Top 7 Workouts That Get Results

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    Top 7 Workouts                                   High Intensity Training                                 Stability Ball Workouts are
                                                     involves very short training sessions                   ideal, because as opposed to
                                                     of running and/or jogging. It’s                         exercising directly on a hard
    That Get Results                                 beneficial for burning fat and
                                                     strengthening cardiovascular health.
                                                                                                             surface, utilizing a ball engages
                                                                                                             more muscles to maintain balance.
                                                     A typical session would start out                       The core body muscles (abs and
                                                     with a 5-minute warm-up jog,                            back muscles) are targeted in
                                                     followed by stretching. Then                            exercise ball programs. An exercise
                                                     alternate jogging and sprinting for 1                   ball is soft and elastic and usually
                                                     minute each. Repeat this cycle 6-8                      14-34 inches in diameter. It’s
                                                     times depending on your level of                        commonly used in physical therapy
                                                     fitness. Once finished, cool down by                    and childbirth, but now is also a
                                                     slowing your pace until your heart                      regular part of fitness training.
                                                     rate slows.
                                                                                                             Combat Workouts using
                                                     Spinning is an aerobic exercise                         boxing or kickboxing moves are
                                       done on a stationary bicycle.                                         great for self-defense as well as
Circuit Training is a
                                       Motivational music plays and the                                      general fitness. Plenty of protective
combination of strength training
                                       instructor calls out visualizations of                                gear is worn to prevent injuries.
and aerobic exercises. This is great
                                       what is going on (riding up a hill,                                   There are many different types of
for cardiovascular health, as well as
                                       etc.). You adjust your speed                                          boxing, depending on the instructor
building up muscle. Usually circuit
                                       accordingly. Spinning classes can                                     and level of proficiency. Boxing
training involves a range of stations
                                       burn up to 450 calories in 45                                         employs both cardio and resistance
utilizing resistance equipment and
                                       minutes! It tones the quadriceps                                      training. A 45-60 minute class can
space to do various exercises such
                                       and outer thigh muscles. Spinning                                     burn 600-800 calories! Your agility,
as squats, thrusts, push-ups, sit-
                                       also requires mental focus, as well                                   endurance, and coordination will
ups, etc. Once you complete the
                                       as physical. This can actually be                                     improve as well.
desired activities at one station, you
                                       relaxing for some individuals.
can move on to the next.
                                                                                                             Exercising doesn’t have to be a drag
                                                     Fitness/Dance Hybrid                                    if you enjoy what you’re doing, and
Boot Camp is a physical training                                                                             if one doesn’t work for you, try
program usually conducted by                         Classes like Zumba involve
                                                                                                             another. Not every workout is right
personal trainers or gyms. Basically,                incorporating dance routines into
                                                                                                             for every individual, but once you
it’s a team effort to get fit, lose                  exercise classes. Zumba uses Latin
                                                                                                             find the one that works for you,
weight, and increase strength as a                   rhythms to make a regular fitness
                                                                                                             throw yourself into it
group. Often conducted outdoors,                     program lots of fun! The aerobics
boot camps use a combination of                      and resistance training, when put to
running, interval training, and                      music, become less tedious and
                                                                                                             RECENT BLOG POSTS
exercises involving weights.                         hard and before you know it, you
Sometimes there are nutritional                      are actually enjoying the exercise!                      Money Saving Meal Planning
requirements as well. The goal is to                 Not only do they tone and sculpt
utilize the social support of those                  the body, but they also have the                         How Gwyneth Paltrow Got Her
around you to encourage you on                       same fat-burning power that regular                      Body Back
your weight loss journey.                            exercise routines do.

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