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									                                                                                                             NUMBER 1 FALL 2005

Discover the nutritional                                 Pesto Ribbons with
secrets of soy.                                          Sun-Dried Tomatoes
                                                         Serves 4 – 6
The soybean contains plenty of nutrition inside a        Sunny Mediterranean flavor,
very small package. Soy is the only plant food           with an extra nutritional boost.
that is a complete protein, meaning it contains          1 pound   fresh Nasoya® Japanese Noodles or Azumaya® Wide Cut Noodles
all the essential amino acids that the body can’t        1c        chopped or whole sun-dried tomatoes packed in oil
produce. But it has none of the drawbacks of             1/2 c     pine nuts
                                                         1/3 c     packed fresh basil
high-protein, high cholesterol animal foods like         1/2 tsp   salt
dairy, eggs and meat.                                    1/3 c     Nasoya® or Azumaya® Silken Tofu

The benefits of soy foods are many:
According to the Food and Drug
Administration and the American Heart
Association, 25 grams of soy protein per
day may reduce the risk of heart disease.
Soy has no cholesterol, little saturated fat,
and provides important omega-3 and
omega-6 fatty acids. It is rich in vitamins,
minerals and antioxidants.
Soy may reduce the risk of breast, prostate
                                                                                                                Per Serving:
and certain other cancers. Natural
                                                                                                                381     Calories
isoflavones found in soybeans may reduce
                                                         Cook pasta according to package directions.            9g      Fat
the frequency and intensity of hot flashes in            Rinse, drain and set aside.
                                                                                                                0mg     Cholesterol
                                                                                                                62g     Carbohydrate
menopausal women.                                        Strain the sun-dried tomatoes, separating              3g      Fiber
                                                                                                                14g     Protein
A good calcium source, fortified soymilk is an           the tomatoes from the oil (reserving both).            233mg   Sodium

excellent choice for the lactose-intolerant.             If necessary, add olive oil to the liquid to
                                                         make 1/4 cup of oil. If using whole tomatoes, cut them into
Soy is versatile, so it’s easy to bring those benefits   bite-sized pieces.
to your family in the form of delicious, easy to         Put the pine nuts, basil and salt into a food processor, and
enjoy foods. Try the recipe we’ve included here, or      blend until combined. Add the reserved oil from the sun-dried
visit for more great ideas.          tomatoes, and continue blending until the mixture forms a
                                                         paste. Add the silken tofu and blend until combined.
                                                         Toss the cooked pasta with the pesto sauce in a large bowl,
                                                         and then gently stir in the reserved sun-dried tomatoes.
                                                         Serve warm or chilled.

              Vitasoy uses the most nutritious ingredients found in nature to create delicious,
                         all-natural products to help families improve their health.
Soy Tips                                              Ask the nutritionist.
                                                      How much soy do I need to eat?
Maribeth Abrams, noted chef and author
                                                      A serving a day of soy is a great place to start. The FDA
of the forthcoming cookbook Tofu 1-2-3
                                                      and American Heart Association agree that 25 grams of soy
(Wiley Publishing) provides these tips:               protein per day, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and
                                                      cholesterol, may reduce the risk of heart disease. An 8-ounce
> Try silken tofu and soft tofu in smoothies or       serving of Classic Original Organic Soymilk contains 8 grams
  cream pies to provide a super protein boost.        of soy protein; four ounces of Nasoya tofu contain 10 grams.

> When sautéing or stir-frying, firm or extra-        How can I incorporate soy into my diet?
  firm tofu works best.                               Many people first try soy in the form of soymilk, as it can
                                                      be substituted for dairy milk on cereal or in recipes – and
> Stir tiny cubes of tofu into soups, stews and
                                                      comes in assorted flavors. Tofu comes in a variety of tex-
  casseroles.                                         tures that can be substituted for meat or cheese in many
> Try adding a thin layer of mashed tofu to           dishes. Try the recipe shown in this newsletter or visit
  your favorite lasagne recipe.              for many more.
> Rinse and pat-dry your tofu                                                I’m supposed to watch my
  (wrap it in a clean dish                                                   salt. Can I eat soy?
  towel and squeeze) before                                                  Absolutely. Many varieties of Nasoya
  use – except when using                                                    Tofu contain no sodium at all. Just
  silken tofu.                                                               be sure that the flavorings you use
                                                                             do not add too much sodium.
> To store uncooked tofu,
                                                                             (Soy sauce is a common ingredient
  cover it with water and seal
                                                                             in stir-fries: choose a low-sodium
  in an airtight container.                                                  variety, and use it sparingly.)
  Change the water daily.
                                                                             I’m trying to lose weight.
> Freezing tofu will give it a                                               Is soy a good choice for me?
  chewier texture.
                                                                             Soy foods offer many nutritional
                                                                             benefits. Soy is an excellent source
                                                                             of both protein and fiber, both of
       Enjoy                                                                 which help you to feel full longer,
 “Healthy Flavors”                                                           and may discourage you from
                                                                             reaching for something else to eat.
     on PBS.
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The host of PBS’s Flavors of
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