secret Agent by gyq81223


                                                                                                                    241201 1218 5
                                                                                                                      Stem A0151
                                                                                                              Breeder: Signature Farm, CA
                                                                                                              Color:     Blood Bay
                                                                                                              HT:        16.2
                                                                                                              AHHA Approved: 2002
                                                                                                              AHHA Licensed:        Permit
                                                                                                              Bonits: 7 7 6 7 7 8 8

                                                                                                              Stud Fee:         $2000
                                                                                                              Shipped Semen:    Yes
                                                                                                              Video:            Yes
                                                                                                              EVA Status:
                                                                                                                     Tested:    No

                                                                                   Silver	Medal	       XX
                            Silvester	         HLP     Silbersee	        SF
                                                                                   Cibelle	            SF
                            210088578	         HOL
Sabotage	       	           17.0	1/2						     Bay                                 Fantus	             HOL
211302	1104	87	 HOL                                    Hallig	           HOL       Wielen	             HOL
16.3		          Bay
1992	                                                                              Ladykiller	         XX	    Contact Information:
                                                       Lorenz	           HOL
8766668	                    Vega	II	             HSP                               Babusa	             HOL    Signature Farm
                            210029283	           HOL                                                          P.O. Box 240
                            16.2											Dark	                                   Rasputin	           HOL
                                                       Ruffia	           HOL       Concila	            HOL    Moorpark, CA 93020-0240
                                                                                                              Phone : 805-523-3100
                                                                                   Furioso	            XX	
                                                       Furioso	          SF        Dame	de	Ranville	   SF
                                                                                                              Fax: 805-523-3338
                            First	Gotthard	                                                                   Email:
First	Classic	      MM      310174179	         HAN                                 Gotthard	           HAN    Web:
332202	4040	85	 HAN                                    Gotik	            HAN       Feldbluemchen	      HAN
16.0	1/2									Chestnut
1995	                                                                              Goldfisch	II	       HAN
                                                       Gotthard	         HAN
6577666			                                                                         Ampa	               HAN
                            Goyaga	            H
                            311307272	         HAN                                 Carolus	            HAN
                                                       Candida	          HAN       Algenprinzess	      HAN
Owner Comments:                                                                                               Owner Information:
                                                                                                              Signature Farm
Signature Farm proudly presents Secret Agent, the highest scoring stallion at the highly competitive
2002 AHHA Stallion Approvals held at Sandstone. Secret Agent received 9’s in jumping technique, ability       P.O. Box 240
& scope, 9 for his pedigree and solid 8’s in dressage under rider. This exceptionally handsome young          Moorpark, CA 93020-0240
stallion has all of the qualities breeders desire: elegance, agility, power, intelligence, and a commanding   Phone : 805-523-3100
presence surpassing that of his sire, the renowned jumping stallion Sabotage (the only two-time IJF
Champion). Secret Agent’s first crop was shown at the 2005 AHHA Approval tour with two yearling fillies       Fax: 805-523-3338
receiving premium status. Untouchable Secret received 8-8 and Undercover Agent received 7-8                   Email:
At the 2007 AHHA inspection tour Undercover Agent was Reserve Champion, Premium Select with a
score of 50 points. Jumping phase receiving 10 scope, 9 technique and 10 willingness. Untouchable
Secret received 48 points and premium status.

Secret Agent’s dam, First Classic, is a foundation mare that has produced two approved stallions, two
premium mares (both full sisters to Secret Agent, one receiving 48 points at the 2002 AHHA Approvals)
and several premium foals.                                                                                                           101

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