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Using Zone Alarm


									Zone Alarm
Zone Alarm is a firewall which stops unauthorised users entering your computer. It is not the same
as a virus checker and should be used alongside and not instead of the virus checker. Zone Alarm
should stop
     Advertising software downloading from the internet onto your computer.
     Data miner software extracting information about the programs you have on your computer,
        and possibly their passwords.
     Other people on the network accessing your personal files on the computer.

Opening Zone Alarm
When Zone Alarm is loaded it appears as an icon on the bottom right hand corner of your task bar.
If it is inactive it displays ZA. If it is monitoring network (LAN- Local Area Network) or internet
(WAN- Wide Area Network) traffic the symbol changes to red and green bars which light up.
To open Zone Alarm
     1. Right click on the Zone Alarm icon.
     2. Click on Restore Zone Alarm Control Centre (this just means open the window- Zone
          Alarm is already running).
Zone Alarm consists of several pages of controls, each doing different things. Occasionally pop up
windows will warn you of an event.

The Overview Window
                                                                                    Click here to
                                                                                    check for

                                                                                    These are the
                                                                                    tabs to go to
                                                                                    the different

This is the Overview window. You can check for updates by clicking on the “Check for Updates”
button. If there are no updates then it will tell you. If there are, you may have to download them,
load the new version and then shut down.
You need to check for updates about once a month.

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The Firewall Window

The Firewall window gives permission for other computers to access areas within your computer.
Here it is set up so that Radstock Schools computers and the Home Network computers are trusted
to see your computer. However, computers on the Internet cannot see your computer. This is all
done through IP (Internet Protocol) addresses. They have been deliberately blurred in the picture as
this information is sensitive.
Trusted computers are normally ones on the local network (LAN) and Internet computers, are, well,
computers on the internet.
You need not touch this page once it has been set up unless you are putting your computer on
another network, in which case you will need to add the IP addresses using the buttons at the
bottom of the page.

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Program Control
This is the part of Zone Alarm which you really need to know about if you are new to Zone Alarm.
Here Zone Alarm controls which programs are allowed to access the Trusted and Internet Zones.

                                                                           Windows Media Player
                                                                           is allowed to contact
                                                                           both the local computers
                                                                           and those on the Internet.

                                                                           Here Windows Explorer
                                                                           has complete permission
                                                                           to enter your computer
                                                                           from the internet

                                                                           Messenger is not
                                                                           allowed to contact any
                                                                           other computers.

In the main box there is a list of programs, and next to them either green ticks, red crosses or
question marks.
     If a program has a green tick it is allowed to contact other computers without asking you.
     If a program has a red cross it is not allowed to contact other computers.
     If a program has a question mark it has to ask permission to contact other computers.
You can set these permissions by left clicking and then choosing the appropriate symbol.
     Access permissions mean that your computer is allowed to contact other computers and use
        their information.
     Server permissions mean that other computers are allowed to contact your computer and use
        your information.
Be very wary about giving other computers server permission.
This list becomes populated as the programs you use try to contact either the network or the

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Adding Programs to your allowed list
   1. When Zone Alarm has been activated and a program tries to contact another computer, a
      message similar to this will appear.

                                                       The name of the program that has tried
                                                       to connect to the network or internet

                                                       The More Info button attempts to tell
                                                       you which program generated the alert.

                                                       Click yes or no to allow the program to
                                                       contact other computers.

                                                       Check this box for the computer to
                                                       remember your answer.

   2. You now have to decide what to do. There are several options
           a. Ask for more info about the program.
           b. If you are sure that the program is safe then click yes.
           c. If you think that the program is suspicious click no.
           d. If you know that the program is safe or suspicious then check the Remember box and
              then click Yes or No. Zone Alarm will remember your answer and not pester you
              again. You can change your answer by going to the Program Control window above.
   3. How do you know whether a program is safe? If you have just started a program, and the
      title under Application in the window is what you would expect you should be ok. The
      example above is IEXPLORE.EXE, in other words, Internet Explorer. If you have not just
      started a new program, then be more suspicious and try More info.

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Alerts and Logs Window

                                                                                Help button

                                                                                Click on the Main
                                                                                tab to reach this

                                                                               Turn informational
                                                                               alerts off.

To reduce the number of alerts you receive, go to the Alerts and Logs window and click on the
Main tab. Choose off and only the more important program alerts will be displayed.

More information.
Each page has a help button if you need more information.

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