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I t's no secret that BPA has been a by gyq81223


									                                                                                                                                      Vol. 20, No. 5 • November 2000

                                                                               A monthly employee publication of the Bonneville Power Administration

       t’s no secret that BPA has been a leader for
       many years in promoting new environment
       friendly power sources. But BPA will also
                                                                                   Blue Sky brings more greening
       soon become a leading commercial user of
green power.
   This summer BPA signed a contract with Pacific                                                                    home and business customers signed up to buy
Power to buy green power under its Blue Sky                                                                          more than 3 million kWh of wind power per year.
program. BPA’s headquarters will use 46,000                                                                          Pacific Power sells the Blue Sky power in blocks of
kilowatt-hours of wind energy per month. That                                                                        100 kWh at $4.75 per month.
comes to 552 megawatts per year.                                                                                        Richardson said the environmental benefit of
   BPA will pay $26,200 per year for the green                                                                       that equates to 4.5 million miles of reduced car
power – 47.5 mills per kWh. Pacific Power will                                                                       driving, or to planting 825 acres of trees.
use the revenues from its Blue Sky sales to build                                                                       Johansen said BPA’s Blue Sky buy shows “our
new wind energy projects.                                                                                            commitment to the environment.” She urged other
   The purchase helps BPA meet a new Department                                                                      businesses to support the development of wind
of Energy mandate. In April DOE directed its                                                                         power and other green resources. “We challenge
agencies to buy renewable resources to meet some                                                                     others to commit to purchasing renewable energy,”
of their power needs. BPA will get about 5 percent                                                                   she said. And she urged other utilities to create
of its headquarters energy from Blue Sky.                                                                            programs like Blue Sky to offer new clean energy
   Administrator Judi Johansen and PacifiCorp                                                                        to their customers.
CEO Alan Richardson sealed the deal at a public                                                                         Other speakers complimented BPA for its green
event on Aug. 3. They signed a larger-than-life                                                                      efforts. They included Congressman Earl
contract before a downtown lunchtime audience at                                                                     Blumenauer, Multnomah County Commission
Pioneer Courthouse Square.                                                                                           chair Bev Stein, Renewable Northwest Project
   PacifiCorp owns Pacific Power and hosted the                                                                      director Rachel Shimshak and Bonneville Environ-
event. It included entertainment, windmill mod-                                                                      mental Foundation head Angus Duncan.
els, information booths with handouts, and free
blue snow cones and soft drinks. Frisbee-catching
dogs performed and a Dixieland quartet played.
Richardson made the most                                                                                                      Clear skies prevailed at Portland’s
bubbles in a fun contest                                                                                                      Pioneer Courthouse Square for an
among speakers.                                                                                                               Aug. 2 renewable energy event.
                                                                                                                              (Top) Administrator Judi Johansen signs
   Richardson complimented                                                                                                    a Blue Sky contract as PacifiCorp CEO
BPA for being a leader and                                                                                                    Alan Richardson waits his turn to sign.
“for making a difference.” He                                                                                                 (Bottom right) Richardson made the
gave BPA Pacific’s Visionary                                                                                                  most bubbles in a fun contest with
Level award. He said Blue Sky                                                                                                 other dignitaries and a downtown
                                                                                                                              lunchtime crowd enjoyed the program,
has been a success since it was                                                                                               entertainment and free refreshments.
launched. In the first four                                                                                                   Photos by Jack Odgaard
months, more than 1,000

             bout 300 BPA employees turned out in
              mid-September for a “survivor”
              barbecue at Portland. BPA events
                                                                 BBQ wraps up
               coordinator Cheri Larson said it
brought people together to celebrate the end of a
                                                                a “long” summer                                                                           profile – Is
                                                                                                                                                          this guy
long summer.                                                                                                                                              looking for
   “We wanted to acknowledge people who helped                                                                                                            skeletons in a
                                                                                                                                                          BPA closet?
BPA get through so many high profile and stressful                                                                                                        Who is he and
things the past few months,” Larson said. So her                                                                                                          what’s he up
team came up with an idea for a theme based on                                                                                                            to? See page 2
the recent “Survivor” TV program.                                                                                                                         to find out.
                                                                                                                                                             Photo by Taro O’Sullivan
   Buster’s Bar-B-Que served the lunch, and folks
signed up for the event. The outdoor event was
held in the headquarters cul-de-sac park. Signs in
the flagpole island made
light-hearted fun of some                                                                                                                                 The tall
of BPA’s big challenges of                                                                                                                                window
                                                                                                                                                          frames cast
the year.                                                                                                                                                 patterns inside
   Administrator Judi                                                                                                                                     the Celilo
Johansen thanked                                                                                                                                          Converter
employees for their hard                                                                                                                                  Station at The
work. An ad hoc group,                                                                                                                                    Dalles. See the
                                                                                                                                                          back page for
the BPA Rappers, pro-                                                                                                                                     more photos
vided the entertainment.                                                                                                                                  from the 30th
They put the recent work                                                                                                                                  anniversary
and successes to rap                                                                                                                                      open house in
music and a little dance –                                                                                                                                August.
to the laughter of many                                                                                                                                   Photo by Jack Odgaard

folks, and some chagrin
                             Employees enjoyed a summer wrap-up barbecue fling at headquarters. RIF
of others.                   and the Early Outs played swing music, the BPA Rappers entertained and
   Earlier, Johansen had     exectuvies said thanks for all the hard work of the year.       Photos by Paul Hansen
thanked BPA workers for
their work through a                                                                                                   Inside             the          Circuit
number of tough issues since last spring. The            program in the wake of wild and unpredictable
Aug. 8 BPA This Week carried a hand-written              energy markets. Transmission and other groups
message on its cover from the administrator. “We         finished the groundwork for the regional transmis-            2   Workplace VP looks over terrain
have had an extraordinary few weeks and I want           sion organization – to be known as RTO West.                  3   Electric revolution scenes
to thank you all for your continued exemplary               And BPA helped keep the lights on in the NW                4   Transmission’s field regions and map
performance,” she wrote.                                 and California during extreme hot weather and                 7   Attu Island adventure
   During the late spring through summer, BPA            energy shortages. So it was a pretty good summer              8   BPA powers dragon boats
got its new computer Business Solutions Project up       after all, and a good reason to celebrate at that.
and running. BPA modified its subscription                  Good work, everyone at BPA!
  November 2000
                                                                                         2                                                               Circuit

      f you guessed Terry Esvelt for the
      mystery profile photo on the front
      page, you’re right. But Esvelt isn’t                     Veep looks over new terrain                                                    Front page mystery
      looking in a closet for BPA skel-                                                                                                       profile –
etons or ghosts. He just walked through                                                                                                       Terry Esvelt, Senior VP for
an inspection door into the air delivery system                    The BPA headquarters is the fifth largest build-          the new employee and business resources
duct on the top floor of BPA headquarters.                       ing in Portland, Esvelt says. “The complexity of            group checks out some of his domain. On
   “Why would he do that?” you might ask. To                                                                                 the front page, Esvelt walks into the air
                                                                 the systems it needs to support 1,500 workers and           delivery system duct at HQ through an
check it out, of course. “There’s a heck of a breeze             BPA’s power operation center is very impressive,”           inspection door.
going through that area,” Esvelt said on a tour of               he says.
the more obscure parts of BPA’s headquarters
building. He took the tour recently to get to know
the place better. It’s part of his new job and
responsibilities starting in October.
   Esvelt becomes senior vice president of the new
workforce and workplace group. At least that’s
what it was called initially. But he invited people
in the work group to suggest other names. The
group settled on employee and business resources,
and that’s now official.
   The new group combines the Shared Services
organization with parts of the former corporate
group that handle policies about BPA people and
the work environment. The latter include safety,
security, human resources and diversity, and
contracts and property management.
   So, to get more familiar with the physical terrain
of his new post, Esvelt toured the HQ plant. He
poked his nose into nooks and crannies, checked
equipment closets and looked over operating
centers from the basement to the roof.

                                                                 Above left – Alan Crymes of HQ facilities explains the public address and white noise system. Right
                                                                 – Esvelt and Stewart McLaughlin of facilities view the penthouse emergency backup power system
                                                                 for the Power Business Line scheduling floor.                                      Photos by Taro O’Sullivan

                                                                                               CFC drive is shorter
                                                                                                    with local
                                                                              his year’s                                                                   donated three high
Up and over to the rescue. BPA attorney
Arlena Barnes had a smile of relief after being
                                                                                                  focus and fun                                            teas to be held in her
                                                                                                                                                           garden. Vacation
“rescued” from her office recently. Barnes had
closed the door to her office to work but when                               Charities                                                                     homes, household
she tried to leave a couple hours later the door                 campaign is going to                                                                      services (yardwork,
knob wouldn’t open the latch. A call to                          be short and sweet at BPA. The “sweet” is a new          babysitting, baking, cleaning), and crafts and new
building management brought Bill Peterson of                     twist with weekly themes, local charity benefits         gifts are all acceptable. The weekly themes and
Tecom and help.                                                  and fun events for everyone.                             events follow.
   The door handle could only be removed from                       “This year’s campaign will celebrate the ways            Week one – Nurturing the community. BPA will
inside with a special tool. A helper and
witnesses watched as Peterson climbed a ladder                   that we serve our community,” Bryan Crawford of          hold a canned food drive to benefit the Oregon
in the hallway. He got into the ceiling above                    finance says. “CFC is                                                              Food Bank and people will
Barnes’s office and dropped another ladder                       one way many employ-                                                               be able to order flowers and
down to her. Barnes set and steadied the second                  ees can get involved in                                                            candy for later delivery.
ladder so Peterson could climb down and                          their communities,” says                                                              Week two – Nurturing
remove the door handle to fix it.
                                                                 Kelly Otis of transmis-                                                            the elderly. BPA will
   Peterson said painters had been working over                  sion training. Crawford                                                            conduct a used clothing
the weekend and removed the door hardware.
When a worker replaced the door hardware on                      and Otis co-chair the                                                              drive to benefit the needy
Barnes’s office, the handle missed the latch                     drive for BPA in the                                                               elderly and will hold a
opening.                                                         lower Columbia River                                                               miniature golf tournament.
   Germaine Sunday, staff manager for the                        area that includes Port-                                                           Proceeds from the latter will
general counsel’s office, took photos of the                     land, Vancouver, Long-                                                             go to Northwest Medical
event — just for the record, of course.                          view and The Dalles.                                                               Teams and the American
                                                                    This year’s target is to                                                        Cancer Association.

Editor: Jack Odgaard
                              Circuit                            increase participation to
                                                                 30 percent, from the 26
                                                                 percent in 1999, and to
                                                                                                                                                       Week three – Nurturing
                                                                                                                                                    our mind. BPA will hold a
                                                                                                                                                    bowling tournament to
                                                                 raise $190,000 in                                                                  benefit Books for Kids. A
Writers/Researchers: Linda Anderson, Becky Clark,                pledges. But Crawford                                                              used book drive will benefit
Alison Halfmoon, Karla Lapp, Rosalie Nourse,                     says they have other                                                               S.M.A.R.T (Start Making a
Susan Riffel                                                     goals in mind as well.                                                             Reader Today), local
Photographers: Becky Clark, Fred Elliott, Paul Hansen,           “We want to build                                                                  shelters, youth activity
Bob Heims, Sherry Lind, Rosalie Nourse, Jack Odgaard,            enthusiasm, increase                                                               centers and daycare centers.
Taro O’Sullivan, Germaine Sunday                                 pride in employees’                                                                   Week four – Nurturing
Associate Editors: Nicia Balla, Alison Halfmoon, Paul            giving and make the                                                                the family. BPA will deliver
Hansen, Karen Hauser, Cheri Larson, Katie Leonard, Judy          drive more fun,” he says.                                                          the flowers and candy that
McElhaney, Carlene Stenehjem, Ian Templeton                         The national theme for the 2000 campaign is           people ordered earlier. Proceeds from these sales
                                                                 “Nurturing hope.” The campaign will run                  will go to homeless shelters in Portland and
                                                                 five weeks – from Oct. 30 to Dec. 1. Each week           Vancouver. BPA will also collect coats and blankets
BPA Circuit                                                      will have a sub-theme and focus on a different           to give to local shelters.
Bonneville Power Administration                                  charity field.                                              Week five – Nurturing our future. The CFC
Communications - KC                                                 Check the CFC Web site for up-to-date infor-          campaign will close out with a quiz show between
P.O. Box 3621                                                    mation daily. It will have places to sign up, enter      the business lines. BPA will also announce the
Portland, OR 97208-3621                                          or order for the various events during the cam-          results of the silent auction held over the Web.
(503) 230-7306
                                                                 paign. The Web site is: http://webip1/corporate/            Finally, BPA will hold a Santa Claus letter
Or send an e-mail to Jack Odgaard                                kcc/cfc/home.html.                                       fundraiser this week. People can choose a letter to
Internet address:                                 During the full five weeks, BPA will hold a           have sent to children, friends, relatives, or anyone
                                                                 silent auction on the Web site. The auction pro-         else that they want. The letters will be printed on
Visit BPA’s Web site: and the Circuit         ceeds will benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation,           holiday paper and mailed from Alaska with a
at           the Associates Foundation and the Doernbecher            North Pole postmark. Proceeds go to the
                                                                 Children’s Hospital.                                     Doernbecher hospital.
Don’t break the chain! Please recycle the Circuit with other
                                                                    The CFC co-chairs are seeking donations for           — by Alison Halfmoon, intern in the
white paper after you read it.
                                                                 the auction from employees and local businesses.         communications group
                                                                 Dulcy Mahar of communications has already
  Vol. 20, No. 5
                                                                                  3                                                         Circuit

                                                       Electric event elicits
             he second Electric Revolution that BPA                                                              and more efficient equipment will help fill in
             held was an even bigger success than                                                                the picture.
           the first one 18 months ago. And the         energy enthusiasts                                          Reliability is now becoming a major concern.
           direction of the August 2000 event at                                                                 The west coast and other regions once again
the Oregon Convention Center was quite different                                                                 have to deal with energy shortages at times.
than the March 1999 program.                                                                                     Ralph Cavanagh of the Natural Resources
                                                       ized power helps her co-op and the environment
   Acting Deputy Administrator Terry Esvelt                                                                      Defense Council said the renewable sources,
                                                       in many ways. The Washington co-op installs solar
emceed the two-day event. He said people last year                                                               new products and greater efficiency can all help
                                                       panels at remote farm and ranch sites. Thus it
looked at new ways and innovative products to                                                                    solve reliability problems.
                                                       doesn’t have to run new long power lines or take
meet future energy needs. “This year,” he said,                                                                     Dr. Don Aitken of the Union of Concerned
                                                       energy from the grid. The solar units pump water
“they kicked the tires of the products and systems.                                                              Scientists said architecture and engineering
                                                       to livestock so owners can fence off streams and
This conference was about the near-term, now.”                                                                   have a big role in the future. He said building
                                                       stop erosion caused by livestock.
   The U.S. Department of Energy, Alcoa Fujikura                                                                 designs should work with nature to save
                                                          With decentralized energy in the future, new
Ltd., Automatic Switch Co. and OSI Software Inc.                                                                 energy, and he gave a recent example. When
                                                       products and systems will be important parts of the
sponsored the event with BPA. Fourteen                                                                           his group renovated its older three-story
                                                                         picture. And green resources
other public and private energy groups                                                                           building near Harvard University, they installed
supported the conference.                         Where were                                                     solar panels and windows that people can
   Nearly 400 people attended from several             you                                                         open. Aitken said it just makes sense to use
countries. Utilities, government agencies and       during the                                                        nature in designs to conserve energy rather
electric businesses took part. More than two      revolution?                                                            than consume it.
dozen companies showed products. Those                                                                                        On the last day, people split up into
ranged from wind turbines to solar systems,                                                                                   10 groups. They discussed the
cogeneration to standby generation, and fuel                                                                                     likely future of different energy
cells to new super efficient meters and motors.                                                                                  products and fields. Among the
   In her welcome, Administrator                                                                                                 topics were green power, the
Judi Johansen said that centralized                                                                                              regional transmission organiza-
structures won’t work in the                                                                                                      tion, distributed energy, wind
future. Others spoke on that                                                                                                      power, solar, fiber optics and
theme. Some described small                                                                                                     many others.
power choices for remote sites. One                                                                                               For a summary of the event, go to
described large systemwide energy                                                                                             BPA’s home page. You’ll find it at
savings with use of consumer                                                                                         Just click on the
credits.                                                                                                                      Electric Revolution II icon.
   Ellen Lamiman of Okanogan                                                                                                  — by Jack Odgaard, editor
County Electric Co-op said decentral-

                                                                        Photos by Jack Odgaard
                                                                                                 around the

                                                                   enry Fuller, materials handler, has only      Along with three executives and professional
                                                                   been playing golf for about a year. But,   golfer Steve Hart, Fuller held his own. “I was a
          Fuller scores                                            that didn’t stop him from entering a
                                                                   drawing to play in the Pro-am tourna-
                                                                                                              nervous wreck, but they calmed me down and
                                                                                                              taught me a lot,” he said. “On Sunday they gave
           in pro-am                                   ment at this year’s Fred Meyer Challenge. Next
                                                        thing he knew he was at The Vineyard golf
                                                                                                              me tips on driving, which was good. I was afraid I
                                                                                                              was going to hit someone — I don’t always hit
                                                         course in Hillsboro, Ore., alongside some pretty     straight.”
                                                         famous golfers.                                         Besides meeting such golfers as Peter Jacobsen,
                                                                 “It was a thrill,” Fuller said. “Everyone    Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus, Fuller also
                                                                   was so friendly and nice. They treated     signed a few autographs for star-struck young
                                                                   us all like royalty.”                      children. “They didn’t know who I was, but it was
                                                                                                              fun,” he said.
                                                                                                                 The format was team play, where each player
                                                                                                              hits from the best ball hit. “I made three eagle
                                                                                                              putts and eight birdies. My putting was good,”
                                                                                                              Fuller said. “We finished 18 out of 55 teams.”
                                                                                                                 Along with delicious food and a great time,
                                                                                                              Fuller received a new pair of golf shoes, a DVD-
                                                                                                              CD player, golf balls, a set of crystal glassware, a
                                                                                                              golf hat and golf shirt. Of course, he was the only
                                                                                                              golfer sporting a BPA shirt and hat.

                                                                                                              — by Linda Anderson, writer for the
                                                                                                              Transmission Business Line

                                                                                                              From handling materials at the BPA warehouse
                                                                                                              to handling clubs on the golf course, Henry
                                                                                                              Fuller gets into the swing of things. Fuller was
                                                                                                              the newest golfer at the Pro-am tourney in this
                                                                                                              year’s Fred Meyer Challenge.
                                                                                                                                                     Photos by Sherry Lind
  November 2000
                                                                                        4                                                    Circuit
           Fewer and larger                                                                 Orion L. Albro-TFO
       field regions work well

                                                                                            5240 Trosper St SW               couver), Atochem North American
                                                                                            Olympia, WA 98512                ELF (Penwalt), City of Centralia,
                                                                                            (360) 704-1600                   City of McCleary, City of Port
        t’s been six years since Transmission Field Services formed with                                                     Angeles, Clallam Co. PUD No. 1,
first 11, then seven regional offices. So how is the structure working?           Districts: Olympia, Ross, Chehalis,        Clark Public Utilities, Cowlitz
   “We’ve met our objectives for the most part,” says Fred Johnson,               Kitsap, Longview, Port Angeles             County PUD, Grays Harbor County
Transmission Field Services vice president. “We flattened our layers of           Region size: 20,896 square miles           PUD, Lewis County PUD, Mason
management, lowered our costs and made great strides in improving how             No. of substations: 56                     County PUD No. 1, Mason County
work is approved and moves through the organization.”                             Transmission line:                                     PUD No. 3, Pacific
   Before the reorganization, “we didn’t communicate very well,” says             2,026 circuit miles                                    County PUD No. 2,
Orion Albro, regional manager in Olympia, Wash. “I was in substation                                                                     Port Townsend Paper
operations in the Walla Walla Area office and frankly that’s all I cared          Customers: Oregon —                                    Corp. (DSI), Puget
about. Today, we do a better job looking at the agency’s goals and trans-         Clatskanie PUD, City of                                Sound Energy/Olympic
lating them into activities that support them. I look back now and can see        Cascade Locks, Colum-                                  Peninsula, Puget Sound
why the change was necessary.”                                                    bia River PUD, Portland                                Naval Shipyard
   Teamwork seems to have improved as well between those in the                   General Electric,                                      (Bremerton), Reynolds
construction organization and field services. Prior to restructuring, a           Reynolds Aluminum                                      Aluminum (Longview),
middle layer of management was the focal point between the two groups.            (Troutdale), West                                      Skamania County PUD,
   “Today, we have closer working relationships with the regional staff,”         Oregon electric Coop-                                  Submarine Base Bangor/
says Dwight Raikoglo, manager of construction maintenance services. “It’s         erative; Washington —                                  Navy, Transalta, Vanalco
better in that we can let them know what we’re there for and in turn rely         ACPC Inc. (Van-                                        Inc., Wahkiakum PUD.
on their operations people to support us.” His crews rely on the regions
to do switching, clear circuits and get work permits and clearances, along
with many other steps so construction crews can work safely and quickly.
   Gary Parks headed the old Vancouver region and now heads the Red-
mond region. He sees increased in-                                                                                                                      Bellingham
dependence and better communica-                                                                                                                   Snohomish
tion across the organization. “First          Construction and Maintenance Services
line supervisors have really become
                                                                                                                                      Port Angeles            Snohomish
managers of their own business,” he         Dwight Raikoglo – TFH
says. “The structure works well and
the only headache is finding enough         5411 N.E. Highway 99                  for field repairs and new installa-                                  Seattle                    e
time in the day to do all that needs        Vancouver, WA 98666                   tions. Specializes in hauling and                                           W A S H I N G
attention.”                                                                                                                                          Tacoma
                                            (360) 418-2863                        placing large transformers, reactors                  Olympia
   Johnson says that is one problem         Customers: Every NW utility that      and breakers. In addition, the crew
Field Services is trying to fix. “When                                                                                                            Centralia
                                            interconnects with us, the Corps of   is trained to perform environmental
reorganizing, we may have gone too          Engineers, Bureau of Reclamation,     cleanup work.                                                Olympia
far in cutting the number of manag-         WAPA and BPA.                         Ross Facility Management – Provide                              Longview
ers. That’s why we’re bringing in                                                 routine repairs and minor renova-
deputy region managers to help with                                                                                                               Portland
                                            Groups in Construction:               tions for the 50 buildings and
the workload and ensure employees           Central Electrical Services, General  grounds at the Ross Complex.                                                                    P
have the support they need.”                Craft Services, Ross Facility Manage- Fiber Optics Construction Coordina-
   Johnson says this structure should                                                                                                  Salem
                                            ment, Fiberoptics Construction        tion – Plan all field activities associ-
serve BPA well for future decades,          Coordination.                                      ated with new fiber optic            Newport
despite the formation of a regional         What each group does:                              construction at BPA.
transmission organization. “We don’t        Central Electrical                                 “In the eight years that                                          Redmond
know what it will look like, but we         Services – Provides all                            I’ve worked in Construc-
believe the transmission system will        aspects of civil construc-                         tion, the expertise,                  Alvey                    O R E G O N
remain federal and our work will            tion and site develop-                             enthusiasm, and drive to
not change in the near term. Some-                                                                                                   Eugene
                                            ment. Splice new cable                             get the job done have
one has to keep the lights on.”             runs and repair damaged                            been our foundation and
   In sum, he says “the vision we           control and station                                our strength,” Raikoglo                                                    Redmo
had six years ago for transformation        services cables.                                   says. “This ‘can do’
and reengineering has been a                General Craft Services –                           attitude is a reputation
success. It is serving our employees,       Uses computer-con-                                 earned over the years
the customers and the region well.                                                                                                                    Klamath Falls
                                            trolled machines to                                and is prevalent today.”
We’re providing a safe, reliable, cost-     develop bus fittings,
effective transmission system for all.”     tower steel, panel and
— by Linda Anderson, writer for           rack assemblies needed
the Transmission Business Line

                                                                                            Bob Kiser – TFE

                                                                                            86000 Highway 99 South           Canby Utility Board, Central
                                                                                            Eugene, OR 97405                 Lincoln PUD, Consumers Power
                                                                                            (503) 465-6991                   Inc., Coos-Curry Electric Co-op,
                                                                                                                                        Douglas Electric Co-op,
                                                                                            Districts: Alvey,                           City of Drain, Emerald
                                                                                            Chemawa, North Bend                         PUD, Eugene Water &
                                                                                            Region size: 24,349                         Electric Board, City of
                                                                                            square miles                                Forest Grove. Lane
                                                                                            No. of substations/                         Electric Co-op, City of
                                                                                            facilities: 82/143                          McMinnville, City of
                                                                                            Transmission line: 2,228                    Monmouth, Salem
                                                                                            circuit miles                               Electric, Springfield
                                                                                                                                        Utility Board, Tillamook
                                                                                            Customers: City of                          PUD, West Oregon
                                                                                            Ashland, City of Bandon,                    Electric Co-op,
                                                                                            Blachly-Lane Co-op,                         PacifiCorp, PGE, Bureau
Transmission field managers meet with Fred Johnson (right), who heads
the hands-on group that keeps BPA’s power grid up and running. Since                                                                    of Mines, OreMet.
the agency reorganizations that began in 1994, BPA’s regional operations
have changed a lot. From four area offices with many districts, the
Transmission Business Line moved to 11 regions in 1995. It later reduced
to eight and now has seven.
                                                                   Photo by Bob Heims
                Vol. 20, No. 5
                                                                                                 5                                                              Circuit

               Snohomish                                                                             Ken Hemmelman – TFS
                                                                                                                                                Plummer, City of Troy, Columbia
                                                                                                     2410 E. Hawthorne
              Denis Sjoquist – TFN                                                                                                              Falls Aluminum Co., Consolidated
                                                                                                     Mead, WA 99021-9594                        Irrigation District, Douglas Co.
                                                                                                     (509) 358-7375                             PUD, Ferry Co. PUD, Flathead
              914 Ave. D                                 Customers: Alder Mutual, Blaine,
              Snohomish, WA 98290                        Eatonville, Elmhurst Mutual,                                                           Electric Co-op, Glacier Electric Co-
                                                                                                     Districts: Bell, Ellensburg, Grand         op, Grant Co. PUD, Inland Power
              (360) 568-4962                             Fircrest, Intalco, Kaiser Aluminum,         Coulee, Sickler, Schultz, Kalispell,
                                                                      Lakeview L&P, Milton,                                                     & Light, Kaiser Aluminum, Kittitas
                                                                                                     Garrison                                   County PUD, Kootenai Electric
              Districts: Snohomish,                                   Ohop Mutual, Orcas             Region size: 85,397 square miles
              Covington, Custer                                       P&L, Parkland P&L,                                                        Co-op, Lincoln Electric Co-op,
                                                                                                     No. of substations/facilities:             Mission Valley Power, Missoula
              Region size: 11,864                                     Peninsula P&L, Seattle         70/209
              square miles                                            City Light, Snohomish                                                                 Electric Co-op, Modern
                                                                                                     Transmission line:                                     Electric Water Co.,
              No. of substations/                                     PUD, Steilacoom, Sumas,        4,865 circuit miles
              facilities: 30/50                                       Tacoma, Tanner Electric,                                                              Montana Power Co.,
              Transmission line:                                      Whatcom PUD, Puget                                                                    Nespelem Valley Electric
                                                                                                     Customers: Alcoa,                                      Co-op Inc., Northern
              1,113 circuit miles                                     Sound Energy.                  Avista, Chelan County                                  Lights, Inc., Northwest
                                                                                                     PUD, City of Bonners                                   Alloys, Okanogan
                                                                                                     Ferry, City of Cheney,                                 County Electric Co-op
                                                                                                     City of Chewelah, City                                 Inc., Okanogan County
                                                                                                     of Coulee Dam Light                                    PUD, Pend Oreille
                                                                                                     Dept., City of                                         County PUD, Ravalli
                                                                                                     Ellensburg, City of                                    County Electric Co-op,
                                                                                                                                                            Vera Irrigation District,
                                                                                                                                                            Vigilante Electric Co-op.

                        Spokane                                                                       Idaho Falls
                 Bell                                                                                Lynn Kerzman – TFI
                  Spokane Couer d’Alene
G T O N                                                                                              1520 Hollipark Drive                       Co-op, Lower Valley P&L.,
                                                                                                     Idaho Falls, ID 83401                      Minidoka, Raft River Electric Co-op,
                                                     M O N T A N A
                                                                                                     (208) 523-2748                             Riverside Electric, Rupert, Salmon
                                                 Missoula                                                                                       River Electric Co-op, Soda Springs,
                                                                Helena                               Districts: Idaho Falls, Burley             South Side Electric Lines, Unity
              Walla Walla
                                                                                                     Region size: 83,003                        Light & Power, Weiser, Wells Rural
                                                                                                     square miles                                           Electric, Idaho Power,
                                                                                                     No. of substations/                                    Sierra Pacific, Utah P&L.
              Walla Walla                                                                            facilities: 36/52
                                                                                                     Transmission line: 393
                                                                                                     circuit miles

                                                                                                     Customers: Albion,
                                                                                                     Burley, Declo, East End
                                          I D A H O                                                  Mutual, Fall River
                                                                                                     Electric Co-op, Farmers
                                                                Idaho Falls                          Electric, Heyburn, Idaho
      Burns                      Boise
                                               Idaho Falls                                           Falls, Lost River Electric



                                                                                                      Walla Walla

                                                                                                     Truman Conn – TFP

                                                                                                     1520 Kelly Place                           Inc., Columbia Rural Electric
                                                                                                     Walla Walla, WA 99362                      Association Inc., Franklin County
                                                                                                     (509) 527-6238                             PUD, Grant County PUD, Idaho
               Redmond                                                                                                                          County Light & Power Co-op
                                                                                                     Districts: Ashe, Pasco/Franklin,           Association, Inc., Idaho Power Co.,
              Gary Parks – TFR                                                                       McNary                                     Inland Power & Light Co., Milton-
                                                                                                     Region size: 26,080 square miles           Freewater Light & Power, Oregon
                                                                                                     No. of substations/facilities: 60/71       Trail Electric Co-op, Pacific Power
              3655 W. Hwy. 126                           Customers: Klickitat PUD, North-
                                                                                                     Transmission line: 1,347                               and Light, Portland
              Redmond, OR 97756                          ern Wasco PUD, Wasco Electric Co-
                                                                                                     circuit miles                                          General Electric,
              (541) 548-4015                             op, Hood River Electric Co-op,
                                                                                                                                                            S. Columbia Basin
                                                         Columbia Basin Electric Co-op,
                                                                                                     Customers: Asotin                                      Irrigation District,
              Districts: The Dalles, Celilo,             Central Electric Co-op, Midstate
                                                                                                     County PUD No. 1,                                      Umatilla Electric Co-op
              Redmond, Malin                                        Electric Co-op, Harney
                                                                                                     Benton County PUD,                                     Association, U.S. DOE
              Region size: 7,990 square                             Electric Co-op, Surprise
                                                                                                     Benton Rural Electric                                  Richland, USBIA, USBR,
              miles                                                 Valley Electrification
                                                                                                     Association, Big Bend                                  Energy Northwest, Avista.
              No. of substations/                                   Corp, Los Angeles
                                                                                                     Electric Co-op Inc., City
              facilities: 17/27                                     Department of Water and
                                                                                                     of Richland, Clearwater
              Transmission line: 809                                Power, Northwest
                                                                                                     Power Company, Colum-
              circuit miles                                         Aluminum, Goldendale
                                                                                                     bia Basin Electric Co-op
                                                                    Aluminum, Pacific
                                                                    Power, PGE.

                                                                                                       Number of substations/facilities shows BPA substations first and total
                                                                                                       number of facilities last – which includes radio sites and other facilities.
  November 2000
                                                                                                              6                                                                                 Circuit

        ohn E. “Jack” Cusick of                        as business agent for Local 768 of the                     1957 and served four years in the
        BPA’s Kalispell, Mont.,                        International Brotherhood of Electri-                      U.S. Air Force as a fighter mechanic.
        regional office died Aug. 27                   cal Workers.                                                  A memorial mass was held
        at age 61. He was being                                                                                   Aug. 31 at St. Matthew’s Catholic
treated for a bleeding ulcer.                                                                                     Church. The family suggests that
   Cusick came to BPA in 1990 as an                             Kalispell                                         memorials be given in Cusick’s name
electrician at Kalispell. He worked                                                                               to St. Matthew’s Catholic School,
several years in transmission con-                             electrician                                        602 S. Main, Kalispell, MT 59901.
struction and traveled throughout                                                                                    Survivors include his wife, Linda,
the region. He was assigned to the                                dies                                            of Kalispell; son Frank of Fountain
new Kalispell region about three                                                                                  Valley, Calif.; three daughters, all of
years ago.                                                                                                        Kalispell – Debbie Smithlin, Tammy
   Prior to coming to BPA, Cusick                        He was born in Shelby, Mont.,                            Gustafson and Cara Boka; seven
worked on the Alaskan Pipeline and                     July 16, 1939, to Edwin and Edith                          grandchildren; three brothers; and
on job sites in New York and Boston.                   Parker Cusick. He graduated from                           several nephews, nieces, uncles
He served several years in the 1970s                   Kalispell’s Flathead High School in                        and aunts.

June                                                   10 years                                                   Ann Martin, Electrician, Central Electrical Services,
                                                                                                                                                                          John J. Cooley III, Helicopter Pilot, Aircraft Services,
                                                       Annette D. Barnes, Contract Specialist, Purchasing
anniversaries                                          and Property Manager, Portland
                                                                                                                  Dave L. Vanscotter, Electrician Helper, Central
                                                                                                                  Electrical Services, Vancouver
                                                                                                                                                                          Thomas G. Edwards, Welder, General Craft
                                                                                                                                                                          Services, Vancouver
                                                       Hope E. Pennell, Environmental Specialist, Policy
35 years                                               Strategic Planning, Spokane
                                                                                                                  Barbara M. Vaughn, Transmission Field Clerk,            Don L. Hawkins, Resource Management Specialist,
Eugene McClellan, Construction Coordinator,                                                                       Olympia Region                                          Spokane Region
                                                       Deborah Docherty, Fishery Biologist, EF&W,
Construction & Maintenance Services, Vancouver                                                                    Shannon Dee Hildreth, Groundman A, Chehalis             Michael C. Gray, Heavy Mobile Equipment
Dennis L. Noble, Electronics Engineer, PSC Sickler,                                                               Loren L. Anderson, Supervisory Electrical Engineer,     Mechanic, Kalispell
                                                       Chiou S. Hong, Public Utilities Specialist, Risk
Ellensburg                                                                                                        Celilo                                                  Jerome T. Richards, Electrical Engineer, Control and
                                                       Management, Portland
Thomas M. Noguchi, Customer Account Executive,                                                                    Grace Yarbrough Gates, Contract Specialist,             Protection, Vancouver
                                                       Toby M. Cossairt, Lineman, Pasco
Transmission Marketing & Sales, Vancouver                                                                         Construction Services & Field Purchasing,               Suzanne H. Sivyer, Architect, Facility Development,
                                                       Craig L. Wohlsein, Lineman, Grand Coulee
Edward S. Chittester, Supervisory Electrical                                                                      Vancouver                                               Portland
                                                       Manh Lap Lerng, Computer Specialist, Transmission
Engineer, Control Center Software Design,                                                                         Daniel L. Goldsworthy, Electrical Engineer, Control     Danny A. Bradley, Electrical Engineer, HV
                                                       Billing, Vancouver
Vancouver                                                                                                         and Protection, Vancouver                               Equipment, Vancouver
                                                       David L. Aichele Jr., Electrical Engineer, Test &
Donald E. Gorger, Electrical Engineer, Control                                                                    Rebecca J. Hallgarth, Realty Specialist, Real           William C. Robinson, Geologist, Transmission
                                                       Energization, Vancouver
Center Software Design, Vancouver                                                                                 Property Services, Portland                             Development, Vancouver
                                                       Mary A. Timm, Secretary, HV Equipment, Vancouver
                                                                                                                                                                          Margret A. Burke, Control Center Assistant, Munro
30 years                                                                                                          10 years                                                Dispatch
Paul F. Hansen, Visual Information Specialist,
Communications, Portland
                                                       July                                                       Tammie D. Vincent, Transmission Business Line
                                                                                                                  Coordinator, Asset Management, Vancouver                20 years
Karen J. Davenport, Personal Assistant, Policy         anniversaries                                              Nancy M. Schimmels, Mechanical Engineer, Eastern
                                                                                                                  Power Business Area, Spokane
                                                                                                                                                                          Meredith L. McKay, Personnel Management
                                                                                                                                                                          Specialist, Management Services, Portland
Management and Finance, Portland
Susan K. Peterson, Management Analyst, Informa-        35 years                                                   Melanie M. Jackson, Public Utilities Specialist,        Mark A. Martin, Environmental Specialist,
tion System Development, Portland                      Thomas A. Jones, Mobile Equipment Maintenance,             Transmission Business Line, Vancouver                   Technical and Regional Service, Covington
John C. Kreitzer, Supervisory Electrical Engineer,     General Craft Services, Vancouver                          David F. Morrison, Power System Control                 Mary Jane A. Adams, Financial Specialist,
SPC Ross, Vancouver                                    Richard I. Dixon, System Protection Control, SPC –         Craftsman, North Bend                                   Accounting Operations, Portland
Ronald D. Schachner, Plumber and Pipefitter,           Malin                                                      Larry D. Beard, Electrician, Central Electrical         Leanna S. Rolle, Public Utilities Specialist,
Substation Maintenance, Celilo                                                                                    Services, Vancouver                                     Deregulation Optimization, Portland
Joe A. Johnson, Natural Resource Specialist, Spokane   30 years                                                   John E. Page, Cable Splicer, Central Electrical         Jon R. Biemer, Mechanical Engineer, Customer
Region, Kalispell                                      Jon P Cipolla, Lithographer B, Printing, Portland
                                                            .                                                     Services, Vancouver                                     Services, Portland
Jonathan B. Giard, Electrical Engineer, Customer       Anthony J. Segvich, Personnel Management                   John G. Schaad, Electrical Engineer, Customer           Eric M. Rairdon, Helicopter Pilot, Aircraft Services,
Service Planning & Engineering, Walla Walla            Specialist, Human Resources, Diversity & EEO,              Service Planning & Engineering, Alvey                   Portland
                                                       Portland                                                                                                           Shan E. Crites, Electrician, Central Electrical
25 years                                               Michael R. Sparks, Auditor, Internal Audit, Portland                                                               Services, Vancouver
Marcia E. McElroy, Employee Development                James S. Dow, Manager, Information Systems,                August                                                  Oscar A. Armendariz, Industry Economist, Business
                                                       Information Technology, Portland                                                                                   Strategy & Assessment, Bell
Specialist, Management Services, Portland
Mary E. Zeiher, Supervisory Personnel Management       Roger P Schiewe, Hydraulic Engineer, Regional
                                                               .                                                  anniversaries                                           Stewart L. Larvick, Electronics Engineer, Telecom-
Specialist, Employee Services, Portland                Coordination, Portland                                                                                             munications, Vancouver
                                                       William T. Ferderer, Senior DC Substation Operator,
John J. Silagi, Computer Specialist, Application
Services, Portland                                     Substation Operations, Celilo
                                                                                                                  35 years                                                10 years
                                                       Richard C. Field, Substation Operator, Substation          Jerry E. Dinan, Accountant, Accounting Operations,      Byron S. Kelly, Building Management Specialist,
Monique Goulet, Computer Specialist, Client
                                                       Operations, Sickler                                        Portland                                                Space Management, Portland
Services, Portland
                                                       Robert A. Anderson, Supervisory Electrical                                                                         Michael A. Weber, Electrician, Substation
Stephen D. Zimmerman, Financial Analyst,
Managerial Accounting, Portland                        Engineer, Sickler
                                                                                                                  30 years                                                Maintenance, Pasco
                                                       Roger A. Sarkinen, Electrical Engineer, RCM Project,       Robert E. Feldhan, Computer Specialist, Operation
Carol S. Hustad, Public Affairs Specialist, Regional
                                                       Vancouver                                                  Services, Portland
Relations, Spokane
Marilyn J. Yates, Public Utilities Specialist,         Dennis E. McNulty, Electrical Engineer, Network            Gary T. Riggs, Computer Specialist, Server Services,
                                                       Planning, Vancouver
Information Systems Services, Portland
Allen L. Burns, Vice President for Requirements
                                                                                                                  Valerie L. Roadman, Public Utilities Specialist,        retirements
Marketing, Portland                                    25 years                                                   Communication and Liaison, Portland                     James F. Elder, Senior Substation Operator,
                                                       Karen L. Wood, Accountant, Finance and Cost                Michael W. Asher, Airplane Pilot, Aircraft Services,    Transmission Field Services, retired June 3 with 33
Stephen D. Sherer, Geographer, Software Design &
                                                       Management, Portland                                       Portland                                                years service.
Maintenance, Vancouver
                                                       Janet A. Lubach, Program Analyst, Internal                 Robert D. Sweet, Lineman Foreman III, TLM               John L. Godfrey, Senior System Dispatcher, Relief,
20 years                                               Operations, Portland                                       Snohomish                                               Operations & Planning, Munro Dispatch, retired
                                                       E. Marie Torrillo, Supervisory Employee Relations          David L. Hayden, Electrician, Substation Mainte-        June 3 with 35 years of service.
Denise M. Rugh, Personnel Assistant, Employee
                                                       Specialist, Management Services, Portland                  nance, Garrison                                         Robert D. White, Chief Substation Operator III,
Services, Portland
                                                       Alan E. Schlosser, Operating Accountant, Accounting        Linda R. Emmons, Inventory & Logistics System,          Transmission Field Services, retired July 1 with 36
Annette M. Guarriello, Shared Services Specialist,
                                                       Operations, Portland                                       Materials Management, Portland                          years service.
Client Services, Portland
                                                       John E. Stevenson, Engineering Technician, Business        Milton W. Stokke, Public Utilities Specialist,          Thomas A. Jones, Mobil Equipment Maintenance
Philip A. Mesa, Hydraulic Engineer, Generation
                                                       Strategy Development, Portland                             Transmission Supply, Vancouver                          Specialist, Transmission Field Services, retired July 1
Supply, Portland
                                                       Wayne B. Noonan, Helicopter Pilot (Chief) Aircraft         Alan L. Courts, Vice President for Engineering,         with 35 years service.
Charles W. Forman Jr., Customer Account
                                                       Services, Portland                                         Engineering and Technician Services, Portland           William E. Farrow, Resource Management
Executive, Western Power Business Area, Portland
                                                       Donald F. Atkinson, Natural Resource Specialist,           Lincoln K. Koga, Electrical Engineer, Substations,      Specialist, Transmission Field Services, retired
Angela M. Wykoff, Senior Customer Account Exec.,
                                                       Snohomish Region                                           Portland                                                July 31 with 26 years service
Western Power Business Area, Portland
                                                       Kathleen M. Mauer, Substation Operator, Substation         Lowell D. Nelsen, Power System Control                  David L. Alt, Line Equipment Operator A,
Douglas M. Goldsmith, Electrician, Substation
                                                       Operations - Franklin                                      Craftsman, Control Center Hardware Maintenance,         Transmission Field Services, retired August 31 with
Maintenance, Chemawa
                                                       Clarence G. Hatt, Substation Operator - Substation         Vancouver                                               35 years service.
Mary Dalton, Public Utilities Specialist, Transmis-
                                                       Operations - Hot Springs
sion Contracting, Vancouver
Jane G. Selby, Manager, Transmission Contract,         Fazlollah Vakili, Electrical Engineer, Technical
                                                                                                                  25 years
Business Strategy & Assessment, Vancouver              Operations, Vancouver                                      Michael R. Bowman, Reproduction Shop Worker,
                                                                                                                  Printing, Portland
                                                                                                                                                                          Retirements not
Steven M. Lowder, Electrical Engineer, HV
Equipment, Vancouver                                   20 years                                                   Andres Sanchez Jr., Computer Specialist, Client         listed before
                                                       Kathy L. Spengler, Staffing Assistant, Employee            Services, Portland                                             .
                                                                                                                                                                          John P Bangsund, Line Foreman I, Transmission
Monty W. Tuominen, Electrical Engineer, Transmis-
                                                       Services, Portland                                         Katherine Semple Pierce, Environmental Specialist,      Field Services, retired Jan. 1 with 31 years service.
sion Lines, Portland
                                                       Arlene M. Musgrave, Administrative Technician,             Policy Strategic Planning, Portland                     Jacob G. Taasevigen, Electrician Foremen I,
Creig B. Millen, Electronics Engineer, Telecommuni-
                                                       Telecommunication Service, Portland                        Thomas E. Morse, Fishery Biologist, Anadromous,         Transmission Field Services, retired Jan. 1 with 31
cations, Portland
                                                       Wayne A. Sitkei, Computer Specialist, Client               Resident Fish & Wildlife, Portland                      years service.
James H. Strobeck, Electronics Engineering
                                                       Services, Vancouver                                        Godfrey C. Beckett, Manager, HR Diversity and EEO,      John S. Weston, Supply system Analyst, Process
Technician, Telecommunications, Portland
                                                       Karen M. Hauser, Public Affairs Specialist,                Human Resources, Diversity & EEO, Portland              Management, retired Jan. 1 with 21 years service.
Sharon L. Sundeen, Electrical Engineering
                                                       Communications, Portland                                   Joyce J. Carter, Payroll Coordinator, Disbursement      Robert A. Whittingham, System Protection Control
Technician, Customer Service Planning & Engineer-
                                                       Julie Hanes, Program Analyst, Finance & Informa-           Operations, Portland                                    Craftsman II, Transmission Field Services, retired
ing, Vancouver
                                                       tion Technology, Portland                                  Paul E. Norman, Senior VP for Power Business            Jan. 31 with 37 years service.
Donald S. Watkins, Supervisory Electrical Engineer,
                                                       Sheila M. Riewer, Public Utilities Specialist,             Lines, Portland                                         Jan F. Wojciechowski, Computer Specialist, Control
Technical Operations, Vancouver
                                                       Business Strategy Development, Portland                    Mark E. Pierce, Manager, Information System             Center Software Design/Maintenance, retired Jan. 1
                                                       Samuel O. Sugiyama, Industry Economist, Financial          Services, Portland                                      with 37 years service.
                                                       Management, Portland
  Vol. 20, No. 5
                                                                                  7                                                                Circuit

              his year, my husband, Jack, and I went                                                                 etrated the paper-thin walls of our room.
             to a rather strange place for a vacation.                                                                  Fortunately, the rats were eliminated from the
            We traveled to Attu, the last island on         Attu adventure is                                        building before our group arrived. Conditions
            the Aleutian chain, 1,500 miles into the
Pacific Ocean from Anchorage. Jack was stationed
                                                            connection to past                                       aside, the quarters were comfortable and func-
                                                                                                                     tional. The showers were hot; the rooms warm; the
there as a 19-year-old Coast Guardsman in 1969                                                                        sleeping bags cozy. The staff prepared home-
just before we married.                                                                                                cooked meals that were nutritious and plentiful.
   Attu serves as a Long-Range Aid to Naviga-                                                                              For being a remote uninhabited island, Attu
tion (LORAN) station, established by the Navy                                                                           was bustling with activity the week we were
during World War II and maintained by the                                                                                there. Upon our arrival, we spotted a large
Coast Guard since the 1950s. Today, it is still                                                                           sailing yacht in Casco Cove. A broadcasting
widely used by fishermen in the northern Pa-                                                                               team from New Zealand was working on a
cific as an extremely reliable navigation tool.                                                                             two-hour documentary on the Aleutian
   Except for the presence of 20 Coast                                                                                       Islands, in conjunction with Oregon
Guardsmen, Attu is uninhabited. Its                                                                                           Public Broadcasting. This was their week to
treeless, windswept tundra and mountains                                                                                                             film on Attu.
contain no wildlife except birds. The long                                                                                                              Four World War II
winters are harsh, with over 20 feet of                                                                                                              veterans were invited
snow, 70-mph winds and a chill factor                                           Among the last to Attu                                               to the island to
well below zero. Nonetheless, in his                                                                                                                 provide personal
letters, Jack wrote of the mystic beauty of                                                                                                          stories for the docu-
                                                                               The world is shrinking, but still …
this place where salmon run so thick one                                                                                                             mentary. With the 37
                                                                                  A visit to remote, uninhabited Attu Island, Alaska, with
can walk across the river.                                                                                                                           of us from ATTOUR,
                                                                               its rough weather and near primitive accommodations
   Through the years, Jack talked of Attu                                                                                                            the New Zealand film
                                                                               would be enough to dampen anyone’s spirits. That may be
often and dreamed of going back and                                                                                                                  crew, the vets and the
                                                                               why so few people ever do travel to the westernmost tip of
taking me with him. However, no civil-                                                                                                               Coast Guardsmen,
                                                                               the U.S.
ians are allowed on the island. While                                                                                                                the island population
                                                                                  Attu isn’t even on anyone’s stopover list, or a place a
surfing the Internet, I discovered the only                                                                                                          swelled to 80 – four
                                                                               traveler might pass through. But if one has a cause or
group that is permitted access. ATTOUR                                                                                                               times its usual size.
                                                                               reason to go to Attu, the trip can be an adventure.
from Alaska takes bird watchers to Attu to                                                                                                              The Coast Guard
                                                                                  Just ask Rosalie Nourse of Spokane, or Frank Brown of
see rare Asian birds on North                                                                                                                        Station provided me
                                                                               Seattle. The two BPA energy efficiency representatives in
American soil. I signed us up.                                                                                                                       with the greatest
                                                                                       the past year plus traveled to Attu separately, and
For Christmas 1998, I pre-                                                                                                                           thrills of our trip. We
                                                                                       unknowingly to each other initially. Nourse writes
sented Jack with a gift certifi-                                                                                                                     sat on the front steps
                                                                                       about her trip with her husband, Jack, this year; and
cate for a week on Attu.                                                                                                                             with the Coast Guard
                                                                                       she writes about Brown’s two trips.
   This summer our dream                                                                                                                             sign overhead and
                                                                                          As it happens, the two BPA people may be among
finally came true. On June 11                                                                                                                        took pictures. That
                                                                                       the last civilians who will ever visit the farthest
we took the five-hour flight                                                                                                                         was the same place
                                                                                       island in the Aleutians. Brown’s recent trip was the
from Anchorage to Attu. We                                                                                                                           where Jack had his
                                                                                       last for ATTOUR, which has been flying to Attu for
had been delayed one day by                                                                                                                          picture taken
                                                                                       24 years. The tour company can no longer get
weather on the island. Attu is                                                                                                                       30 years before.
                                                                                       civilian aircraft landing permits and is closing down
usually foggy, windy and rainy.                                                                                                                         The current Coast
                                                                                       its business.
The sun rarely shines.                                                                                                                               Guardsmen treated
                                                                                          So any visitors to Attu in the future – beyond the
   From the air, the first places Jack                                                                                                               us like royalty. They
                                                                                       Coast Guard and military – will have to get there by
pointed out were the Coast Guard                                                                                                                     gave us an extensive
                                                                               boat when the weather permits. Fifteen hundred miles
Station, Massacre Bay and Alexai Point                                                                                                               tour of the station
                                                                               from Anchorage – by sea! That will make Alaska’s
— places he talked about for 30 years                                                                                                                and invited us to stay
                                                                               westernmost tip even more remote in a time when the
and pointed out to me on a map two                                                                                                                   overnight. To eat,
                                                                               world is otherwise shrinking in many ways.
days before. I couldn’t believe I was                                                                                                                sleep and hang out
                                                                                  But two BPA people will be able to say they’ve been
seeing them with my own eyes. Attu                                                                                                                   in the same building
                                                                               there – to Attu, or at Attu.
took Jack away from me for a full year.                                                                                                              where Jack had all
Now we were here together. I kept                                                                                                                    those years ago was
looking at Jack, grinning from ear to ear.                                                                                                           really special for me.
   To our delight, the sun peeked out through the                                                                                              The Coasties also asked us
clouds. The next two days stayed bright and                                                                              to come back for Morale Night, with home-
sunny. Everyone was shocked. This was extraordi-                                                                     made pizza and a movie, and they came to the
nary weather for Attu.                                                                                               plane to see us off on departure day.
   We basked in 18 hours of daylight each day. We                                                                       Our departure on Saturday was bittersweet. It
took advantage of the long sunny days and biked                                                                      was an awesome week. Now it was time to go
and hiked all over the island, visiting places Jack                                                                  home. We watched the Super Aleutian Electra
talked of through the years.                                                                                         come down through the clouds and land on the
   Attu was the site of a bloody WW II battle. Over                                                                  airstrip next to the Coast Guard Station. As the
2,500 Japanese and American soldiers were killed                                                                     plane soared skyward later, we took a last glance
in 1942-43. Today, the island is a National Histori-                                                                 through the window at Attu. We had 10 rolls of
                                                         for 40 people. Generators supplied electricity for
cal Monument. Remnants of the war are every-                                                                         film, two hours of video, a journal full of notes,
                                                         lights and pumping water only during the day.
where – rusted machinery, fallen communication                                                                       and, hopefully, enough memories to last a lifetime.
                                                         Three outhouses with institution-size cans of Lysol
towers, dilapidated Quonset huts, and special                                                                        — by Rosalie Nourse, energy efficiency
                                                         were our restroom facilities. Earplugs at night kept
matting used to construct quick runways.                                                                             representative in Spokane.
                                                         out the snoring from adjacent dorms that pen-
   In recent years, the U.S. and Japan erected war
memorials in separate valleys on the island.
Massacre Bay was the site of the American invasion
on Attu. A year later the military built a temporary     Cohort’s trip is for                                        told how he raced on his bicycle from one spot
base on Alexai Point. The Seabees constructed
Navy Town, a complete military village including         the birds                                                   on the island to another in his quest to see
                                                                                                                     different birds.
a jail.

                                                                      s I was planning the surprise trip for            The weather wasn’t as nice for Frank’s 1999
   During our stay, daily temperatures hovered in                                                                    trip as it was for ours this summer. He had
the high 40s to low 50s. We paused for                                 my husband, Jack, I was amazed to
                                                                       find out that my energy efficiency            more of the “usual” conditions – snow, wind,
midafternoon naps on the black sandy volcanic                                                                        rain, fog and the cold. The sun never peeked
beaches. With the sun on our faces and gentle                          colleague, Frank Brown, had just gone
                                                         to Attu. Frank went the year before us, so I asked          out on him. But in spite of the wet and the
ocean breezes patting our cheeks, we quickly                                                                         cold, Frank said he was happy because of the
sported wind and sunburned faces. When the fog,          him about his trip so I would know what to expect.
                                                            Frank is an avid birder and knew of ATTOUR               rare and exotic birds he saw.
wind and rain rolled in for the next three days,                                                                        As if that adventure wasn’t enough, Frank
our Gore Tex clothing kept us dry while we hiked         (the bird watcher group) 20 years ago. He had
                                                         longed to make the trip, and finally went in May            went back to Attu this year – a month after Jack
the marshy, wet tundra.                                                                                              and I returned from our trip. He spent most of
   The accommodations on Attu were part of the           1999 for three weeks.
                                                            Frank said he didn’t spend relaxing days touring         September there, but this time he had better
adventure. An abandoned LORAN building was                                                                           weather – similar to ours.
semi-refurbished 25 years ago by ATTOUR. The             the island and taking naps on sunny beaches – like
                                                         Jack and I did on our trip this year. Every day                Frank Brown shared his first Attu experience
dorm-type rooms had rusted blue metal bunk                                                                           so I could better prepare for our trip. That
beds. Rusted metal shelves held our clothing.            Frank put on his raingear, waterproof boots and
                                                         backpack and took off on his mountain bike. He              helped us have a fun adventure instead of a
Silver sheets of insulation and pieces of cardboard                                                                  miserable time. Not only are we colleagues at
served as floor rugs. A propane-heated day room          packed his lunch, bird books, camera and binocu-
                                                         lars for each full day of bird watching.                    work, but we now share the thrill of having
was furnished with thrift-store discards.                                                                            taken unusual vacations to an ultimate remote
   Three curtained stalls with wash basins and two          As a true bird lover, Frank wanted to see the rare
                                                         Asian birds that occasionally flew to the island. He        place.
decrepit shower stalls made up the bath facilities
 November 2000
                                                                                              8                                                             Circuit

            ive BPA employees joined         competed in the mixed teams field                    was the first practice,” he says.         and we had some cold and wet
            a neighborhood team to           and Let it Run finished in the top                   “Then I looked forward to practices       evenings on the river. But the
           compete in this year’s            16 on Saturday to move on. The                       and the actual event. I am looking        outdoors revitalizes me so I looked
           dragon boat races on the          team lost in the second tier semi-                   forward to next year,” he says.           forward to our practices,” Halpin
Willamette River. The 12th Annual            finals to some very fast boats on                       Jennifer Kinder says the team           says. “Learning a new sport, meet-
Portland Kaohsiung Dragon Boat               Sunday.                                              “had an incredible season consider-           ing new people and the spirit of
Races took place June 10-11 during              Besides the many neighborhood                     ing that almost half the members                   the competition just added
Portland’s rose festival. The BPA            teams, several local year-round                      were new to the sport.” She                            to the enjoyment. It was
paddlers joined                                                    paddle clubs                   says the best thing about                               great, and I hope to be
the Let It Run                                                     competed for                   this year’s race “was our                                able to do it again next
mixed team that           Dragon                                   trophies. And                  team spirit. The worst thing                              year.”
comes from the                                                     some serious                   was the cold temperature and
Beaverton area.         boat races                                 Canadian                       rain that greeted us on                                          – Becky Clark
   The team
took its name,
                         get some                                  groups come to
                                                                   Portland to
                                                                                                  race day. The hardest
                                                                                                  thing was seeing it
                                                                                                                                                                   in energy
Let It Run, from
the dragon boat
                        BPA power                                  compete each
                                                                   year. The BPA
                                                                                                  come to an end.”
                                                                                                     Fran Halpin
                                                                                                                                                                 contributed to
                                                                                                                                                                this article
command for                                                        paddlers all said              says, “It was
paddles to come out of the water.            they got a workout this year, and                    hard work
   The core of the 22-member team is         that they would like to do it again.
several neighbors and coworkers                 Fev Pratt says, “Dragon boating
who have two and three years of              was great fun. I especially liked the
experience as paddlers.                      night-time practice on
   This year, four other BPA folks           the river with
joined Becky Clark when she                  Portland’s city lights
recruited paddlers at work for her           reflecting on the
neighborhood team. Fev Pratt and             water.” Pratt has
Fran Halpin work in the Power                since joined a club
Business Line where Clark works.             and is on a new team
And two paddlers joined up from              that now practices
transmission – Jennifer Kinder and           regularly.
Richard Stone.                                  “Our team had
   Clark says, “The boat weighs over         people with much
1,000 pounds and the team weighs             experience and it
over 1,000 pounds. Dragon boat               was good to learn
paddling is a whole-body, team               from them,” says
effort and a different skill than            Richard Stone. He
rowing a boat or paddling a canoe.”          says the camarade-
   Let It Run began to practice on           rie of the teams and
the river two and three times a week         spectators made the event
beginning in April. Sixty-two teams          worth doing. “The worst part for me

                                                                                                                                                               Photos by Becky Clark

Ready to row … er, paddle, in the next dragon boat race. BPA paddlers wait in line at the Willamette River start area: (left to right)
Jennifer Kinder, unidentified, Fev Pratt and Richard Stone. Becky Clark smiles as the Let It Run team with BPA paddle power leaves the
dock loading area. Fran Helpin waves as she heads toward the start of a dragon boat race.

                                  Gerald Lee gets
                                  congratulations from
                                                                                                         Hickok gets second award
                                  Adminstrator Judi Johansen.
                                  The BPA chief presented Lee
                                  with his Fellowship Certificate
                                                                                                     C       hief Operating Officer Steve
                                                                                                       Hickok has received his second
                                                                                                                                            Executive Service get the meritorious
                                                                                                                                            rank award in any year. Hickok got
                                  from the Institute of Electrical
                                  Engineers (IEEE). Coworkers
                                                                                                       major award for civil service. On    his first rank award in 1992. Before
                                  joined in Lee’s recognition at                                       Oct. 5, DOE Secy. Bill Richard-      that, he received the Secretary of
                                  the late September employee                                          son announced Hickok’s choice        Energy’s Meritorious Service Award
                                  meeting at the Ross Complex.                                         for a Presidential Meritorious       in 1984.
                                  Photo by Fred Elliott                                                Executive Rank Award.
                                                                                                                                            PRIVATE USE,
                                                                                                                                            PENALTY FOR

                                                                                                                                                           P.O. Box
                                                                                                                                                           - KCC-7
                                                                                                                                                           OF ENERGY
                                                                                                                                                           U.S. DEPT.

                                                                                                     The award is for
                                                                                                  Hickok’s work at BPA in
                                                                                                  the mid-1990s. He led
                                                                                                  BPA’s strategic planning on
                                                                                                  the heels of electric de-
                                                                                                  regulation in 1992. He
                                                                                                  helped shape a new BPA to
                                                                                                  compete in the market-
                                                                                                  place. He headed BPA’s
                                                                                                  first sales and customer
                                                                                                  service group, and became
                                                                                                  the first head of the new
                                                                                                  Power Business Line.
                                                                                                     “This is a great recogni-
                                                                                                  tion for Steve and all of
                                                                                                  BPA,” Administrator Judi
                                                                                                  Johansen said. “It recog-
                                                                                                  nizes how important
                                                                                                  Steve’s leadership was
                                                                                                  when we created the
                                                                                                  account executives and
                                                                                                                                                                        PERMIT NO. 2462
                                                                                                                                                                         PORTLAND, OR

                                                                                                                                                                         U.S. POSTAGE

                                                                                                  focused on service to our
                                                                                                                                                                           BULK RATE

                                                                                                  customers. Those efforts

Employees visited and toured the Celilo Converter Station in August. BPA
held an open house to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the station. Celilo                       helped lead to our success
is the northern terminus of the 860-mile Pacific Northwest-Pacific                                of the past eight years.”
Southwest DC Intertie. The direct-current line has a 3,100-megawatt
capacity – one of the largest of its kind in the world. BPA and Los Angeles
                                                                                                     Less than 5 percent of
Water and Power exchange electricity over the big line.                                           people in the Senior
                                                                     Photos by Jack Odgaard

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