Super Fast Snacks for a super Busy Schedule

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 Super Fast Snacks
                                                     • Whole-wheat crust pizza with                          Whole Grain Bagels: These types
                                                     vegetables.                                             of bagels provide you with more
                                                                                                             vitamins and minerals than the
    for a Super                                      • Peanut butter, whole-grain
                                                     crackers and a V8 juice.
                                                                                                             white flour kind.

  Busy Schedule                                                                                              Fruits: Any fresh fruit will do. If
                                                     • Trail mix made with nuts and                          you’re traveling you can pack dried
                                                     dried fruit.                                            fruit instead.

                                                     • Granola with low fat milk/low fat                     Smoothies: Grab some milk or
                                                     yogurt and banana slices                                juice with fresh or frozen fruit, give
                                                                                                             it a whirl in a blender and you’ve
                                                     • Oatmeal with low fat milk.                            got yourself a refreshing satisfying

                                                                                                             Yogurt: Buy the plain low-fat
                                                                                                             yogurt and flavor it with honey,
                                                                                                             vanilla, fresh fruit, berries, nutmeg
                                                     The following recommendations can                       or cinnamon.
                                                     either be used as snacks or as
January can be a pretty hectic                       smaller meals eaten throughout the                      Energy Bars: Pre-wrapped and
month. Your schedule is jam-                         day. You’ll also notice that most of                    easily portable these bars can be
packed and you find that there’s                     them include foods from two                             very handy when you’re in a rush.
little time to do everything on your                 different groups to help balance
list…which includes eating! And                      your eating and offer you a variety                     Sweet Baked Potatoes: If you
since you have some new fitness                      of nutrients.                                           have a microwave oven handy these
and health goals set for 2009 it’s                                                                           can be a nice treat. You can either
vital that you find a way to take                    Cereal: Mix with dry fruit and low                      eat them warm or cold and are
care of yourself and tend to your                    fat milk or yogurt.                                     perfect for refueling your muscles
needs.                                                                                                       after a workout.
                                                     Oatmeal: Use milk instead of
A great way to keep your energy                      water to increase it’s nutritional
levels up and caloric intake down is                 output and sprinkle some sliced
to eat healthy, nutritious snacks.                   almonds on top.                                         RECENT BLOG POSTS
Below you’ll find a bunch of
common and convenient foods that                     Popcorn: Enjoy plain or with
                                                                                                             Simple Hydration Tips (Video)
will prevent you from getting too                    spices like chili powder or paprika.
hungry during the day and also                                                                               Welcome Back! WoOoOoOt!
provide your body with much                          Pretzels: You can get salt free
needed nutrients.                                    pretzels if salt is an issue or just
                                                                                                             Taking Time For Yourself
                                                     pick the salt off by hand.
• Whole grain bagel with peanut                                                                              Great Idea: Exercise Routine
butter and low-fat yogurt.                           Crackers: Whole wheat, bran,
                                                     sesame, and other low fat brands
                                                     make a perfect snack.

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