MONTGOMERY COUNTY
                                                                   Shelters At
             Since 1909              VOL. 44, NO. 3                                                                     Spring, 2005

      CAT CWILTS                                                                          Dad’s Pet Care, Inc.
        (Better with a “Q”?)                                                             Creates New Benefits
                                                                                         Edward K. Davies, Montgomery

   Cathy Cerqua, chairwoman of our Cat                                                County SPCA’s operations manager,
Quilting/Comforter Program, recently                                                  announces to our readers that a cash bene-
forwarded this information, including the                                             fit program is available to our organization.
                                                                                         Dad’s Pet Care products all carry
photo below. Cathy reports that the                                                   proof-of-purchase UPC codes. These
Glenside Sew-ers, a neighborhood group          FOSTER HOMES                          codes may be cut from the boxes or bags
of the Philadelphia Chapter of The                                                    and forwarded to our administrative
                                              For mother cats with kittens, or
American Sewing Guild, turned in a            kittens that are 4 to 8 weeks of age.   office at:
large quantity of cat quilts for our shel-                                               Montgomery County SPCA
tered and adoptable felines.                                                             19 E. Ridge Pike, Box 222
                                                                                         Conshohocken, PA 19428-0222
  Cathy also reported that the following
individuals have made many cat com-                                                      Contact        information        between
                                                                                      Montgomery County SPCA and Dad’s
forters and turned them into one of our                                               Pet Care, Inc., Meadville, PA, was set up
three shelters nearest to their homes. They                                           by Mr. Davies. Therefore, members and
are: Pat Beazer, Danielle Capriotti,                                                  friends are urged to forward Dad’s Pet
Diane Farber, Karen Liem, Barb                                                        Care UPC’s to our address above. In
Moyer, Barb Rotchford, Phyllis Welch,                                                 turn, we will forward the UPC codes to
Stacey Williams and Barb Woehr.                                                       Dad’s and receive a cash benefit of ten
                                                                                      cents per code.
  Executive director, Carmen J. Ronio,                                                   Advance thanks to Dad’s and to our
extends thanks to all these quilters.                                                 members and friends who will be willing to
                                                                                      participate in this shelter benefit program.

                                                                                        Humane Education
                                                                                        Stats for Year 2004
                                                                                      Humane educator, Kimberley Bonanni,
                                                                                      had another very busy year in 2004. The
                                                                                      statistics are as follows:
                                                                 *                    Education
                                              If interested, please call Kimberley       Programs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 279
                                              Bonanni at (610) 825-0111, ex. 34.         Attendance . . . . . . . . . . . . 8,659
                                                                 *                    Health Care Facilities
                                              Reward!!! The joy and knowledge            Programs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 87
                                              you have helped our animals.               Attendance . . . . . . . . . . . . 2,616
                                                                                      Public Events
                                                                                         Programs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25
Cat quilters/comforters, l to r, Joanne
Tressler, president of Glenside Sew-ers,                                              Yearly Totals
Megan McCabe, and Cathy Cerqua.                                                          Total Programs. . . . . . . . . . . 391
Back, Eileen McCabe.                                                                     Total Attendance . . . . . . . 11,275
                                  Thoughtful Family Remembrances
   At the decease of a family member, survivors often direct memorial gifts to a charity that was important to the decedent. In
2004 the Montgomery County SPCA received contributions in memory of the following individuals.
Mrs. Irwin A. Abbott             Joseph & Susan Eberz             Anna Kay                          Ruth Rudanowicz
Vicki Abrams                     Florence Elfreth                 Albert Kaytes                     Ann Eve Sain
Ethel Ruth Adamson               Patricia Eltz                    William M. Keim, III              Jeffrey D. Samuelsson
Doris M. Allen                   Eleanor Ruth Exline              Kathleen (Kay) Kimmel             Margaret L. Santangelo
Ruth Sears Anderson              Sylvia Farris                    Peter Kobel                       Nancy L. Scheetz
Katherine Angelico               Deborah Fazio                    Sylvia Ann Kreischer              Roland A. Schier
Robert G. Anthony, III           Maurice P. Felton, Jr.           James Lawall                      Helen L. Schueler
James Warren Barnett, Jr.        Carole A. Fiedler                Vera H. Lentz                     Bernard E. (Jock) Shanley
Mary Beach                       Ralph D. Fischer, Sr.            Josephine Woll Lewis              Thomas F. Shannon
LaMott Beebe, III                Robert E. Fisher                 Ann Lindgren                      George Shepherd
Margret Beller                   Marion Fuechsel                  Mazel Lipshutz                    Helen Shockley
John Bentley                     Dorothy S. Furman                Norman S. Ludwig                  Blanche Shore
Mary E. Biddle                   Kathy Gale                       Elizabeth (Betty) Lynch           Andrew Nelson Slaymaker
Ruth E.Boehner                   Mildred Louise Giberson          Josephine A. Manger               Jan Smith
Dorothy S. Buehn                 Priscilla C. Gibson              Marie McFarlane                   Tracey F. Smyth
Robert M. Bunting, Sr.           Virginia L. Giles                Louise McLean                     Shelly Solar
Curtis Burke                     Nettie Gillette                  Larre Meyer                       Brendan Stanley
Rose Busenkell                   George Gilmore, Jr.              Michael A.F. Monaco               William Stickel, Sr.
Jacqueline B. Byassee            Peggy Gimpel                     Catherine R. Moore                JoAnn Strawley
Betty Lou Cassey                 W. Perry Gresh                   Cecil Morris                      Mary Jane Strouse
Marion E. Cassey                 Frances Marie Grim               Dorothy Murray                    Ann M. Sullivan
Eleanor Cave                     Kathryn Hackl                    Gloria G. Neely                   Paul Tanenbaum
Irene D. Chernuka                Sarah Hall                       Mary Louise Norbom                William J. Tausz
John Church, V.M.D.              Russell W. Hammond               Timothy Novitski                  Berta Thierfelder
Ellen E. Coates                  Louisa L. Hart                   Lt. Col. Mark Phelan              Barbara Tyson
Lorraine Colosimo                William J. Hartman, Jr.          Rita Pizzo                        Elizabeth C. Van Belle
George Cordonna                  Mary Hartzell                    Tina Marie Plotts                 Edna L. Warnock-Sturts
Geoffrey Costello                Jeanne M. Mollick Higgins        Douglas E. Pollock, III           Dorothy Weand
Howard M. Crane, Jr.             Martha Hilborn                   Robert B. Regetta                 Edward T. Weinlein
Bill Crawford, Sr.               Dorothy M. Hirsh                 Grace Reinert                     Patricia Wilson-Rieder
Vera Dellisanti                  Kathryn Hockl                    Sophie Rest                       Betty Yamos
Joseph C. (Jay) Di Ferdinand     Eleanore G. Hower                Darrah E. Ribble, Jr.             Russell Yoder
Eleanor Dixon                    Anna T. Hyman                    Albert H. (Robbie) Robinson, III Sherry Yohn
Patti Lynn Dudas                 Thomas Jennings                  Irving H. Ronner                  Matilde M. Zalinski
Connie A. Dunbar                 Dorothy L. Katona                Charles G. Rosenberry, Jr.        Dorothy Zelinsky
                                 Alycia Michele Kauderer          Candace (Candy) Ross
      Memorial funds are used for the daily care of the sheltered animals at Conshohocken, Perkiomenville and Abington.

  Published bimonthly by the Montgomery County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
                             CARMEN J. RONIO, Executive Director                                                    Our Early Spring 2005 Reporter
                                    John W. Hendler, Editor                                                         inadvertently omitted a spousal name
                            Administrative Office & Shelter – 610-825-0111                                          in the In Memoriam list. The list
                     19 E. Ridge Pike • Box 222 • Conshohocken, PA 19428-0222
                                                                                                                    should also have included Mrs. Harold
       Perkiomenville Shelter, Pet Cemetery and Horse Farm – 610-489-7510, 610-754-7822
                        1059 Sweisford Road • Perkiomenville, PA 18074
                                                                                                                    Fehr’s name, LILLIAN M. FEHR,
                                                                                                                    along with her husband’s name,
                                   Abington Branch – 215-886-8802
                               1006 Edge Hill Road • Roslyn, PA 19001                                               HAROLD H. FEHR. The board and
                    Kindly call or visit the shelter nearest your home for service.                                 staff deeply appreciate the Fehr’s bequest.
                      Annual $10.00    Sustaining $25.00      Contributing $50.00
                                 Benefactor $100.00     Life $500.00
                             Beeghley & Beeghley, Attorneys At Law, Counsel
                       Maillie, Falconiero & Company, Certified Public Accountants
   A copy of the official registration and financial information may be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department
    of State by calling toll free, within Pennsylvania, 1-800-732-0999. Registration does not imply endorsement.

                                 website www.montgomerycountyspca.org
                                       email mcspca@voicenet.com
                     2005 Summer Camp Program

         hese programs are presented at your camp location. Though these programs are free, we ask that you consider either
         a monetary or pet food donation. Please call (610) 825-0111 ex. 34 to schedule.

  Basic Pet Care (ages 5-8). Through visual presentation, children learn what pets need to be healthy and happy. Children
  also learn that pets depend on people to meet these needs.
  Pet Budget (ages 9 and up). Children are assigned a pet and they must determine what the pet needs. They are also given a
  budget and have to decide what they can afford. Through this, children learn the costs involved in giving proper care to a pet.
  Pet Overpopulation (ages 10 and up). Through a basic math game, students learn how quickly pets can reproduce.
  Through a discussion after the game, we reinforce why it is important that pets be spayed or neutered and also some of the
  basic myths associated with altering.
  Cat Interpretation (ages 7 and up). Through a visual presentation, children learn how to read the body language of cats.
  Dog Interpretation (ages 7 and up). Through a visual presentation, children learn how to read the body language of dogs.
  Habitat (ages 7 and up). Children learn what components are in a habitat and also how humans affect the habitat.
  **Whenever possible, a live animal will accompany the program. However, due to summer weather conditions and/or
  location this may not always be possible.
                                                                                    Kimberley Bonanni
                                                                                    Humane Educator

   Lens Results                               Conscientious Kids                           Young Entrepreneur
                                               The following children and children’s
                                            groups donated funds, pet food and
                                                                                           Writes Exec Director
                                            articles for the sheltered animals:              Late last year, executive director,
                                            Nicholas Clinton                               Carmen J. Ronio, received this wonder-
                                            Samantha, Day & Tyler DeWald                   ful letter from Gabrielle Marciano:
                                            Austin Fair
                                            Abigail Polsky                                    “Hi, my name is Gabrielle Marciano. I
                                            Saliana Rosenfield                             am nine years old and I go to Waldron
                                            Catherine Singer                               Mercy Academy.
                                                                                              Over the summer (2004) I had an idea
                                            Allison Smith
                                                                                           to raise money for charity. Soon enough,
                                                                                           we were on the boardwalk in Ocean City,
                                            Cub Scout Pack 14, Telford                     New Jersey, shopping for things to sell. We
   The audiences at The Comedy and Pet
Theatre Shows, at the Keswick Theatre in    Eisenhower Middle School Special               went to the dollar store and bought a few
Glenside, donated nearly a truckload of           Needs Class                              bags of cookies, salt water taffy and lol-
pet food for the Montgomery County          Girl Scout Troop 1604, Hatboro                 lipops.
SPCA. In front of the food are, left to     Knapp Elementary School, Mrs. Milles’             My cousin (Kara Marciano) and I
right, Ray Dyjack, Keswick Theatre,               5th grade                                were out all day selling these things for
Gregory Popovich, Star of the show, bal-    Upper Moreland Primary School,                 charity. I was very surprised when I
ancing a pet dog, and Janice DeMarco,             grades K, 1 & 2                          counted the money to find out we had
Keswick Theatre.                                                                           $63.17. I decided to choose two charities
                                            Thank you very much!                           to sponsor and give money to, and my
                                                                                           Dad decided to match the amount, so we
                                                                                           could give each charity the amount of
                                               Spay Day staff members relax after a        money we raised.
                                            busy February 12th work day. The volun-           I hope you can find a good use for the
                                            teers, left to right are: Dr. Trina Russell,   money, like for shots, food and medica-
                                            Sharon Boram, Dr. Theresa Woodard,             tions, for the animals.
                                            Dr. Marye Byrd, Mary Beth McCarthy,
                                            Tracey Woodard and Kimberley                     Sincerely,
                                            Bonanni. Thanks to each team member of           Gabrielle Marciano”
                                            this first spay day in 2005. Kim Bonanni
                                            and Dr. Woodard organized the event.             Mr. Ronio adds that he feels so fortu-
                                            Fifty cats were altered and spayed at our      nate that people of all ages help the ani-
                                            Conshohocken site.                             mals in our care.
      Montgomery County SPCA                                                                                        Non-Profit Org.

            19 E. Ridge Pike Box 222                                                                                U.S. POSTAGE
          Conshohocken, PA 19428-0222                                                                                  PAID
                                                                                                                      Permit #286

           Address Service Requested                                                                                 SEPA 19399

 In This Issue…
    HSPO Statistics
    Family Remembrances
    New “Foster” Program
    And, much more

                                                                                         THE FRONT LINE
              Fabulous Food Fest                                                                2004 HSPO Statistics

                                                                                             he large number of received com-
                                                                                             plaints illustrates the confidence

         ccording to Sarah C. Smyth and April Lownes-Hostler, Montgomery
         County SPCA board members, the 2005 Italian Food Fest was a great                   the public and our membership
                                                                                      has in our humane society police offi-
         success. Hundreds of members and friends joined in a fun-filled evening      cers. The actions taken by officers show
featuring gustatory delights including pasta, salads and desserts. Raffles and band   their dedication and resolve to alleviate
music also highlighted this third annual Winter Italian Food Festival.                suffering and to stop cruelty to animals.
  The following establishments donated their pasta specialties: Al Dente Catering           Complaints. . . . . . . . . . 718
Concepts by Tony A’s, Lenny’s Italian Deli, Pasta Via, Pizzeria Uno’s, Siggie’s             Follow up visits . . . . . . 146
Catering, Tony & Joe’s, Gypsy Saloon and Viggiano’s. Best pasta award went to               Warning notices . . . . . . . 87
Pasta Via.                                                                                  Citations . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
  All the supplemental foods were donated by the following restaurants and individ-   Montgomery County Health Department’s
uals: Casselli’s (Roxborough), Panera Bread (Conshohocken), Soncini’s Sports
Restaurant and Bar (Chalfont), Subway (Plymouth Meeting Mall), April Lownes-          2005 RABIES CLINICS
Hostler, Verna Lownes, Jeanne Clawson, Marie Ciliberto and Robin Ciliberto.            DATE PLACE
  Appreciation was also extended to Blue Chip Copying Services and to Jim and          June 4 Abington Recycling Center
Jane of Spring Mill Fire Company.                                                              Florey Lane (off Easton Rd.)
  Sarah and April again thank all of their committee members and extend their          June 11 Collegeville Community Park
gratitude to each person who attended the January fund-raiser that benefited our               4th and Park Ave.
sheltered animals.                                                                             Collegeville
                                                                                       June 18 Roth Park Pavilion across from
                                                                                               Harleysville Senior Center
                                                                                               312 Alumni Ave. (off Main Street)
                                                                                       June 25 Burnside Oakland Park
                                                                                               Burnside Ave. and Oakland Rd.
                                                                                             All from 9 AM - 11 AM
                                                                                       ANIMALS MUST BE LEASHED OR IN
                                                                                            AN APPROVED CARRIER
                                                                                         ***DOGS, CATS & FERRETS***
                                                                                                 3-YEAR SHOT
                                                                                             Montgomery County Commissioners:
    Pasta line at Winter Food Fest.       Sarah C. Smyth sells raffle tickets at               James R. Matthews Chairman,
                                          Winter Italian Food Fest.                         Thomas Kay Ellis, Esq., Ruth Damsker

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