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					    RPGNOW’S Best Kept Secrets
       Value Book Volume 1
Gathered in this PDF is a collection of coupons from
publishers devoted to giving you the best possible
product. These products are some of the best that
RPGNow.com has to offer for the past year.

What does that mean to you? Maybe it means a rare
find that fits a need for the game tonight or maybe that
new adventure that your players least expect. Hunting
for that new game for a night of play or those great
paper miniatures that no one expects? Hidden away on
a distant planet or in the darkest dungeons are the
brightest of jewels and best of treasures.

E-products are a way to access everything from
supplemental material to complete game systems.
Have you been stuck for that new game to play with
your friends? These e-products and more can solve
that problem, either for RPGS, board games,
miniatures or more.

Armed with this coupon book you have access to these
already incredibly priced products at an even greater
value. These games will bring you and your friend’s
entertainment for pennies on the hour!

Remember, the best kept secrets are the most
valuable. So take a moment to look through this free
download and you might find a special treasure at a
great price. The coupons in this book are not available
anywhere else!
                                 The Swing: Reality Guide
        The Swing uses the highly realistic Step System, which provides a high level of detail
        throughout the game. Character Creation is focused on defining well-rounded, believable
        characters. Combat is deadly, scary and dangerous, as in real life. The freeform Magick
        system is based on the Thelemic principles of WILL and Love, derived from Aleister
        Crowley's vision of Magick as "the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity
        with Will." The system encourages players to use out-of-game "real-world" information to
        shape the game world.

        Join the Ordo Templi Orientis, the Men in Black or another real
        faction in aiding mankind along its path to enlightenment and
        evolution. Will you invent new technology, discover new drugs and
        therapies, and enjoy capitalism to its fullest? Or will you choose to     Click ‘N Save
        seek out hidden civilizations, unlock ancient secrets, and discover
        what resides inside all mankind?                                              $3.50

                                               Dress Up
        Dress Up is a card game for young girls (ages 5+). While not only is it entertaining, it is also
        designed to be educational. Dress Up teaches matching, strategy, counting and reading.
        Each girl tries to be the first one to get completely dressed. They draw cards which either
        contain an item of clothing or an action which they must perform.

        Included are a B&W and a color version of the cards and game layouts. Also there are two
        sets of rules included for two different styles of play.

        This set contains 43 cards and 4 game layouts. More cards and
        layouts will be provided with future expansions.

        RPG.net Substance: 4 (Meaty) out of 5 & GamingReport.com 4.5
        out of 5 Stars                                                            Click ‘N Save

                           Modern Character Backgrounds
        36 Modern characters to use as NPC's or as PC characters. Each character is presented with
        a full color photo and a detailed background. These character can be used in any modern
        game system or setting.

        This product is a compilation of the characters presented in three other products (12 Naturists
        Characters, 12 Mechanists Characters & 12 Neutral Characters)
        from The Swing family of products. However, these backgrounds
        are presented without any rules and can therefore be used in any
        modern setting and system.

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RPGNOW’S Best Kept Secrets Value Book Volume 1
                                   d4-d4 Main Book
Generic just got interesting! The game you want - where generic system does not mean bland!
We kill bland and take its stuff! Then get bored and take something interesting stuff! We are a
violent generic engine! This is the system Ninjas fear!

Okay, maybe we're hamming it up a bit.

d4-d4 is a roleplaying system best suited to campaigns set in modern (post-1600) or future
worlds. It's semi-generic.

A die roll of two four-sided dice, the one subtracted from the other and added to a Trait, and
compared to a Difficulty level, resolves most actions. Traits are rated with a description, so that
you can say, "Djim is an Outstanding Cook," or "Jane is a Middling Swimmer." From that, you
get a performance from Crap to Famous.

                           The system is designed to allow a range of game styles, from Hack
                           to Thesp. Not only do some Traits compliment one another - so your
                           Excellent Physics can help your Middling Engineering - but
                           personality aspects help, too. This encourages you to bring the
 Click ‘N Save             character's personality out.

     $1.75                 d4-d4. Pyramid versus pyramid, just like ancient Egypt only better.

                  Conflict, and A Person's Place In It
This is a discussion of the different aspects of conflicts, and roleplaying in them. It tells us that
killing is not an easy thing to do in reality, yet people and societies do it, because it's part of

                           Conflict makes up a significant part of the stories presented in film,
                           literature, and roleplaying games. At times, violence is presented as
                           a resolution of this conflict.

                           You're not going to be able to run adventures directly out of this. But
 Click ‘N Save             what it does do is give you some things to think about for some
     $1.00                 "realistic" roleplaying, and GMing of "realistic" game worlds.

                                  Dog Town: Core Rules
Dog Town offers the gamer the ultimate crime experience, 289 pages of pure punk role-
playing in a completely non-linear, fully realized Grand Theft Auto style gaming environment
themed with over a 100 quality illustrations and ten criminal types, from lowly runners to feared
                         enforcers. Fast and funky with an attention to the detail of crime and
                         sounds of the street, the ghetto lives and breathes with its own
                         violent and cruel rhythm. Action is powered by the gore packed Split
                         System, and is largely player driven, with moves made against this
                         desperate backdrop, and around all the other punks, gangsters and
                         whackos that are out there hustling and terrorizing like the players.
  Click ‘N Save          In the world of crime it's dog eat dog.

          RPGNOW’S Best Kept Secrets Value Book Volume 1
               Undiscovered Quests & Adventures, Issue #4
        This 88 page e-zine provides you with a 2-part adventure, a series of tips on how to improve
        your dungeon crawl adventures, demographics and map of the village of Tump, details on a
        Dwarven Kingdom, and more.

        Although this e-zine is designed for use with Undiscovered, many items such as the village
        demographics, a list of rumours and adventure seeds, and the 2-part adventure can easily be
        adapted to fit into other fantasy games.

        Undiscovered Q&A supplies the reader with useful details on new
        objects, enchantments, and settings for use in game play. It also
        offers fresh story arcs, original character concepts, and optional
        rules for fleshing out adventures in dwarven territory or elsewhere.
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        “Enough detail and adventure hooks to keep players busy for                  $1.75
        a year.” --GamingReport.com

                       Pegasus 29 - Olympus Class Station
        Pegasus 29, trading post, resupply station, home.... Whether you are looking for an
        adventure setting, a base of operations or a mix of both, Pegasus 29 offers a range of
        challenges and opportunities.

        With over 285 pages of 25mm scale deckplans, complete
        background and d20 Future stats, a set of modified ship
        construction rules for space stations and a bonus fighter. This
        product represents huge value for money, and with a further $2
        discount shouldn't be missed.
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                            Master Plan: Inns and Taverns
        As you enter the gloomy taproom, all conversation dies and suspicious eyes turn to look
        your way. A fire burns in the hearth and with the flickering torchlight you sense the presence
        of other unseen persons in the shadows.

        Master Plan: Inns and Taverns is a collection of Eight taverns in 25mm scale including
        tables, bar, bedchambers, kitchens, stables, cellars and more.
        Each Inn is rendered in full colour, with and without lighting effects.

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RPGNOW’S Best Kept Secrets Value Book Volume 1
                                Hero's Handbook
This top selling d20 supplement offers hundreds of new ideas and options to enhance your
d20 fantasy game. The Hero's Handbook is packed with new alchemical creations, magic
items, spells, feats and much more! Featuring piece-mail armor, magical beds, alchemical
pills, and an appendix with even more material that didn't fit in the other chapters, this
supplement is guaranteed to take you game to new levels.

The Hero's Handbook is packed with enhancements and options for high-fantasy heroes. It
                       contains over 120 new feats, more than 80 new magic items, 12
                       new prestige classes, 80 new spells and dozens of new inventions
                       of alchemy and craftsmanship. It also features an appendix of bonus
                       material that didn't fit in the other chapters, including a new race and
                       a new class. From sinister weapons and gemstone-plated armor to
 Click ‘N Save         magical beds and crushing arcana, the Hero’s Handbook is
      $5.00            essential for any spell-wielding, sword-brandishing band of heroes!

                         Hell on Earth (1939-1945)
Containing everything you need to take your d20 Modern game back to the days of WWII, this
top selling supplement from Bloodstone Press continues to receive high praise from

Troy-"Wow is this a great D20 product..."

                          Fernando-"Very good product for WWII gamers…”

                          Whether you want to storm the beaches of Normandy, slog through
                          the jungles of Burma, or fight for the streets of Krakow, Hell on Earth
 Click ‘N Save

                                  22 Talent Trees
 Bloodstone's all time best selling title, 22 Talent Trees is an essential addition to any d20
Modern game. After one look at these talents, you'll wonder how you ever played a modern
game without them. Featuring impressive talents like Offensive Driving and Mighty Hurling,
                         this supplement will bring far more diversity to your game than any
                         collection of prestige classes could.

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          RPGNOW’S Best Kept Secrets Value Book Volume 1
                                          Roma Imperious
        Roma Imperious is the world of a fantastic alternate Rome as it looks out on the other
        cultures that surround and interact with it. Want to play a Norse explorer in Ommerike in the
        west? A Roman artificer in search of the secrets of the Jade Empire? An Taoist monk fighting
        insurgents from the Kushan Empire? Now it is all possible. This 336 page book includes a
        detailed map of the Empire and surrounding kingdoms. It is fully
        indexed, cross-referenced and hyper-linked. It also is split into a
        clearly marked Setting section and System section allowing you to
        print what you want.

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                                             Imperial War
         If you are a fan of Risk or War then you will love Imperial War!

         This game is part of our 52-Card Games line. In it you play an Imperator hopeful in the
         struggle to be control the provinces of the Roman Empire. Using a standard poker deck, you
         can play against upto three other players using the classic War
         mechanic from your youth. But it is not that simple. The map has a
         number of barbarian territories that can be used to attack your
         foes, the Whims of the Gods can alter the flow of play and
         resource management of your legions can make all the difference.
         More than War, Imperial War is still a quick an easy to learn.        Click ‘N Save

                                            House of Vega
        The year is 1937 and a clash of communism and fascism is taking place in the Spanish
        country side. With this as a back drop, Altoyo de la Vega is attempting to recover ancient
        treasures. On the surface a benevolent land owner but what monster lies beneath? Pledge
        your Shades of Earth characters against the chaos that whirls through Spain.

        House of Vega is our first supplement to Shades of Earth and is set
        in the Spanish Civil War. It has a complete adventure, new classes,
        new spells, organizations and foes. This is more a rules expansion
        combined with a mini-setting.
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RPGNOW’S Best Kept Secrets Value Book Volume 1
                         "Bits of Darkness" Bundle
Bring new life to all your dark places with the "Bits of Darkness" Bundle. It includes both "Bits
of Darkness: Dungeons" and "Bits of Darkness: Caverns," totalling over 220 shadowy
descriptions to energize your adventures. Each of the two products includes 100 of the
descriptions in index-card format, for easy use by the GM during game play. Bonus material is
                            also included, such as an article on fantasy caving, two new
                            Swarms, and a handful of descriptions of catacombs, just in case.
                            The descriptions are written to be of use to both experienced and
                            inexperienced Game Masters, particularly those who (for whatever
                            reason) find themselves short on time or creativity. This is an "on
   Click ‘N Save            the go" product. Buy it today, play it tonight!

        Wondrous Lands – Nexelan Island Necropolis
Nexelan: Island Necropolis, once the undersea capital of the imperialistic dypsinoan
civilization is now an island of the dead. Long ago a cataclysmic eruption of the doomed
islands volcano exploded and the whole seabed was lifted by the seismic activity. The great
city of the dypsinoans was devastated and the race doomed to roam their ruined city as

                          With danger and reward for a range of party levels there are stories
                          and challenges enough to keep players coming back to Nexelan
                          time and again.

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          RPGNOW’S Best Kept Secrets Value Book Volume 1