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                  Arc Brand Marketing- SECRET SHOPPER REGISTRATION FORM

                         RENEWAL            or       NEW      (please circle one)

First & Last Name: _____________________________________________________

Street Address: _______________________________________________________

City: _______________________ State: _________________ Zip: ______________

Daytime Phone: ________________ Evening Phone: ____________________

Email: __________________________________________(REQUIRED)

Please choose only one theatre to evaluate. Once chosen, you may not change. You must get
prior authorization to change locations:

        Theatre Name                     Location

___     Southpoint Cinemas               Durham, NC

___     Market Common Cinemas            Myrtle Beach, SC

Secret Shopper Agreement:

I have read and understand the rules and program specifics in the informational packet. I am not a
relative or associated with any employee of Stone Theatres or ARC Brand Marketing. I understand that I
will be required to participate fully with an objective view. I understand that failure to turn in forms
completed or participate under the guidelines described in the informational packet, I will not receive a
refund or be allowed to continue to participate. I further understand that I am not an employee of Stone
Theatres or Arc Brand Marketing and have no rights under the Employment Act.

________________________________                   ________________________
Signature                                                       Date

Payment Information:

Check or Money Order in the amount of $50 Payable to Arc Brand Marketing enclosed (please no cash)

Please note: Deposits are made quarterly and you may not see your check or money order clear for up to
30-50 days. This program is an online evaluation. You must have internet access and email to

Mail with payment to:
Arc Brand Marketing
Attn: Marie McClaflin
9030 Glencroft Road
Charlotte, NC 28227

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