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									      Cluster Management
The Secret Behind New Cities in GCC

           GLF Committee
       Shaikha Al Hashem et al
         November 14 , 2007
    Welcome to GLF Presentation
•   Our esteemed guest –
    Honourable Mr Issa A; Doweidy,
    First Secretary, Bahrain Embassy
•   Students, Faculty and the Learning
    Community of GUST in Kuwait
•   Other stakeholders and collaborating
Innovation Cluster
         • One out of four companies
           within the European
           Union work in a cluster-
           like environment,
           characterised by a close
           cooperation with other
           businesses in the region
           and strong ties with the
           local business
         • This is the result of the
           Innobarometer survey
           2006 which interviewed
           3,500 companies across
• The Innovaro
  Technology Watch
  programme highlights
  key sources of new
  technology and
  identifies leading
  innovation clusters
  and companies all
  around the world
• Medicon Valley covers
  the Greater Copenhagen
  area in Denmark and the
  Skane region of Southern
  Sweden. The region is one
  of the strongest
  pharmaceutical and
  biotechnological regions
  in Europe and comprises a
  dense cluster of
  universities, hospitals and
  more than 300 life science
        Manufacturing Valley
• The 2005 Georgia Manufacturing Survey
  shows that companies basing their
  competitive strategies on the development
  of innovative products or processes enjoy
  higher returns on sales, pay better wages
  and have less to fear from outsourcing than
  do manufacturers relying on other
  competitive strategies.
            Energy Clusters
• The OECD study on innovation in the
  energy sector focuses mainly on fuel cell
  technology but other fields also examined,
  including oil & gas extraction technologies
  and clean coal technology. The objectives
  were to present recent R&D and innovation
  processes in the energy sector, and
  formulate policy recommendations for
  national policies in the sector
 Knowledge Clusters in Regional
    Economic Development
• A report that provides to economic developers
  with an understanding of the latest research on the
  issues surrounding entrepreneurship and
  knowledge clusters as economic development
  strategies, along with practical new ideas and
• Examples – Dubai Knowledge Village, Saudi
  Economic Cities, Qatar Knowledge City

     Hubert H. Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs at
      the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis on
     September 13 and 14, 2004 – Conference on KC
1.     What is knowledge in the economic development
       context and how can it be �built� within a region?
2.     How do knowledge clusters emerge and what can
       policymakers and economic development
       practitioners do to foster their growth?
3.     What makes some countries and regions more
       entrepreneurial than others?
4.     How can universities maximize their entrepreneurial
       impact within a region?
5.     How should the performance of entrepreneurship
       strategies be measured and evaluated?
Clusters in France
         • A radical change in the
           innovation policy of
           France was announced in
           2004. The new orientation
           supports “Poles de
           Competitivit�” or
           Competitiveness Clusters,
           and is designed to promote
           development of world
           class high technology
           clusters combining R&D
           centres and industry
Role of Local and Regional
Clusters in Canada
• “Innovation Systems and Economic
  Development: The Role of Local and Regional
  Clusters in Canada” is a five-year, $2.5 million
  study that examines the impact and importance of
  cluster-driven innovation in Canada. The first of
  its kind in Canada, this study investigates how
  local networks of firms and supporting
  infrastructure of institutions, businesses and
  people in communities across Canada interact to
  spark economic growth. Continue reading…
       Strategic Intelligence and
          Innovative Clusters
• STRATINC is an
  interregional cooperation
  project aimed to improve
  the competitiveness of
  regional businesses.
  Gathering six European
  regions, the project uses
  strategic intelligence
  methods and tools to
  identify, monitor and
  sustain innovative clusters
                            in GCC
   Who is this thinker?
Godin THINKER sculpture
   is a living testimony

                       Thinkers Call For
              Creative Learning in Dubai
• University leaders suggested at a Dubai
  conference on October 24, 2007 that
  conventional teaching methods may
  block one’s creative instincts to
  continue life-long learning and solve
  personal and professional crises.
  Educators now advocate "creative
  learning" as critical to a student
  reaching his/her full potential.
                     Edward de Bono
                   (Malta) – Author of
                     Lateral Thinking

• Educators said students of
  tomorrow must see life as a series
  of creative opportunities rather
  than challenges.

                 Festival of Thinkers at
                  Dubai Men’s College
                          (HCT Oct 24)

• Dr Kerry Romesburg, President of
  Jacksonville University, said: "We
  need a broader range of
  understanding. We actually train
  creativity of our students… The
  biggest challenge is keeping that
  creativity alive."
              Festival of Thinkers
• Richard Stephens, a member of the
  American Education Commission
  and a senior vice-president of
  Boeing Company, said universities
  need to transfer knowledge to
  students but they also must teach
  students how to define and solve
  problems "to put that knowledge
  to use".
                  Festival of Thinkers
• Dr Monte Cassim, President of
  Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University in
  Japan, said university is "a place to
  shape one’s destiny. Marriage of arts
  and science is absolutely critical, we
  have to go beyond disciplines".
• Instilling creativity in students, he said,
  is "not just a matter of the head but a
  matter of the heart."
                 Festival of Thinkers
• Dr Thomas Rocco, Provost of the three-
  year-old Greece-based Hellenic
  American University, said the school is
  "focusing on a culture of competence.
  We emphasize outcomes and frequent
  assessment of those outcomes".
• He said that students must evolve
  beyond their individual learning
              Festival of Thinkers
• New York Institute of Technology
  President Dr Edward Guiliano said
  he believes there will be a new
  21st century teaching model for
  universities that will morph
  alongside a changing culture that
  demands higher degrees of
In GUST, Kuwait
Where are the thinkers and
creativity ???   • Hidden and unused in the
                        corridors of learning that
                        could be unleashed though
                        creative learning forums
                        such as GLF - GUST
                        LOGISTICS FORUM in
                        time to come with student
                        empowerment and
                        cohesive teamwork


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