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									                             continuing advancement for the premier coaches of today
Volume I, Issue V                                                                                                                                                         December 2009

                                                                                                                         Raychelle Ellsworth
                                                                                                                     Assoc. Director Strength & Conditioning
                                                                                                                                Texas A & M

            LEADERSHIP 101                      Having been in this profession for 16+ years, I have from time to time been asked by other females in this profession for advice for
                                                surviving and flourishing in a male dominated profession. I would say that I tend to get variations of 2 questions which I will address here.
                                                The 1st one is How do I get taken seriously as a Strength & Conditioning coach? A lot of young women feel like they are hired solely
    Developing into a powerful leader is
                                                because they are women and are filling a quota and once filled they are basically left alone and feel isolated. Being hired to fill a quota is
dependent on the quality and value of choice
                                                probably pretty accurate, however that does not mean you don’t bring value to their program. My approach has been “sure, you can hire
making. What you seek to achieve in life
                                                me because I have ovaries, but I bet your gonna try and do everything to keep me because I’ll be one of the best coaches you have on
depends on who you already are and who
                                                your staff.”
you already are depends on the years of
practicing self-discipline. These two factors   As females, we do have an advantage getting that 1st full-time job because we do fill a niche; however what you do once you get your foot
affect the integrity of any choice you will     in the door is up to you. They don’t owe you anything towards your development other than making sure you have the same opportunities
make. But the key to making the best choice     to attend professional development events like the rest of the staff. It is up to you and only you to make yourself into a great coach. My
for development is having the ability to        best advice is to train yourself like you are passionate about this field. Your own body is the best experiment….try different training
understand the consequences of the choices      techniques on yourself and evaluate if you feel it could be beneficial to your athletes. An added benefit is when athletes (and coaches)
made.                                           see you busting your tail in the weight room day in and day out, they will know that you are serious about what you do and their level of
                                                respect for you will be heightened. Reach out to others on staff to initiate talk about training rather than waiting for them to invite you to
   Take the Washington Post Test,
                                                join a conversation. There are also a lot of very good female coaches out in the field. Try joining the CSCCa female network group on
popularized by the U.S. Military. If you are
                                                Yahoo to ask for advice if you don’t feel that your staff is willing to engage you in training talk.
faced in an ethical dilemma, then simply ask
yourself what you would do if you knew that
your actions would make the front page of       Expect to be treated like every other member of the staff. If they are meeting up at the weight room to move equipment, make sure you
tomorrow’s Washington Post? Would your          are there ready to go. I like to think of it as having a “M.B.A.”, a mop bucket attitude, the willingness to help no matter what the job. By
family be proud of the person you have been     the way, I recommend all these things to all young coaches regardless of gender who are looking to be taken seriously. The last
showcased as? Would your athletes               comment I have on this topic is dress and act professionally both at work and when at a convention. The short and sweet version of this
acknowledge your contributions to their         is just make sure that you aren’t sending the wrong message to the athletes or your staff at your institution or to other coaches when out
development?                                    at the convention.
   In order to lead others, you must be able    The second question I get a lot is how do I deal with the glass ceiling? This question is hard to answer because every situation is
to lead yourself and MODEL THE WAY.             different. As a female, it is probably easier getting that 1st full-time job, however opportunities for advancement seem to be limited. Some
       There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure. - Colin Powell
                            continuing advancement for the premier coaches of today
Volume I, Issue V                                                                                                                                                       December 2009

                                                advancement is available, but to pull the big salaries associated with being the director of a program and in charge of football or even a
                                                top level football assistant, well that doesn’t seem very doable in today’s coaching climate. What Meg Stone was able to accomplish was
                                                incredible, both on her part and on the part of the football coach who was willing to take a gamble. With the money tied up in big time
                                                college football these days, I doubt we will see that again.

                                                That being said, there are still worthwhile opportunities out there to be had. There are several women in charge of football at smaller
                                                programs, some in charge of men’s basketball, etc. I think it comes down to what you consider makes you a success……I don’t think
                                                many of us got into this profession to become rich, but rather to do something we truly love and to impact positively on young men and
          BOOK OF THE MONTH                     women’s lives. If your goal is to make the big money or be a high profile strength coach, then my advice would be to go for it. Just
            The Tipping Point                   because it hasn’t been done recently doesn’t mean it won’t ever happen again. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and start networking
           By Malcolm Gladwell                  and get after it.
      Have you ever wondered how a
message can be so riveting and change the                                                                                    Andrew Althoff
                                                                                                                        Asst. Director of Olympic Sports
culture of an organization so quickly? Do you
                                                                                                                              Athletic Performance
ever ask yourself when and how something
changed without notice? In The Tipping                                                                                       Baylor University
Point, Malcolm Gladwell presents an in-
depth analysis of one of the most precise       Having a solid internship and/or graduate assistant program is an integral part of any athletic performance department. The participant will
moments in how society works. Through           gain experience with your department, as well as, earn your references if a good job is done. The obvious benefit to the department is the
case studies and real-life examples, we         assistance of maintaining and preparing the facility for daily workouts. If taught correctly, they can now help with
learn how simple, small changes in behavior     supervising/teaching/implementing programs. If the participant shows promise and gains the trust of the department, the
and environment can produce the most            internship/assistantship can sometimes evolve into another assistant on staff.
dramatic and beneficial changes for an
organization.                                   How do you go about developing the interns/GAs? Teach them to think of the 5 W’s (Who, What, Where, When, Why) when preparing
                                                for/implementing training sessions.
   The Tipping Point is a great resource for
coaches who need to change the culture of       Who?
how things are done. You will be able to                 Simply stated, who is being coached? The interns/GAs must understand that each population is going to respond differently to
understand how to make your message stick                the same coaching cues and motivational strategies. Therefore, coaching style should depend on who is training at that time.
and utilize behavior modification to your                Differences in gender, age and personality should be considered when coaching and motivating. Understanding the training
advantage to start a massive epidemic of                 population will help ensure the athletes will have an optimal atmosphere in which to train and comply with what the coach wants
positive change.                                         done.

       There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure. - Colin Powell
                             continuing advancement for the premier coaches of today
Volume I, Issue V                                                                                                                                                         December 2009

                                                          These are considerations that your interns/GAs need to think of on a daily basis in regards to set up.
                                                                  What are the exercises/drills that will be performed that day?
                                                                  What is the equipment needed?
                                                                           Example: Dowels, dumbbells, extra plates, cones, yard sticks
           TIP OF THE MONTH                                       What type of space is available to set up these exercises/drills?
            Sharpening the Blade                                           Example: Squats will be performed in a rack; however walking lunges will require room to move.
                                                                  What environment is needed for that session?
     I have recently learned that hiring and                               Example: Music type and volume, lighting, intense or reserved coaching
firing in the profession of strength and
conditioning occurs very quickly. With new       Where?
coaches coming in and old coaches                         These are some additional considerations that your interns/GAs need to think of on a daily basis in regards to set up and where
departing, any strength and conditioning                  to position themselves during a training session.
coach must be aware of all the changes that                         Where is the training session going to be held?
lay ahead and what they must do to prepare.                                   Which facility/facilities will you be using?
Here are a few tips to help you when you are                        Will the training session be indoors or outside?
going through a transition.                                                   Where will the session be moved to if there is bad weather?
                                                                    Where should I be located during a training session?
● Make sure your resume and reference list                                    Teach the interns/GAs how and when to move during a session. They should rarely be standing around. This
is up-to-date! Don’t wait until last minute to                                will give energy to the room and the athletes will feel like there is always a coach near them, increasing the
add all the new responsibilities you’ve                                       chance that they comply with their training outline. As a staff, your goal should be to make it seem like
performed for the last year.                                                  there are two of each coach. Two coaches always moving makes is seem like four, four coaches look like
                                                                              eight. Additionally, it is important to teach the interns/GAs where to stand when watching a set. This can
● Get it on file! Sure you may have great                                     change depending on the exercises, number of reps and coaches that are on the floor. Make sure that you are
ideas or may have done some great things,                                     putting them in a position to succeed as a coach.
but will you be able to defend it to an
interview committee when asked? If you’re        When?
ready to be a head coach, make sure you                   The following is the thought process the interns/GAs should have as they coach.
have a portfolio ready.                                            When should I coach?
                                                                             Understand that a beginner, intermediate, and advanced lifters will all be coached differently.
● Study the game! It’s about who you know,                         Beginner
who they know and who’s going where.                                   - I will need to demonstrate more often and coach before and after the set.
       There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure. - Colin Powell
                                continuing advancement for the premier coaches of today
Volume I, Issue V                                                                                                                                                         December 2009

                                                                            -  The average human mind can only remember 7 items at a time, +/- 2.
                                                                                    o Meaning the best minds can remember 9 things and the worst only 5
                                                                                    o Assume that your athletes can only remember 5 items
                                                                                              They are going to have a hard time remembering all the coaching points, so keep your
                                                                                                  coaching points short and simple
                                                                            - Step 1 - Name and demonstrate the lift.
                                                                            - Step 2 – Give 2-3 main coaching points
                                                                            - Step 3 – Have the athletes perform the lift
               BOOK REVIEW                                                  - Step 4 – Keep my mouth shut when they are under the bar
                 Cereal Killer
                                                                           -   Step 5 – After the set, give them one coaching point to clean up the biggest mistake
                By Alan Watson                                                                Don’t expect the athletes to be perfect after the first couple sets
                                                                                              Be patient, it may take the entire training sessions to clean up 1 mistake
In order to combat the holiday season eating
                                                                                                            Each rep/set should look better
of home-cooked meals and holiday parties, I
                                                                                                            Do not “overcoach”
picked up a copy of Alan Watson’s quick
read Cereal Killer to stay on track. Very                                                                       o In my opinion this is where a lot of coaches, young and old, go wrong
similar to Gary Taube’s Good Calories, Bad                             Intermediate
                                                                                    o Remind the athletes of the 2-3 main coaching points
Calories, Watson goes through extensive
research and explains how the traditional                                           o Make coaching points personal if possible
low-fat, high carbohydrate diet does more                                                     As I get to know my athletes better it may be possible to remind them of their own individual
damage than good. With many strength and                                                          points of emphasis
conditioning coaches adding nutritionists and                                       o As the athletes become used to the exercise I can now coach them during the set
                                                                                              Wait until the rep is completed
dieticians to their staffs, it is important to stay
                                                                                              Keep the cues short
ahead on the research and make sure we
are helping, not hurting our athletes’                                 Advanced
performance. Some food for thought…                                                 o The advanced athletes should be capable of taking cues during the rep without losing concentration
                                                                                              This is especially true if the entire staff uses similar coaching points
● The USDA food pyramid                                                             o However, these athletes are typically going to be moving heavier loads which require them to be
                                                                                        focused on moving the weight
recommendations may be DEAD wrong…
                                                                                              Keep the cues short
● High carb, low-fat diets are associated             Why?
with record levels of obesity, diabetes and           Upon completion of the training session, your interns/GAs should have questions about why certain methods were used. This is a great
heart failure.                                        opportunity to begin teaching them about the science and theories of the profession. This can be done many different ways. Here are my
                                                      top 5 in no particular order:
        There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure. - Colin Powell
                            continuing advancement for the premier coaches of today
Volume I, Issue V                                                                                                                                                      December 2009

                                                        1. Teach them your philosophy on why certain lifts/sets/reps were used.
                                                                a. Make sure you have the interns/GAs ask other staff members their logic
          ANNOUNCEMENTS                                 2. Guide them to the answer by giving them articles
                                                                a. Make sure you are unbiased
Thanks again to all of our writers for their                    b. Let them come to their own conclusions
insightful contributions to this group. We              3. Make them find the answer on their own
look forward to the continued writings of                       a. Do their own research
coaches around the nation as we                         4. Staff Lifts
progress forward.                                               a. At Baylor, we have a staff lift twice a week. During this time, the staff (full-timers, GAs and interns) gather and we
                                                                      train as a department. We use this time to discuss coaching points and new information we may have gathered, as
                                                                      well as, work to perfect our own technique on lifts. It is a great opportunity to support fellow staff members, talk
If you have any suggestions for future                                shop, and get good work done. This time has proven to be priceless. It is a great opportunity to grow as a staff and
topics, or would like to contribute to this                           a great stress reliever.
newsletter, let us know. The more                       5. Mini-Staff Meetings
coaches we can get to write and influence                  a. Apart from our weekly staff meeting, we have a mini one hour meeting amongst the interns, GAs and curriculum
our complete development, the better our                        director. During this time we sit down and discuss the article assigned for that week and cover their progress reports in a
athletes will train and compete.                                round table discussion. The progress report includes weekly goals, long-term goals, information/lessons that they
                                                                learned that week and goals for the upcoming week. The weekly articles cover anything from program design, nutrition,
Wishing you and your teams the best for                         to mental development. The articles are assigned based off of where there is a need for improvement. Some weeks it is
2010!                                                           hard to find the time to meet, but for all the work the interns and GAs put in behind the scenes, you owe them an hour.


                                               Some may believe that all of this is a hassle or burden to do, but think back to those who have helped to bring you along. It is the duty of
                                               any professional in their respective field to mentor and aid in the development of those younger. That is what the YSCCa is all
                                               about and it will make your department stronger.
                              Adam Feit
 Assistant Coach-Athlete Development
       University of Louisville Football

       There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure. - Colin Powell

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