Five top Johannesburg stylists – and their clients – by jdo13922



                                         Cutting it
                                             Five top Johannesburg stylists
                                             – and their clients – share the
                                             secrets of their success, and
                                             give us the heads up on how
                                             to wear the top trends for 2008.
                                             By Marianne Campbell. Photographs by Patrick Tosselli.

                                             Cr e at i n g a m oo d
                                             The stylist: David Gilson of Carlton Hair. ‘I look at the way a woman
                                             dresses and add that to the mix once I’ve chatted to her about lifestyle, work,
                                             career, travel – something I do in order to understand her specific needs. Hair
                                             should be an accessory that flatters but should also be easy to manage. Of course,
                                             fashion is an influence but I use the latest trends only as inspiration. The shape of
                                             the face and the texture of the skin determine the way I cut. Age is fast becoming
                                             less of a factor and gorgeous Sandra proves that. Don’t get stuck in what you think
                                             works for older women.Very often something less traditional looks really great.’

                                             The client: Sandra Hirshcowitz, 60. ‘I’m not scared to try different styles –
                                             I even have pink in my hair! I give David free rein – after all, your hair will always
                                             grow back and you can change the colour. But what I love is that David also takes
                                             what I say into consideration.’

                                             Setting the trend. ‘There’s a strong move towards colour at the moment,’
                                             says David. ‘I make colour work for more mature women by using “smudging”
                                             techniques, which create a natural progression of colour. It’s not about using
                                             individual colours, which can look hard on a 40-plus face, but about creating a
                                             mood. Sandra has five colours in her hair but the effect is rather muted, which is
                                             why it remains flattering. Blonde, in particular, is big right now – everything from
                                             champagne to bottle blonde – and here smudging works brilliantly. The bob is also
                                             in vogue but I prefer to give it a little more length and to texture the cut so that it
                                             will soften the features.’

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FaC i li tat i n g a n d e n h a n C i n g                                                                                                           S h a r i n g e x pe rt i S e
The stylist: Shelene Shaer of Tanaz Hair Body and Nails.                      ‘I travel a lot and visit many international salons but here the       The stylist: Clinton Valjeaux of Jeauval Hairdressing.                      The client: Colette Di Iorio, 42. ‘I feel more confident when
‘A good cut is essential – everything follows from there. It means            environment is very real – it’s like entering a comfort zone.’         ‘My job is to share my expertise. After all, that is why a client           Clinton does my hair. I leave the salon feeling inspired.’
less time is spent at the salon and it makes styling at home easier.                                                                                 comes to the salon. Sharing knowledge on cuts, trends, colour
I chat to a client about her lifestyle, needs and career and work             Setting the trend. ‘The bob is still very fashionable and an           and condition is all part of the job. I even find myself giving             Setting the trend. ‘Bold colour is on the cards for 2008,’ says
within those parameters, and with the type and texture of her                 increasing variety of the style is emerging,’ explains Shelene. ‘The   advice on make-up because it’s all part of the aesthetic package.           Clinton. ‘I like to introduce it subtly by adding sections of colour
hair, to make sure she gets the best cut. I don’t believe in telling          question is, does the bob suit everybody? I honestly believe that      Working with older women is wonderful because they are a lot                to the underlying layers. This way regrowth is not obvious and
women what to do. At this age, women are more specific about                  you can wear any hairstyle you choose. It’s up to the stylist to       more self-accepting, which means you can achieve much more.                 you’re still able to have fun with the latest in fashion colour
what they like. My role is to work with what they want. I see it              make it work with the shape of your face and your overall image.       All they really want is that the style you create for them makes            statements. Blonde is big right now. Anybody can be blonde, but
as facilitating, enhancing and encouraging. If you get too extreme            On a rounder face, you need to create an angular bob to draw           them look beautiful. I use fashion as a guideline only – I prefer           the right tone should be used on a mature face to keep it from
you might lose a client. Often just a minimal change is required              attention away from the fullness of the face. A side parting also      to create a hairstyle that makes the most of the client’s attributes.       looking hard – warmer tones flatter mature skin the most. The
to please a client and to make her feel more confident.’                      helps in this regard. Longer faces should avoid a blunt-cut bob.       I think women often cut their hair too short once they get to               bob is big news. It’s a great style for the 40-plus woman because
                                                                              Layering and shattering the edges creates movement and fluffy          their forties – they almost think it’s expected of them. I couldn’t         it’s versatile and is a great tool for enhancing the silhouette. The
The client: Dr Linda Friedland, 43. ‘What I love about                        ends soften the contours of the face, especially when there is         disagree more.You can wear your hair as long as you like if it              way you shape it can extend the length of the neck or do wonders
Tanaz is that the salon is not intimidating,’ says Linda (above left).        a square or strong jawline.’                                           suits you and makes you feel comfortable with yourself.’                    to hide a double chin. Best of all, it needs very little maintenance.’

                                                           F E M I N A   86   J A N U A R Y   0 8                                                                                                                 F E M I N A   87   J A N U A R Y   0 8

pu S h i n g th e bo u n da r i e S                                                                                                                                        Co m ple m e n t i n g S k i n to n e
The stylist: Terence of Terenzo Hairdressing. ‘Women                        everything should work together – clothes, personality and                                     The stylist: Sarieta Pillman of Gary Rom Hairdressing.                       The client: Sarie Meintjies, 54. ‘Changing my hair colour
over 40 often think they need to change their hairstyle simply              hairstyle – and he understands that. I’ve been coming to Terenzo                               ‘Colour is very important, especially as grey hair becomes more              has really changed my appearance,’ says Sarie (above left). ‘I’ve
because they’re older. But a suitable cut is not about age, it’s            for almost 10 years and love the pampering I get here. I like                                  of an issue.Your hair colour must complement your skin tone.                 had many compliments and I don’t stress about the grey that
about attitude. Women these days are doing amazing things at                what Terence does with my hair – it’s funky and playful.’                                      Bad colour makes you look dull and washed out – you notice                   much anymore. I think I look 10 years younger!’
40 and there’s no reason why they shouldn’t have the latest                                                                                                                bad colour long before you notice a bad cut. Gentler, paler
hairstyle if I can make it work on them. A woman’s hair should              Setting the trend. ‘The bob is big right now,’ says Terence,                                   shades are definitely more suitable for the mature woman. Skin               Setting the trend. ‘I believe in adapting trends so that they
suit her personality and the way she dresses. And at this age, she          ‘but I don’t think a “perfect” bob suits more mature women.                                    analysis should form part of a consultation package. I drape silver          work for the individual,’ says Sarieta. ‘I cut Sarie’s hair into what
knows who she is and what she wants. There are times that I                 The lines are too harsh. I use the bob as a base, then soften                                  and gold shawls on clients to identify which shades will enhance             started out as a bob, then layered and textured it to make it
push the boundaries a little and this often inspires a client to            it with a diagonal fringe or some layering around the crown,                                   their complexion. I decide on something that is fashionable, then            softer and more flattering. I always look at the shape of a client’s
                                                                            depending on the shape of the client’s face. I also soften the
                                                                                                                                                  Make-uP Melody Cokayne

explore new avenues in the way she lives and dresses.’                                                                                                                     adapt it to suit the client. Colouring also bulks up the hair shaft,         face and focus on its best features, then decide on a cut that I
                                                                            baseline by using a technique called slide cutting. I have clients                             which gives hair more volume and makes it easier to manage. I                think will best suit her. Cutting a shattered fringe frames the
The client: Leandra Roelofsz, 42. ‘What I enjoy most                        in their sixties who love the layered bobs I do for them. It’s easy                            prefer to stick to medium-length hair on more mature women.                  eyes, while soft layers cradle the cheekbones. Blunt cuts are out
about Terence is that he takes your personality and style into              to style and adds a fresh, modern feel that doesn’t leave them                                 If hair is too long, it can “drag” the features down and make the            – more feathery styles are best because they soften the features
consideration when deciding on a hairstyle for you. I think                 feeling or looking like mutton dressed as lamb.’                                               face appear hard. If it’s too short, it can be too severe.’                  and help to make thin or thinning hair appear much thicker.’ ¢    F

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