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   Winter Vitamin D
                                                     Winter, or when people live in areas                    While these are all high in the levels
                                                     where the sun isn't always readily                      you need daily, there are many
                                                     available, that you feel the effects.                   people who cringe at this idea.
     Deficiency,                                      Often referred to as the 'Winter                        There are other foods that you can

     Substitutes                                     Blues,' you get a run down feeling,
                                                     are tired more often, and have
                                                                                                             eat, but some of these have very
                                                                                                             small levels of vitamin D. Any kind
                                                     other health problems.                                  of milk, as long as it is fortified with
                                                                                                             vitamin D, contains 25% of your
                                                     This is mostly because during the                       daily value, per one cup serving.
                                                     Winter, you're all bundled up when
                                                     you go outside, with only minimal                       This is really the highest rating you
                                                     amounts of skin exposed to the                          can get, everything else is at levels
                                                     needed rays of the sun.                                 of 15 or less.

                                      There are ways you can get your Even cooking 3 and ½ ounces or
                                           recommended dosages of          beef liver only contains 4% of your
                                         vitamin D during the winter.      daily value, as well as 1 ounce of
                                                                           Swiss cheese. One egg contains
The sun helps you produce vitamin     There are many different foods that about 6%, and many of your
D, which is important for many        contain this vitamin, and your body packaged cereals can contain just
reasons. Your skin absorbs            needs about 400IU of this per day    10%.
ultraviolet-B rays, turns them into   to maintain overall health.
the vitamin D that your body needs                                         While there are many different
in order to control levels of calcium You can take Pure Cod Liver oil, one kinds of foods that contain vitamin
and phosphorous in your blood.        table spoon is recommended, but      D, and some advertise that they are
                                      you have to read the label carefully higher in this vitamin than others,
Vitamin D helps your body retain      because in many cases the refined    it‘s a good idea to read all food
calcium, which is important for       oil sold these days actually has the labels carefully.
maintaining strong bones and          vitamin D removed.
teeth. Without it, your bones can                                          You can also take calcium
become soft, and brittle.             Many different kinds of salt water   supplements, but unless you’re also
                                      fish contain certain levels of this  taking some kind of vitamin D
Women are especially susceptible to vitamin. Salmon, tuna fish, and        supplement, your body won't
this, and often have osteoporosis,    sardines are a few of them.          absorb enough of the calcium.
and weak muscles. While the actual
amount of sun exposure needed         3 and ½ ounces of cooked salmon      BLOG POSTS
varies greatly, you need from 10-30   contain 369 units, which is equal to  Everything You Need to Know
minutes of sun exposure at least      90% of your recommended daily         About a Gluten Free Diet
twice a week for maximum              intake.
exposure.                                                                   High Fructose Corn Syrup
                                      3 ounces of tuna that is canned in
                                                                            Increases Risk Of High Blood
You probably don't even think about oil provides 50% of what you need       Pressure
how the sun effects your vitamin D    to eat per day.
production, and it's only during the                                        Rate Your Junk Food

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