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					Unsafe at any Speed
7 Dirty Secrets of the Security Industry
Barbara Bancroft
                      On Tuesday September 22 the IEEE NH Computer Society
                      Chapter kicked off its new season of seminars with a
                      captivating talk by Joshua Corman about security.

                      Joshua Corman serves as Principal Security Strategist for
                      IBM Internet Security Systems. With more than a decade in
                      security and networking software, Corman is responsible
                      for driving the strategy for emerging technologies including
                      secure virtualization and secure cloud computing.
                      NetworkWorld magazine recently chose to recognize
                      Corman as a top 10 influencer of IT for 2009.

Corman is a highly coveted speaker and has spoken at
leading industry events such as RSA, Interop, ISACA,
Computerworld, InfoSec, and IT Security World. He is
well-known for his candor and brings a rare balance of
deep technical acumen, business context, and the ability
to communicate in accessible ways. Striving to educate
and challenge the industry, his thought leadership
includes 7 Dirty Secrets of the Security Industry and the
Evolving Threat education and awareness campaign.
Previously, Corman was in product development at vCIS        Joshua Corman
Technology, Inc. and IBM Internet Security Systems
acquired the company in 2002 for its preemptive behavioral inspection

Corman received a bachelor’s degree in philosophy, Phi Beta Kappa, Summa
Cum Laude, from the University of New Hampshire. He lives with his wife
and two daughters in New Hampshire.

                                   Students and Visitors

In his talk Corman describes how security has moved beyond antivirus
software. The days when, breaking into a computer and damaging files or
accessing the computer was the extent of malware, are over. The complexity
of security related issues has increased multifold. Today this is a multimillion
dollar industry. Profits are huge and with the money came huge risks. The
Internet opened the door to international attacks from other countries. The
issues are no longer limited to technical, but there are financial, legal and
social implications.

           IEEE Student Branch representatives presenting commemorative certificate

As always lunch was included. After the presentation students and visitors
gathered over desert to discuss the topic in a one on one setting. Students
had many questions and Joshua Corman kept a lively discussion going. He
answered many questions and prompted students to explore the topic in

      Joshua Corman, Matty Jones, James Lavoie, Steven Smith and Bob Marceau discussing
                                security after the presentation