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     The Benefits Of
                                                     Over the years, Probiotics have                                           have been studied
                                                     been studied intensely for their role                                     for your specific
                                                     in treating gastrointestinal diseases                                     goal.
       Probiotics                                    such as diarrhea, inflammatory
                                                     bowel diseases such as Crohn's and                                         • Look for a product
                                                     ulcerative colitis; as well as urinary                                     with billions of
                                                     tract infections, vaginal infections,                                      bacteria in it. You
                                                     asthma, and some cancers.                                                  need billions to
                                                     Although it’s not clear as to how it                                       effectively colonize
                                                     helps, scientist do know that                                              your intestine. The
                                                     Probiotics affect your immune                                              bacteria should be
                                                     system one way or another.                                                 available when
                                                                                                             you’re about to eat it, not at the
                                      You can get these beneficial                                           time of preparation, so look on the
                                      bacteria from fermented foods like                                     label for the bacteria count at time
                                      yogurt - just as long as they are                                      of use. Also, look for the specific
                                      produced using live cultures of                                        strains of bacteria in the product
                                      lactobacillus or bifidobacteria. You                                   itself. If they’re not listed on the
                                      can also get Probiotics as a dietary                                   label, they may not be there.
Probiotics are the organisms that     supplement in pill or powder form.
contribute to the health and balance And like many other items sold in                                       • Store probiotic supplements in a
of your intestinal tract and are      commercial stores, the Probiotics                                      cool, dry place, such as a
probably more known as the            and their effectiveness vary                                           refrigerator.
"friendly," "beneficial," or "good"   considerably.
bacteria.                                                                                                    • Yogurt or any fermented milk
                                      Before you go ahead and stock up                                       product must contain 100 million
Probiotics work in the opposite to    on Probiotic rich foods, do your                                       bacteria per dose to be effective.
antibiotics, which destroys bacteria. homework and research the product                                      Look for live cultures of acidophilus
Probiotics on the other hand, battle a bit.                                                                  or bifidobacteria, or both. Products,
the "bad" bacteria and help                                                                                  which are pasteurized or have been
maintain the health of the cells that Some things to consider are:                                           sitting in the refrigerator for a long
line your gastrointestinal tract.                                                                            time, will have very little active
                                      • All Probiotic products are not the                                   bacteria.
Probiotics can benefit you in a       same. a few have a single type of
couple ways, including affecting      organism and others have many.
inflammatory processes, secreting
material that regulates your cell     • The health effects are species and                                   RECENT BLOG POSTS
function, and protecting your         strain specific and can’t be universal                                 The Media and Your Body Image
intestine against "bad" bacteria.     to other bacteria. For example,
They also reduce the growth of        lactobacillus GG has been shown to                                     Slideshow: Flexibility Facts For
disease-causing bacteria by           be helpful for children who have                                       Women
preventing the “bad” bacteria from    diarrhea but not for Crohn's
attaching to your intestine and       disease, while other products have                                     Must See Resource...
make substances that suppress         been shown to be helpful in Crohn's
their growth.                         disease. Research which probiotics

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