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									COMPACT II, INC.

About @RealtyConnect
@RealtyConnect is an Internet and Intranet customizable package for any Association of REALTORS® . The entire
package is customized to capture the style and culture of your association. @RealtyConnect is a combination of
software and services bundled into a product.. For more information concerning @RealtyConnect, please contact
Mari-Ann Taylor, phone 803-548-1083 or via email at MAT@compact2.com.

Listed below are the key features for this product.

                                        This section describes the public portion of the web site.


Key Features                                       Consumer Information                               Contact Us Page
     •     Cover Page                              This area provides information to the public on    A email form is provided for site visitors to
     •     Association Information                 buying and selling a home. An explanation of       request information from the association.
     •     Area Information                        the forms involved in a real estate transaction
     •     Consumer Information                    may be included in this section. Other             Advertising Information
     •     Members Search                          information may be explanations of the             A page is included to give potential site
     •     Mortgage Information                    different types of housing, and what to look for   advertisers information on the types and cost
     •     MLS Listings                            when buying a home.                                of ads on the site.
     •     Contact Us
                                                   Members Search                                     MLS Listings
     •     Advertising Information
                                                   This section is divided into 4 areas for the       All Association MLS listings are uploaded on a
                                                   visitor to search for members.                     daily basis to the web site. Visitors are able to
Cover Page
                                                                                                      search the listings by MLS #, type of property,
An attractive entrance to the web site which
                                                        • The Firm Directory contains all the         area, price range, number of bedrooms,
contains a brief description of the site.
                                                          member Real Estate firms.                   number of baths, and garage options.
Association Information
                                                        • The Agent Directory contains all            The display results page includes a picture of
This page contains pertinent information about
                                                          the member Real Estate Agents.              the property, along with all pertinent
the association including address, phone
                                                                                                      information such as price, address, bedrooms,
numbers, email addresses, staff members and             • The Affiliates/Associate Directory          baths, square feet, year built, subdivision and
a brief history of the organization.                      contains all the non real estate            description of property. The listing agent and
                                                          companies and individuals who are           firm are listed with the email address and URL
Area Information
                                                          members.                                    for the agent if available.
This page contains important information
about the area(s) serviced by the association.          • The Category Directory allows you           A map showing where the property is located
Items that may be included on this page are               to search for an all member                 is available in a pop-up window. A printable
amenities in the area, nearby tourist                     companies by type of business.              flyer is also available in a pop-up window,
attractions, recreational activities, sports,
                                                                                                      suitable for printing from the web. Extra
cultural arts, entertainment. Education            Mortgage Information
                                                                                                      pictures, if available, also pull up a pop-up
opportunities with links to the local schools      This area may provide information to the
                                                                                                      window for review.
may also be included.                              public on common mortgage terms, and a
                                                   mortgage calculator for calculating house          The package also has a preferred listing cart
                                                   payments. An explanation of Mortgage Terms         where visitors can place property that they are
                                                   may be included.                                   interested in for future review. Listings are
                                                                                                      shown in groups of 10 with easy navigation
                                                                                                      between pages. (Information displayed is
                                                                                                      dependent upon the MLS database)


MEMBERS ONLY                                                                                       RETURN ON INVESTMENT

Key Features                                    Tech Tips                                          Key Factors
     •    Secure login to “Members              This page contains technical tips for the               •     Reduce Printing Cost
          Only” area                            association members. These Tips could                   •     Reduce Postage Cost
     •    Cover Page                            computer requirements for the MLS system,               •     Reduce Staff Time
     •    Late Breaking News                    Digital camera recommendations, computer                •     Advertising Revenue
     •    Calendar of Events                    virus information, backup tips, and other               •     Enhanced Services for Members
     •    Important Documents                   miscellaneous tips. The information for this            •     Increased Visibility for Association
     •    Tech Tips                             page would be supplied by the association                     and Members
     •    Discussion Forums                     staff or an association committee.
     •    Committee Reports                                                                        Reduce Printing Cost
     •    Current Officers                      Discussion Forum                                   By providing all MLS Listings on the Internet
     •    Recent Activities                     This area contains an unlimited number of          Site, MLS Book printing can be reduced or
     •    Links to other important              discussion topics that the members and the         eliminated completely. Important forms can
          sites                                 staff can utilize. The association staff can       be printed from the Internet by the members
                                                utilize this area to post information for          instead of having the Association providing
Cover Page                                      members. Open houses can be posted as              forms.
The “Members Only” cover page has a quick       well as open discussion topics. This will allow
link to the Late Breaking News page, which      members and staff to easily exchange ideas,        Reduce Postage Cost
indicates the events coming up in the next 7    common problems and upcoming regulations           The Members Only section can provide news,
days and has links and a brief explanation of   and laws.                                          upcoming events, and other types of
all the sections.                                                                                  information that usually requires a mailing
                                                Committee Reports                                  from the Association.
Late Breaking News                              This page contains the latest minutes from the
This page contains important late breaking      board and all the associations committees. A       Reduce Staff Time
news for association members. This              selected number of minutes may be retained         By eliminating a significant amount of printing,
information is maintained by the association    on the site for review.                            stuffing and mailing of information to
staff via a secure login to the Intranet                                                           members, the Staff will have more time for
maintenance area.                               Current Officers                                   other duties.
                                                This page contains the current officers of the
Calendar of Events                              association with their pertinent information       Advertising Revenue
This page contains a view of all events         listed.                                            The Association web site provides excellent
scheduled for the current month. Members                                                           advertising opportunities for real estate
can scroll forward or backwards month by        Recent Events                                      businesses. The selling of banner and box
month to view previous and upcoming events.     This page contains information and pictures        ads on the web site can generate revenue for
This information is maintained by the           from the recent activities of the association. A   the association.
association staff via a secure login to the     selected number of events may be retained
                                                on the site for review.                            Enhanced Services for Members
Intranet maintenance area.
                                                                                                   The web site and the “Members Only”Intranet
Important Documents                             Links to other Important Sites                     section provide a variety of benefits for the
This page contains important documents for      This page links to other sites that contain        members. This increased level of service can
the association members. These documents        helpful information for the association            increase membership and improve the
could include MLS Rules and Regulations,        members.                                           satisfaction of current members.
MLS Forms, membership applications,
                                                                                                   Increased Visibility for Association
Nomination Forms and other miscellaneous
                                                                                                   and Members
forms. Forms are available using the Adobe
                                                                                                   The web site with all the MLS listings will drive
Acrobat Reader.
                                                                                                   a large amount of traffic to the site. This
                                                                                                   increased traffic will give the association and
                                                                                                   the members the opportunity to increase their
                                                                                                   business opportunities.

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