristen
                                                                              Brumley, Nikole Blank, Julie Holiday, Joey Clark, Christy Neimeier,
To my husband, who was skeptical in the beginning, but is now my              Beth Patton, Kasey Laughlin, Lisa Bradley, Sara Bohl, Julee Johnson,
greatest supporter: Thank you for your patience and the sacrifices            Molly Good, Millie Beale, Karla Lammers, Megan Christofferson,
you made to allow me to pursue my dream. I love you! To my pre-               Sherri Thomas, LeAnn Moore, Bernice Heinzler, Cissy Banning,
cious daughter, Kylie: Thank you for being my greatest fan. You are           Jennifer Cowles and Laura Chudy: Thank you for daring to dream.
an Arbonne princess. You are my Why! Thank you for your                       Remember all things are possible.
patience when I was delivering product, on the phone or away
doing my Presentations. The most important purpose I have in life is          To all my Consultants: The toughest part of this business is getting
to be the best mom I can be to you. I want you to know that you can           started. Believe you deserve success because you do. Envision your-
achieve anything you put your belief and heart into. Thanks for               self succeeding, embrace your fears, believe without a doubt you
being my Arbonne buddy!                                                       can do it, and persevere.

To my best friend, Joey Clark: Thanks for the encouragement and               To my entire team: I look forward to reading each one of your Eye
unconditional support. I would not be here without you. Words can-            on Arbonne stories very soon. My greatest reward is seeing each of
not express what your friendship means to me. I am so excited that            you succeed. Blessings to all of you!
you have joined the business and look forward to helping you
achieve your dreams.                                                          I cannot begin to describe how Arbonne has changed my life. It has
                                                                              given me self-confidence, amazing friendships and the ability to
To AMs, Jesse Bodine, Kacy Howell and Gretchen Chudy: You                     dream bigger than I ever imagined. I am a better person since
helped build the foundation of this Region. I am so blessed to have           receiving the gift of Arbonne.
you as leaders. I appreciate your commitment, creativity and pas-
sion. They say in this business to always “sponsor up” and that is
                                                                                 Jill with Dr. Shad Helmstedder, DM Joey Clark and DM Jennifer Comer.

     ENVP Christy Dreiling and Jill.

                                                                                                                                     E Y E O N A R B O N N E | DECEMBER 2005