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       Wine And Your
                                                     make wine stand out on the health                       In addition, studies have been
                                                     scale.                                                  conducted to see if the pigments in
                                                                                                             wine can fight viruses – but it hasn’t
          Health                                     On the calorie side of things, 4
                                                     ounces (120 ml) of red wine has
                                                                                                             been proved in humans yet.

                                                     about 80-90 calories while its
                                                     partner in crime, white wine, has
                                                     about 75-85 calories.

                                                     Wine and Your Heart

                                                     There have been numerous
                                                     amounts of studies done on wine
                                                     and what it can do to your health.

                                                     Most studies conclude that
                                                     consuming a moderate amount of        Negative Effects of Wine
                                                     wine (120 ml) a day (with a meal)
                                                     can lower your risk of heart disease. The biggest mistake many people
                                                                                           make is that they over consume
The holidays are slowly creeping up                  It hasn’t been proved yet if          wine. At the point of drinking more
on us, and I think 99.9% of us                       consuming wine can help prevent       than 8 oz (240 ml) a day you lose
celebrate the holidays with a little                 heart attacks, but there is a theory. most of the benefits including
bit of wine.
                                                                                           decreasing the risk of cancer.
                                                     A handful of researchers think that
Wine has been a popular subject in                   some of the compounds found in        Once you consume more than 8 oz
the media, but does it really live up                wine – quercetin, resveratrol, and    (240 ml) a day you increase your
to the benefits that the experts say                 bioflavonoids might be responsible. risk of obesity, stroke, breast
it does? Lets break it down, and
                                                                                           cancer, high blood pressure,
take a closer look.                                  Their theory is that by consuming a alcoholism, cirrhosis, and other liver
                                                     moderate of amount of wine with       disorders.
What Makes Up Wine?                                  your meals, the compounds in the
                                                     wine make your blood less sticky      And just on a side note, red wine
Red wine is basically made from                      which will decrease the risk of your has also been found to trigger
purple grapes where as white wine                    blood clotting and even forming.      migraines in a lot of people as well.
is not necessarily made form white
grapes.                                                                                                      BLOG POSTS
                                                     Other Benefits of Wine
Many white wines are created with                                                                            Physical Activity Vs. Physical
                                                     As of the time of this article there
purple grapes that have there skins                                                                          Exercise
                                                     are studies going on to see if
removed. The skin of grapes is
                                                     consuming wine regularly can
what contains the most                                                                                       How To Sabotage Your Weight
                                                     prevent numerous types of cancers,
bioflavonoids, phenols, tannins, and                                                                         During Halloween
                                                     including colon and prostate cancer.
other healthy components that

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