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20 secrets for living an optimum life by jdo13922


									20 secrets for living an optimum life:

   1. Strive to always remain optimistic - look on the brighter side of things
   2. Respect and treat others the way you would like to be respected and
       treated. Be caring, considerate and empathic to others
   3. No matter what, make your health care a top priority. Always nourish your
       emotional, physical and spiritual well-being
   4. Value education, not only formal education but informal as well. Read lots,
       be a good listener and attain knowledge
   5. Each day, make time for prayer and forever seek God’s guidance. Take
       nothing for granted and maintain a grateful heart…
   6. Pay homage to your ancestors and remember to respect elders. Also,
       never get too busy to spend time with the elders in your life.
   7. Constantly discover ways for self-improvement. Exercise self-discipline,
       determination and appropriateness.
   8. Be a visionary - live your dreams. Choose Faith over Fear
   9. Avoid toxic and negative people. Surround yourself with people who are
       hopeful, positive and possess a renewing spirit.
   10. Maintain a “light-heart,” for laughter is good for the soul and humor is
   11. Respect Mother Earth and do your part to preserve her beauty
   12. Be charitable - share your time, wisdom and material possessions with
       those who are in need. Take time to give back to your community
   13. Employ integrity, courage, atonement and love throughout your entire life.
       Remember to seek an understanding
   14. Explore your creativity - sing, paint, sew, draw, dance, compose, design
       etc., etc.
   15. Be humble and be careful not to demonstrated arrogance and false pride
   16. Don’t allow anyone to take the “J” from your Joy
   17. Seek the wisdom of others and keep an open mind and heart
   18. Balance the use of technology in your life - take time out from all of the
       electronic gadgetry
   19. Find ways to help others in their quest for freedom, justice and equality
   20. Lastly, always give your Mom and Dad the respect they deserve.
       Constantly show and express your love to them. Never forget that you
       were created through love. Make every effort to establish and maintain a
       healthy and nurturing relationship with them.

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