Secrets of the clock tower

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					Secrets of the clock tower
January 2009
A fascinating display of images can be seen at the Scottish Fisheries Museum
in Anstruther this month, offering a rare glimpse into a largely undiscovered
‘neuk’ of the old town.

Seizing the chance to enjoy the exclusive
vista across the Forth from the Anstruther
Church clock tower* (while being freshened
up by a local painter) photographer Sean
Dooley was more struck by the unexpected
find documented in this exhibition.

A sizable collection of posters, dating
back to the nineteenth century, can be
seen on the walls of the tower, presumably
put there by former church wardens or
clock engineers to cheer the otherwise
dusty, dank surroundings. These tattered
ephemeral pictures (grocer's calendars,
newspaper pinups etc) are now mostly in
poor condition but within them the faces of
sailors, royalty, brave heroes and Victorian
sweethearts can still be seen.

This exhibition of photographs which quite
literally unveils the ‘secrets of the clock
tower’ runs in our Merchant’s Room until
the 30th of January.

Contact: Jen Gordon, assistant curator 01333 310 628
Opening times: Monday to Saturday 10am–4pm, Sunday 12–4pm; admission free

* Anstruther (or St Adrian's) Church was built (‘by freewill offerings of the people’) in 1634. The spire was completed 10 years later.
The bell within it had been gifted by the Shipmaster Andrew Strang in 1641 and bears the inscription ‘Androv Strang bovght this
bell with his owne money’. The roof was made of timber brought back from Norway in Skiper Anderson's brig.