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     Eat Your Way To
                                                     Consider When You Eat.                                  not getting full? If so, take some
                                                                                                             time to get to know your body and
                                                                     Your metabolism which                   to figure out what it’s asking for.
      Long-Lasting                                                    helps you power
                                                                      through your day tends                 You Should Be Downing Water.

          Health                                                      to work faster when
                                                                      you’re young.                                     Water is something that
                                                                                                                         your body unmistakably
                                                     As you age, it slows down and                                        needs, but the problem is
                                                     needs a little bit of help. In order                                 that so many of us go
                                                     to make sure your metabolism is                                     through a great deal of
                                                     working as fast as it should be,                                  the day quite dehydrated.
                                                     you'll find that eating several small
                                                     meals a day can help you keep your                      Take some time and really think
                                                     energy up and your food                                 about how much water you drink
                                                     consumption reasonable.                                 and what you can do to get up to
                                                                                                             those eight glasses (minimum!) of
                                                     Eat Colorfully.                                         water a day that you need.
Do you ever find that you worry
constantly about your health, as                                When you head to the                         Start carrying bottles of water with
you get older?                                                    produce aisle, what                        you and take a drink every time you
                                                                   catches your eye? The                     pass the water fountain.
Recently on an episode of Oprah                                     more lively something
she showcased a few individuals                                      is colored, the better
who take great care and pride in                                     it is for you.                          Take some time and think about
nourishing their bodies with healthy                                                                         how you can treat your body a little
foods. The amazing thing is that                     To that end, take a look at beets,                      better and what you can do to make
they’re not on a diet, they’ve moved                 carrots and sweet potatoes just for                     sure that you’re going to be able to
past that and have included eating                   a start. This is a great way to get                     get the nutrition that you need.
healthy as part of their lifestyle.                  the nutrients and vitamins that you
                                                     need.                                                   Good eating is the root of good
But a big part of staying healthy is                                                                         health, so make sure that you
watching what you eat!                               Start Eating Intuitively.                               consider what your choices are.

Keep in mind that dieting is a poor                              Every time you catch
way to stay healthy and that it                                   yourself reaching for                      RECENT BLOG POSTS
doesn't even help you lose weight                                 food, think about what
effectively.                                                      kind of need you’re                        Red and Processed Meats Increase
                                                               trying to fulfill. If you’re                  Risk of Death
There are dozens o f things you can                         eating because you’re bored
do that will allow you to eat the                    or frustrated, this is a pattern that                   ‘Cross Training’ For Faster Results
foods you enjoy while still keeping                  needs to stop!
yourself in the peak of health.                                                                              The Difference Between Weight
                                                     On the other hand, have you ever                        Loss and Fat Loss
                                                     found yourself eating constantly but

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