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									    9 Secrets to Sell Your House
      For More in ANY Market
                         Table of Contents

              Introduction                                                 p6

              9 Creative Ways to Sell a House                              p7

Part 1: 9 Secrets to Sell Your House
        For More in ANY Market...                                          p9

Secret # 1:   How to Prepare Your House for
              Marketing Success                                            p10

              What is marketing?
              Prepare for Your Target Buyer to Buy
              Two Underutilised Secrets Guaranteed to Give Your Property THE
              Fresh is Best
              Know Your Competition
              To Auction or Not to Auction
              How to Turn Tenants into Your House Selling Partners

Secret # 2:   How to Attract the Right Buyer through Effective
              Target Marketing                          p15

              Who Will Buy?
              Where Are They?
              How to Reach Them Most Effectively

Secret # 3:   How to Market Your House for
              Maximum Response                                             p18

              Emotional Photography
              Internet Inspections – The Power of House Xperience Videos
              The Sign on the Outside is a Sign of the Inside
              Captivating Copy
              IMPACT Advertising
              Interactive Floor Plans
              Free Newspaper Editorials
              Advertising Does Not Work??

Secret # 4:   Selling Emotions vs Selling Facts -
              Delivery is Everything!                                   P24

              Words at Work
              Exploit the Unique – Marketing With a Twist

Secret # 5:   Where to Market Your House for
              Maximum Response                                          p28

              Real Estate Websites
              Local Letterbox Drops
              Database Marketing
              Office Window Display Cards

Secret # 6:   How to Price Your House for Hungry “Today”
              Buyers                                  p30

              Today Buyers vs Tomorrow Buyers
              The 7 Pitfalls of Overpricing Your House
              How to Determine True Market Value
              What are the Buyers Saying?

Secret # 7:   How to Select the Right Real Estate Marketing
              Agent                                      p32

              The 8 “P”s to Look for When Selecting a Real Estate Marketing
              Would You Buy From Them?
              What to do if Your House Doesn’t Sell
              Should We Open List our House or Market it With an Exclusive Agent?
              Beware of Free Advertising
Secret # 8:     Negotiate for Win/Win                           p37

                How to Negotiate for Win/Win

Secret # 9:     Your SOLD Focus                                 p40

                What do You Want?
                Start Packing!
                Crucial Questions Before Listing Your House

Part 2: The Inside Story:
        Agent Reveals All
                It WILL Sell                                    p45
                What Now?
                Stepping Out: Where to Begin

                About Matt Adams                                p48

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Bonus CHAPTER:       21 Sources of Cash To Sell Your House

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                     Value Using Loose Change

Bonus Report # 2:    Selling in Season: The Subtle Changes To
                     Sell Your House In Any Season

Bonus Report # 3:    What To Do 48 House Before Your First Open

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