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									                                Seaside View
                     Newsletter for the Seaside Quilters Guild                  May 2008
                     Pacific Beach, CA

Can you believe it’s May already? And time for our final speaker of the year, Pat Speth. According to
her website,, Pat began quilting in 1988 when she purchased a
wool quilt batting from her Grandmother's auction. "I checked out a stack of quilt
books from the library and fell in love with the patterns and designs, I knew I could
not stop with just one quilt." Pat started working with 5 inch squares as a basis for
her quiltmaking in 1993 after attending her first retreat. She was asked to do a
program for her guild in 1997 using the 5" squares, which gave her the push to
explore new uses and techniques for working with the squares. She loves teaching
the methods for working with the 5" squares, and sharing her quilts with others. After juggling her full
time job and her quilting for many years, Pat moved into a full time quilting career in July 2003. "I have
found my passion in life, and I can't imagine doing anything else." Pat’s lecture is entitled “5 Inch is a
Cinch” and her May 7 workshop will show us how to make 11 different quilts. Take a look at some of
the quilts on the website – this is a speaker you won’t want to miss.

Pat Speth Workshop Attendees: If you signed up for the workshop on May 7, and would like to
participate in a 5” square swap, please bring packet (or 2) of 20 five-inch squares, all in the same fabric,
to trade. The workshop will be held at Rosie’s, Wednesday, May 7, 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

June brings our annual potluck and installation of our new officers (see page 3). Also attending will be
Joan Laisney, who founded the Kennel Comforters volunteer project that provides bedding to animal
shelters. Joan will bring samples of dog and cat beds that you can make (sort of like Linus kits) for
shelters without enough funds to provide bedding for their animal guests. The kits include batting,
fabric, etc. Plan to pick one up and contribute to this worthy cause. More information is available at

Patti and Shelley
Seaside Quilters                                          Seaside Board Members 2007-2008

                                                                              Elected Officers
Seaside Quilters meet the first Tuesday of the            President                  Pamela Carnot & Susan Wolf
month at the Soledad Club                                 1st V.P.                   Patti Brown & Shelley
5050 Soledad Road, Pacific Beach                                                     Castellino
Mailing Address:                                          2nd V.P.                   Rebecca Johnson
PO Box 9964                                               Corresponding Secretary    Karen Zappone
                                                          Treasurer                  Cindy Feagle
San Diego, CA 92109
Email:                                               Appointed Officers
                                                          Parliamentarian              Andrea Mau
We welcome members & guests alike                         Historian                    Jeanne Smerdon
who love quilts or enjoy making them.
This month’s meeting:                                     Block of the month          Marny Leondis
Tuesday, May 6, 2008                                      Chinese Auction             Gillian Moss & Judy Leftwich
                                                          Community Service           Donna Rasmussen
6:30 PM Social Time
                                                                                      Jeanne Smerdon & Dee
7:00 PM Meeting Starts                                                                Caitlin
                                                          CCSA                        Ione Skaar
Membership Dues are $25.00 annually                       Door Prizes                 Linda Jacoway
Guest Fee is $3.00 per meeting                            Fat Quarters                Gillian Moss & Joyce
Newsletter:                                               Hospitality                 Judy Uyemura
The normal cutoff date for submissions                                                Virginia Hatt & Ruth Simons
to the newsletter is the 15th of each month               Information Table           Mary Watson
                                                          Library                     Alice Harvey & Emmy
Mail your submissions to Susan Starr
Email:                              Membership                  Sheryl King & Lynn Glynn
                                                          Newsletter                  Susan Starr
Board Meetings                                            Opportunity of the Month    Jeannine Nye
This month’s Board meeting will be held on                Programs                    Patti Brown & Shelley
Tuesday, May 13 at 7:00 PM                                Castellino
At Audrey Estes’ house, 767 Crete Street, San Diego       Public Relations            Pam Albers
                                                          Quilting Sisters            Barbara Lund
Board members are expected to attend and all
                                                          SCCQG                       Despo Stevens
members are welcome.                                      Challenge                   Barbara Perez
                                                          Free Table                  Helen Hillman
                                                          Sergeant at Arms            Pam Albers

Inside this issue
Page 1 Program Information
Page 2 Seaside Information
Page 3 Slate for 2008-09: Harriette Shapiro
Page 4 President’s letter; Membership Form
Page 5 Linus; Thanks from Sondra
Page 6 April Meeting Highlights
Page 7 May: Info Table, Fat Quarters, Opportunity
         of the Month, Birthdays
Page 8 Block of the Month: Chinese Auction
Page 9 Template for Block of the Month
Page 10 Upcoming Events
Page 11: Free Admission Coupon
                SEASIDE GUILD OFFICERS SLATE, 2008 – 2009

                           Presidents:                         Sheryl King and & Lynn Glynn
                           1st VP Programs:                    Patti Brown, Shelly Castellino
                           2nd VP:                             Pat Seitas
                           Recording Secretary:                Elaine McVey
                           Corresponding Secretary:            Karen Zappone
                           Treasurer:                          Cindy Feagle
                           Block of the Month:                 Marny Leondis
                           CCSA:                               Iona Skaar
                           Challenge:                          Gillian Moss
                           Chinese Auction:                    Chris Bernet & Shelley Castellino
                           Community Services:                 Donna Rasmussen & Mary Watson
                           Door Prizes:                        Linda Jacoway
                           Fat Quarters :                      Joyce McCarthy
                           Free Table:                         Helen Hillman
                           Historian:                          Jean Smerdon
                           Hospitality:                        Judy Uyemura, Ruth Simons,Virginia Hatt
                           Information Table:                  Mary Watson
                           Library:                            Alice Harvey & Karen Griebe
                           Membership:                         Karen Austin & Jennifer Lynch
                           Newsletter:                         Susan Starr
                           Opportunity of the Month:           Linda Laird
                           Parliamentarian:                    Andrea Mau
                           Program Planner                     Reena Kaplowitz
                           Public Relations:                   Chris Bernet
                           Quilting Sisters:                   Rebecca Johnson
                           SCD QG:                             Despo Stevens
                           Sergeant at Arms:                   Jeannine Nye

We will vote on these officers at our May meeting and they will be installed in June. Many thanks to all who
volunteered to help the Guild!!!

    Tribute to a Quilting Sister

    Thanks to her friends, a beautiful plaque now resides in the Tot Lot at
    Kate Sessions Park, honoring Harriette Shapiro. Harriette was a
    founding member of the Seaside Quilters Guild and responsible for
    finding us our current meeting place. She passed away in December
    2004. The plaque reads: “In Loving Memory, Harriette Schapiro.
    Neighbor, Friend, Teacher, Quilter. Walking her Dogs in K.O. Sessions
    Park. Bella & Princess, Tolly & Abbey”

               SEASIDE QUILTERS MEM BERSHIP FORM: 2008 -09

Please return this form with your check, payable to Seaside Quilters, for $25.00 for 2008-09 dues ($20 for Charter
members). Add $5 if you need to receive the newsletter in paper. Send your check and the form to Jennifer Lynch
14635 Mussey Grade Rd. Ramona, CA 92065.
Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________
Phone: Home:___________________Work:_____________________Cell/Other:__________________________
I need to receive the newsletter in paper format (extra $5 included)  I am a Charter Member 
I am at least 90 years old and therefore qualify as a “Quilting” Treasure” (free paper newsletter & membership)
I am willing to serve in the following areas ______________________________________________________
I would like to suggest the following speakers/workshops: __________________________________________
This membership is: New  Renewal 
For Membership use only:
Date paid: ________________________ Check number: ________________________________
If cash, receipt sent 
Membership card  Directory  By-laws                 New picture 

        Presidents’ Letter
        Dear Seaside Members,
                  Can it be? Is it possible that our tenure as co-presidents is coming to a close, culminating
        with the election this month of our new fine slate of officers?
                  These past two years have truly been a delight for both Pamela and me. We leave
        believing that the Guild is in good shape, thanks to our efficient Board, Committee members and
        all of you who helped in so many wonderful ways.
                  Our non-profit status is secure; our membership has increased; the Opportunities and
        our very successful Chinese Auction have added to our coffers for the coming year. We’ve had
        wonderful speakers and exciting workshops. Best of all for us has been the opportunity to get to
        know so many more of you! That has been the most fun of this Presidency!
                  We would be remiss if we closed this letter without a final quote!
         “For every blade of grass there is an angel watching over it and telling it to grow”. (Madonna)
                  We’ve all grown so much over these past years, in our talents and in our friendships.
        Although we’re no angels by any means, we’d like to think we did watch over you! Now it’s time
        to let Sheryl and Lynn and the new Board work their magic!
        See you on the 6 !

        Susan and Pamela

                                                              basters pinned 12 quilts. The label ladies did their
                                                              job, as well.
        COMMUNITY SERVICE                                                                                th
                                                                     Please remember to turn in the 4 of July kits
          PROJECT LINUS                                       you picked up at the April meeting. We want to have
                                                              those tops quilted in time for the 4 Holiday. Look
                                                              for more 4th of July kits at the meeting. We are sure
       A Big thank you to all of you who contribute
                                                              you can have them back by the June Meeting!
your skills and talents to Linus Project. Some of you
                                                                    Remember to sign in at the Linus Table when
                        are amazing with the amount
                                                              you return a kit or finished quilt. Also, sign in if you
                        of quilts or kits you complete.
                                                              donate fabric, etc. to Linus. We appreciate your
                        Even if you do one kit or quilt
                                                              participation and we want to know who you are.
                        each month, the total adds up
                                                                     Keep in mind that our charity work not only
                        to many. It’s the team effort
                                                              cheers up children but qualifies us as a non-profit
                        that counts.
                               Our March 21st
                        workshop included Marge
                                                              Donna Rasmussen and Mary Watson
                        Renner, Patti Brown, Sondra
Gordinier, Jeannine Nye, Mary Watson, Audrey
Estes, Donna Rasmussen and Dee Catlin. Dee also
donated lots of fabric already cut into different                 My deep gratitude goes to all who reached
shapes.                                                           out to ease my pain at the passing of my
       The April 1st guild meeting sign-ins:                      husband Dean. I thank you! Our family
Finished Quilts - Marty Happer (1) Shelley Castellino             thanks you!
(1), Finished Tops - Marlene Spence (2), Elaine
McVey (1) Jeanne Smerdon (1)             **Who made               I feel truly blessed to be a part of Seaside.
the cute cat quilt??****
       On April 4th the workshop included: Audrey,                Forever Grateful
Donna Hogle, Bette Fischer, Jeannine Nye, Patti                   A Quilting Buddy,
Brown, Ginny Nau, Marge Renner, Chris Bernet,
Mary Watson, and Donna Rasmussen. Many quilts                     Sondra Gordinier
were machine quilted by three ladies. The pin


                               APRIL MEETING HIGHLI GHTS

      Top Row, left to right: Quilts by Donna Rasmussen, Jeanette Jacoway, and Marlene Spence.
      Second Row: El Camino Quilters 2008 Opportunity Quilt, Quilt by Patti Brown, sample May
      Blocks of the Month from Marny Leondis.

Our April Meeting was full of fun and quilts. We heard all about batting from the “Batty Lady.” Did you know
Bamboo Batting was the latest thing? The El Camino Quilter’s Opportunity Quilt “Neutron Dance” was on display,
with lots of paper piecing. Jeannie Davey donated a lovely quilt for the Opportunity of the Month. We actually
had two Opportunities, thanks to an anonymous donor who provided a quilted tote bag. Jeannine Nye showed us
a sample of what Ernie Vella has been doing with the yarn we donate to him for Linus projects and promised he
would visit soon.

Congratulations to our Prize Winners: Fat Quarters and Block of the Month were both won by Barbara Perez.
Door Prize winners were Karen Austin, Marny Leondis, Sheryl King, Bigit Limmer, Barbara Perez, Dixie Jackson,
Joyce McCarthy, Marty Happer, Sandra Kirk, Chris Bernet, Pam Albers, June Huntridge and Linda Laird. Thanks to
our DONORS!! Rosies Calico Cupboard, Material Possessions, Sew Hut, Nancy’s Notions, P&B Fabrics, Coats and
Clark Thread, and Mt. Redoubt Designs.

                                         COMING UP IN MAY

                                                          MAY OPPORTUNITY OF THE MONTH
You might be missing out on free samples, quilt           Bette Fischer has given us a basket of joy and
show information, workshop news, other guild’s            wonder. You wonder where it all ends. She packs a
newsletters, quilting tips and much, much more.           mean basket. Here are just a few of the things
Help yourself to anything on this overloaded table.       waiting for you:
This information might enlighten or inspire you.          Fons and Porter Variety Pak plus Fons and Porters
                                  Check it out!
                                                          Chalk Pencils
                                                          Martials fusible batting
Mary Watson
                                                          Sees gift certificate
                                                          Quilting needles
                                                          Thread Haven
       HOSPITALITY COMMITTEE                              Wine and OTHER SURPRISES!!

Here are the members who signed up to bring finger        Come get your lucky pink tickets by the back door.
foods to the May 6 meeting:
                                                          I’ll be glad to see your smiling faces.

Bette Fischer
Jeanie Davey
Rebecca Johnson
Andrea Mau                                                                  Fat Quarters for May
Susan Wolf
Audrey Estes

Thank You Everyone!                                       May is an opportunity to start a summer project
                                                          using blue and white fabrics to keep you feeling
Virginia, Ruth and Judy                                   cool all through the hot San Diego months. This
                                                          month Fat Quarters are Blue and White.

              MAY BIRTHDAYS
                                                               $$ TREASURER’S REPORT $$
Happy Birthday!!! To Bea Davis, Rebecca Johnson,
Patricia McCoy, Linda Ledbettr, Judy Uyemura, Nora
Lucas, Lynn Glynn, Marlene Spence, Bette Jean             Wondering where our money goes? For security
Fischer, Jeanette Haseyama, Ann Desmond and               reasons, the Treasurer’s report is not included in the
Elaine McVey!                                             newsletter. However, copy of the Treasurer’s report
                                                          is available at the sign-in table at each Seaside
                                                          meeting for you to read. Any questions? Ask our
 May is the time to:                                      Treasurer, Cindy Feagle.

 Take the Seaside Challenge – last chance!!

 Pay Cindy Feagle by May 6 if you are attending the
 Temecula Quilting Retreat

                                    JUNE BLOCK OF THE MONTH
June is a good month to be thinking about plants for the garden or in the house. In "101 Foundation-Pieced Quilt
Blocks" I found just the block that you might want to try. So I thought, "Let's make the block of the month for June
a paper pieced potted plant!" The pattern is on page 9. The background pieces should be a neutral fabric and the
pot can be any combination of colors that you would like with the leaf pieces being green fabrics and the piece in
the middle could be a floral fabric of any color. Please add a very generous quarter inch around the block and leave
the paper on the back. I have made a couple of examples for you and they are quite easy. If you have any
questions, call me. Marny L. Leondis

                                         CHINESE AUCTION

                 The auction will be here sooner than you think!! SO, it’s time to start bringing in your Chinese
                 auction items.

                If you're new to Seaside, our Chinese Auction is our big fall fundraiser. We welcome donations of
                completed quilts, wall hangings, table toppers, vests, high-quality fabrics (you know the “What was
I thinking?” ones), quilting books, patterns, any of those duplicate notions and tools you bought because you
“forgot” you already had one, etc. We would also love baskets that you no longer use because we compose gift
baskets of the many smaller items. We have also been known to welcome gifts of wine, gift certificates, and your
one-of-a kind food specialty.

To make this as easy as possible, I am going to give you two option:
1) Bring it to a meeting. If you have a lot, just leave it in your car and we’ll switch it to my car during break or
after the meeting.
2) Bring it by my home on a Friday or the weekend. Just look me up in the Seaside directory (I don’t want my
address in the online newsletter), and give me a call or find me at the meeting and we’ll arrange a time for you to
come by.

We are starting to get some “good stuff.” We still need your handmade beauties or quilt-
related items you want to donate.

This is a big fund-raiser for us so let’s make this year truly terrific.
Chris Bernet


                                    MARK YOUR CALENDARS

May 3 – 4 Camarillo Quilt Guild Quilt Show
May 3 – 4 TLC Quilters presents "Alice in Quilter Land" - A members' showcase of quilts. Vendors, silent auction,
country store and much more! Saturday & Sunday, May 3 & 4, 2008. Email Contact:
May 17-18 Antelope Valley Quilt Association “Spring Splendor”, Website:
June 14 – July 6 San Diego County Fair “Summer of Sports”. Deadline for entry: May 7, 2008. Website:
July 25-27 International Quilt Festival/Long Beach (New Show). Long Beach Convention Center. The
Traveling Quilters buses will depart from La Mesa and Escondido. Contact Ruth Jones at (858) 569-6947. Email
Contact: Website:
August 28 - 30 Annual San Diego Quilt Show 2008 THE SAN DIEGO CONVENTION CENTER 111 W. Harbor Drive,
San Diego, HALL F 619-443-2706 The San Diego Quilt Show, Inc., Email contact: Website:
September 5,6 & 7: Men’s Quilting Retreat. Sponsored by the Creation Station Fabric and Quilt Shop. Buellton,
CA. See www.thecreationstation.come for more information.
September 12-13, Quilters Piece Corps of Victory Valley “Quilts for All Seasons IV”. San Bernadino County
Fairgrounds. Email Contact:

                                         FREE ADMISSION!!

Bring this coupon and your badge or guild ID for free admision to the Del Mar Quilt, Craft and Sewing Festival

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