PowerPoint Presentation - Something secret by jdo13922


									Something secret

  Ripe 40, Prague
             Praha A-Z
Vanessa, mad lady from Linx.
Organises nights out, she thinks.
We know all Prague town
‘cos we walked round and round.
However, she did buy the drinks.
IPv6 may be techno-babble
And misunderstood by the rabble
But when all’s said and done
‘Z’ only scores one
In a regular game of Czech scrabble.
RIPE 40 left us in a daze
And we’re not easy people to faze
But trying to walk through
This amazing venue
Is as hard as the Hampton Court maze.
   Imperial college ego wars
To Prague for a techy affair
To v6 we all should defer
It may seem a bind
But what we did find
Was that night time conkers conquer
Test boxes now swisher than swish
Give more figures than people can wish
Graphs red green and blue
Show how packets go through,
Go around, and occasionally miss.
    Plane full of loonies
Henk’s filled up his toolbox with tools
For measuring bandwidth, but rules
Say you can’t fill each link
Because people might think
That the RIPE NCC are all fools
    Multiple People Trouble Shooting

We learnt about MPLS
And how to make networks a mess
Every new VPN
gives your NOC staff fits, when,
A fault fix gets harder to guess
              Geek class
RIPE 40 was marked by the ‘crash’
Of Swissair which was lacking in cash
Hans Petter was stranded
When his aeroplane landed
and his luggage was left with the trash

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