Family Budget Assignment by derong123


									Relocation Project                                                                       Form D

                             Family Budget Worksheet
After creating a family scenario, you need to plan your possible family expenses. You can use
the house, vehicle, and family forms to gather information, as well as the websites listed below.
This information will be used to make a budget using Microsoft Excel. Use the Internet to gather
realistic figures.

Decide which expenses you will incur. This will vary from one person to another. For example,
if you choose not to have a cell phone, then you will not have a cell phone expense. Please ask
Ms. Emery if you have any questions concerning any of the expenses listed below.

              Helpful websites:

                      Payment calculator      State profiles
     Career Information    Cost to raise a child

                                      Family Expenses
           Major City of Residence
           Number in Family (you, your spouse,
                Your Occupation & Salary                                            $
                Your Spouse’s Occupation & Salary                                   $
           Home Costs
                Cost of Home
                Mortgage
                Monthly Mortgage Payment
                Home Repair Expenses
                Homeowner’s Insurance
                Property Taxes
                Personal Taxes
           Home-Related Utilities and Bills
                Phone Bills
                   o House Phone Bill
                   o Cell Phone Bill
                Electric Bill
                Water/Sewer Bill
                Fuel/Gas/Oil Utility Bills
                Garbage Bill
                Newspaper Bill
                Cable Bill
                Internet Bill
           Car-Related Bills
                Car Payment
                Car Insurance
                Car Expenses (Gas, maintenance,
           Entertainment Expenses
Relocation Project                                                                    Form D

              Movies
              Video Rentals
              Parks
              Dining Out
              Sporting Events
              Concerts
              Travel/Vacation
          Common Living Expenses
              Clothing Expenses (Clothing and
              Food Expenses (Groceries)
              Childcare Expenses (Daycare)
              Household Items (Toiletries)
          Professional Fees
              Physician
              Dentist
              Eye Care
              Veterinarian
              Hair Stylist
          Miscellaneous Expenses
              Fundraisers
              Church
              Charity
              Children’s Activities
              Birthday and Other Misc. Gifts
              Dues
              Health Club
              Postage
          Savings Account
          Vacation Account
          Tax Account

     After you have gathered all of the above information, create a spreadsheet in Microsoft
      Excel showing your budget. Your spreadsheet should contain formulas so you can plug
      in different numbers each month and accurately calculate the current month’s expenses.

     Graph your spreadsheet using a graph style that you feel best illustrates the breakdown of
      your monthly expenses. Customize your graph to look visually pleasing.

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