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d e a r f r u g a l r e a d e r,
For most Americans, 2009 has been the year to tighten the family budget. Even if
you haven’t felt the direct impact of the recession, you may have been prompted
to re-evaluate the ways in which you spend your discretionary income.
For many of us, that has included cutting back on luxuries like entertainment and
eating out.

However, when times are tough, it can be more important than ever to find creative
ways to enjoy your free time. Keep in mind that relaxation and entertainment
are about creating special memories with friends and family — not about
spending money. With a little creative thinking, you can create the same kinds of
experiences while spending less.

Read on, and you’ll discover new strategies for saving on the activities you
already enjoy, and find new ways to have fun without spending any money at all.

Have Fun!

Kim Danger

Backyard (or Front Yard) Entertainment
Backyard Carnival

A backyard carnival can be loads of fun
for the kids — and grown-ups, too! Set
up stations for old-fashioned games
such as a ring toss, a clothespin drop,
backyard bowling or potato sack races.
Face painting and estimation jars filled
with candy (the closest guess without
going over wins) also add to the fun. Look
for inexpensive prizes at the dollar store.
Don’t forget concession stands that sell
carnival food like hot dogs, chips, soda
and lemonade.

Potluck Dinner

Hosting a potluck dinner is a tried-and-
true way to entertain. Focus on a simple
night with friends and you’ll get the social
interaction you crave without spending
a lot of money. Keep things easy for
everyone: use paper plates and napkins
and    insist    on     no-pressure       recipes.
Assign each household a different course
                                                     turkey basters or other spray bottles for          help out in the community and learn to
such as salad, dessert or appetizer
                                                     squirting each other. Try games like a             manage money, they can start a car wash,
to avoid getting too much of one thing.
                                                     water balloon toss, sponge tag or musical          a dog-walking service, offer to rake leaves
Don’t be afraid to ask guests to bring
                                                     sprinkler (like musical chairs, have children      for the elderly, mow grass or hold a bake
their own beverages as well. Some fun
                                                     dance around until the music stops and             sale in the neighborhood.
variations      on    the   traditional   potluck
                                                     then the sprinkler starts and the kids
include a chili cook-off, an around-the-
                                                     get drenched). Bubbles, sidewalk chalk             Scavenger Hunt
world dinner, wines from foreign countries
                                                     and a station to tie-dye shirts can add            This is a great activity if your neighborhood
or an ice cream bar.
                                                     to the festivities. Make sure the kids stay        is made up of kids of varying ages. It
                                                     hydrated and use plenty of sunscreen. For          will encourage them to work together
   Looking for the best potluck recipe?              even more game ideas, visit                        in teams, with older kids helping out the
   Try checking these sites:                                                 younger ones. Divide kids into two teams
   •                                                                                   and give each team a big bag and a list of
   •                                Lemonade Stand                                     things in your neighborhood, ranging from
                                                     A lemonade or Kool-Aid stand is tons of
                                                                                ®                       very easy to difficult to find. Check out this
                                                     fun for kids, plus it’s a great way to cultivate   printable Scavenger Hunt List for a few
                                                     their entrepreneurial spirit. Hold one in          ideas on how to get started. Set a time limit
Water Park                                                                                              for them to collect as much as they can
                                                     conjunction with a neighborhood garage
Fill up the backyard pool, get out the               sale to boost traffic. To teach the importance     (30-60 minutes is ideal). Kids can also take
Slip ’N Slide® or turn on the sprinkler,             of giving, you can even encourage kids to          photos of the items they scavenge, making
and you’ve got your very own water park.             pick a local charity and donate their profits.     it a photo safari.
Use empty ketchup bottles, squirt guns,              If you want other options for your kids to

Games, Games, Games

Have some old-fashioned fun by teaching
                                                Fun Family Theme Nights
traditional backyard games to a new
                                                Having fun doesn’t have to cost a lot — it doesn’t even require leaving home! If you’ve got
generation of kids. These games have all
                                                a family, some good food and a little creativity, you’ve got all it takes for a night of quality
stood the test of time because they get
                                                entertainment. Turn off cell phones, televisions, computers and other distractions so you
kids outside exercising, but don’t require
                                                can give loved ones your full attention. Here are some ideas to get you started:
expensive equipment. Raise the stakes
by creating a backyard Olympics. Go the
extra mile by keeping track of winners and
awarding medals at the end of the games.
Make sure to hand out medals for first place,
second place and best sportsmanship.

  • Red Light, Green Light
  • Red Rover
  • Hide-and-Go-Seek
  • Sardines
  • Kickball
  • Dodgeball
  • Duck-Duck-Goose
  • Freeze Tag
  • Simon Says
  • Capture the Flag
  • Four Square

For a more complete list of classic games
                                                Camp Out
and fun, check out this article on Wikipedia.
                                                Pitch a tent in your own backyard for a close-to-home adventure. If you have a fire pit,
                                                make sure you have graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows to make s’mores.
                                                If it rains, you can run for cover quickly — plus there are no grounds fees and you can
                                                use your own bathroom. If the weather isn’t cooperating or you simply don’t feel like
                                                “roughing it,” try an indoor camp out. Light a fire in the fireplace and make pallets on the
                                                floor with comforters and sleeping bags as you “camp out” indoors. Hit a dollar store
  Entertain these Money-Saving Ideas            for CD sounds of wolves howling and evergreen scented candles to remind you of the

  You can keep money in your pocket by          great outdoors. Turn down the lights and tell some scary stories.
  following these simple automotive tips:
                                                For ghost stories visit:
  • Always check your tire pressure   
    according to your owner’s manual. 
  • Clean out your trunk. Avoid keeping
    unnecessary items in your vehicle.          Winter Beach Getaway
  • Avoid packing items on top of your          A warm-weather destination party at home during the dead of winter can be a fun break
    car. A loaded roof rack creates wind        for any family — no air travel required! Dress for the beach in shorts, tees and flip-flops.
                                                For dinner, try grilled fish tacos or a shrimp cocktail with a blended fruit drink (don’t
  • Make sure to get your oil changed           forget the umbrella stirrers) to get you in the summertime mood. Try a tropical room
    according to your owner’s manual.
                                                spray and some background music of waves crashing on the shore (try for
  • Be sure to take advantage of savings        free MP3s) to involve all the senses. If you have room for it, little kids love playing in a
    programs at your local gas station.
                                                kiddie pool that’s been filled with sand (just don’t forget to put down a sheet of plastic
                                                first). Older kids can get creative by decorating picture frames with seashells.

Christmas in July

Who doesn’t love the holidays? Celebrating “Christmas in July” in the heat of the
summer can be especially fun. Take a photo of the family wearing red, green and white
Santa hats, flip-flops, tees and shorts. Instead of a snowball fight, throw red and green
water balloons. Bake cookies while listening to holiday music. Hold an indoor movie
marathon of holiday classics such as “A Christmas Story,” “A Charlie Brown Christmas,”
“How the Grinch Stole Christmas” and “Elf.” Borrow DVDs and CDs from your local library
to save the cost of renting or buying. You can even go shopping and get a jump on your
gift list in order to spread out your expenditures. Be sure to hit the summer clearance sales
for bargains that would make great Christmas gifts.

Rainy Day Activities for Kids
Build a Fort

To get set up, all you need are a few
blankets (sleeping bags, sheets and
comforters all work well) and some
cardboard boxes, and you’re good to go!
Ask appliance stores for large boxes that
can be turned into playhouses. Cut holes
for doors and windows and adorn the
box with items from around the house: a
tissue box can be made into a chimney,
fabric scraps can be turned into curtains
and artificial flowers can be “planted” in a
window box. Give kids tempera paints and
allow them to “paint” the house.

   • Fill the fort with pillows, blankets,      margarine tub). Designate a date to open          Tornado in a Bottle: For this experiment,
     flashlights and lanterns.                  the capsule such as one, five or ten years        you’ll need two empty two-liter bottles
                                                in the future. Include newspaper clippings,       (labels removed), duct tape and food
   • Serve kids lunch or snacks inside          labels from their favorite foods, photos,         coloring or colored dish soap (optional).
     their fort.                                schoolwork, a mixed CD of their favorite          Fill one of the bottles 2/3 of the way
                                                songs, pictures they’ve drawn or anything         with water. Add a couple drops of food
   • Teach kids how to make shadow              else kids can think of. Parents can help          coloring or dish soap to make the vortex
     puppets (search YouTube to                 out by “interviewing” children about their        more visible. Tape the bottles together
     refresh your memory).                      favorite foods, favorite TV show or movie,        securely with the duct tape at the mouth.
                                                best friend or what they hope to be when          Turn the bottle containing the water
Create a Time Capsule                           they grow up. Make it extra special by            upside down with the empty bottle on
Parents know all too well that kids grow up     recording it.                                     the bottom. The water will slowly drain
fast. By collecting items for a time capsule,                                                     to the bottom bottle as air bubbles go up
you’ll end up with a fun keepsake that          Indoor Science                                    to the top. Move the bottles in a circular
reflects who your kids are at the present       Why    not      make   rainy   day   activities   motion a few times to help the water go
moment. No need to buy a container:             educational as well as fun? With the help of      down the spout more quickly. You’ll be
simply get creative with what you have          a few common household ingredients and            able to see a funnel-shaped vortex in the
at home already (decorate a cereal box          your supervision, kids can channel their          top bottle as the air pressure in the lower
with contact paper or use an empty              inner scientist. Here are a few favorites:        bottle decreases.

Cornstarch Quicksand: When combined,              More Online Resources:                           an airtight container, traditional play dough
cornstarch and water create a consistency                             can be kept for weeks. If your toddler has
that sometimes feels like a solid and                                      the tendency to put it in his or her mouth,
sometimes feels like a liquid. Combine                             try this edible play dough recipe below.
two parts cornstarch to one part water, 
adding a drop or two of food coloring for
                                                                                                   Edible Play Dough
fun. Kids will have fun picking it up and
                                                                                                      2 c. flour
squeezing it so that it feels like a solid as
                                                                                                      4 c. oatmeal
well as letting it run through their fingers
                                                                                                      1 c. water
like a liquid. Store it in a one-gallon sized
                                                                                                      1 c. white corn syrup
zipper storage bag.
                                                                                                      1 c. peanut butter
                                                                                                      1 1/4 c. nonfat powdered milk
Celery   Experiment:     This    is   a   great                                                       1 1/4 c. powdered sugar
experiment to illustrate how plants absorb
water. Drop 4-5 drops of food coloring in                                                          Combine flour and oatmeal in a blender,
                                                  Homemade Play Dough: If you’ve got
clear glasses of water (vases or jars also                                                         set on “grind” speed for one minute. Add
                                                  preschoolers,    making     a   large   batch
work well). Place a stalk of celery with                                                           water and knead. Add corn syrup, peanut
                                                  of play dough is a great way to keep
the leaves still attached in each of the                                                           butter, powdered milk and powdered
                                                  them busy and entertained on a rainy
different colored glasses. Kids may begin                                                          sugar. Knead well. Add more flour if the
                                                  day. Kitchen gadgets such as cookie
to notice the leaves of each celery stalk                                                          dough is too sticky. Kids can add chocolate
                                                  cutters, rolling pins, potato mashers
begin to turn color in as little as four hours.                                                    chips, peanuts, shelled sunflower seeds or
                                                  and other utensils can be used to create
See what happens overnight!                                                                        candy bar pieces to add interest and detail
                                                  interesting shapes and patterns. Stored in
                                                                                                   to their sculptures.

Secrets to Dining Out for Less
Eating out is considered a luxury for             • Sodas and alcoholic beverages can ruin
many families, but it doesn’t have to be          your restaurant budget. Order a glass of
expensive. With these simple strategies for       water with a twist of lemon instead. If you’re
saving, you’ll be able to treat your family       dining at fast-food restaurants and want to
while keeping your budget in check at the         order soda, always order the smallest size
same time.                                        fountain drink and refill as needed.
                                                                                                   • Skip the tip. By all means, don’t slight your
• Dine at off-peak times to get the best          • Not everyone needs their own entrée.           server, but instead look for places where
discounts, specials and big savings. By           When dining with your family, order a couple     tipping isn’t necessary. Panera Bread®,
eating out for lunch instead of dinner, you’ll    of entrées to share family-style, and fill in    Chipotle® and other chain restaurants where
automatically save money since most               with low-cost side dishes or appetizers. To      you place your order and pick up your food
lunch menus offer many of the same dinner         make the meal even healthier, order a side       at the counter can help save you some cash
options, but at much lower prices.                of steamed veggies. Or have the kids split       on a tip.
                                                  an adult-size entrée instead of ordering two
• When ordering, take into consideration          kids’ meals.                                     • Opt for a no-frills establishment. You
freebies like bread, tortilla chips and                                                            won’t pay for the fancy atmosphere and
munchies brought to you before the meal           • Get a doggie bag. Restaurant portions          décor, but by opting for a mom-and-pop
begins. You’re often satisfied after eating       are generally much larger than a normal-size     place, you can often find delicious food at
them, allowing you to split a meal or order       meal. Fight the urge to consume the extra        terrific prices.
a smaller portion. Be careful, however,           calories by cutting your meal in half when it
not to overeat on high calorie offerings —        arrives and saving the remainder for lunch       • Check         your   local   newspapers   for
moderation is key.                                the next day.                                    restaurant specials.

Restaurant Freebies and Discounts
Kids Eat Free Night                              restaurants as well as the MommySavers      This   site   rewards
                                                 Restaurant Discounts Forum. Keep these           diners for making reservations during
Instead   of   heading    to   your   favorite
                                                 coupons      somewhere     like   your   glove   off-peak hours. Discounts range from 10
restaurant on the weekend, eat out during
                                                 compartment or purse so you’ll have              percent to 30 percent off the meal price.
the week when there are more specials
                                                 access to them when you go out.                  In addition to reservations, participating
such as Happy Hour and Kids Eat Free
                                                                                                  restaurants extend a variety of special
nights, which are typically early in the week.
                                                 Other Sites that Save                            offers to consumers ranging from free valet

Birthday and Loyalty Clubs                                                                        parking to prix-fixe menus. Discounted gift
                                        This site offers $25
                                                                                                  certificates from participating restaurants
Diners of any age can sign up for                restaurant      gift   vouchers    for    $10,
                                                                                                  are also available.
restaurant loyalty programs and birthday         sometimes with coupon codes for even
clubs to maximize savings at the places          better discounts. Look for the best
                                                                                         OpenTable members can
they frequent regularly. For example,            selection at the beginning of the month
                                                                                                  earn Dining Rewards Points for making
T.G.I. Friday’s® gives you a coupon              and the deepest price cuts at the end of
                                                                                                  and keeping reservations online. Once
for a free appetizer after you join its          the month.
                                                                                                  members have accumulated at least
Give Me More Stripes Club®. Look for
                                                                                                  2,000 points, they can be redeemed for
sign-up cards when you receive your bill Entertainment books
                                                                                                  OpenTable Dining Cheques.
or sign up online.                               cost about $25-$35, but are well worth
                                                 the money if you’re a frequent diner. They
                                                                                         If you’re a Visa card
Printable Coupons                                contain many dining coupons including
                                                                                                  holder, visit the “Food and Drink” section
You’ll often find valuable coupons for           two-for-ones, dollars off a purchase
                                                                                                  of this Web site. You’ll see discounts
restaurants in the Sunday newspaper              or free appetizers. Often you can buy
                                                                                                  and offers for national chain restaurants,
coupon inserts, but they’re also online.         these books for half price once the year
                                                                                                  including printable coupons.
Check out the Web sites of your favorite         is half over.

Family Activities and Outings for Less
Free Festivals

Many communities offer festivals that are either free or very
inexpensive. Search for them online using keywords like
“your town + free events.” is a great Web site that
allows you to search by keyword, category or state. Be sure to plan
ahead and pack your own water bottles, drinks and snacks to save
even more.

Zoos and Museums

Most museums offer free admission one day a month or at certain
times during the week. This is a great way to experience some
culture completely gratis. Other great discounts may be available
through your employer, AAA or your credit card company. Some
libraries even allow you to check out museum passes as they would
books and other media (read more about it here). If you’re lucky
enough to live close to a zoo, amusement park or another family
attraction, consider a family membership.

Campus Fun                                                              Field Trips

If you happen to live in a college or university town, take advantage   Educational, informative and fun events are within your grasp just
of their low-cost facilities and events. The price of admission to      about anywhere you live. If you have an open mind and a sense of
college sporting events, art exhibits and plays is usually reasonable   adventure, you may enjoy arranging your own family field trip based
and sometimes you can even purchase a season pass. Additionally,        on what’s available in your community. There’s always plenty to do:
some student unions have bowling alleys and movie theaters that
are open to the public.                                                   • Visit to find a pick-your-own farm and come
                                                                             home with berries, apples, pumpkins or even a Christmas tree.
Playgrounds and Parks
                                                                          • Visit a local factory. You can find information about tours at
Take your meals on the go and enjoy a picnic at a nearby park or   
playground. To make it more fun, consider packing balls, sand toys,
                                                                          • Have your kids make artwork / cards to hand out while visiting
bubbles, Frisbees®, scooters, bikes, in-line skates or binoculars.
                                                                             a nursing home.
To find one in your state, visit
                                                                          • Visit a National Historic Landmark. You can find more info

                                                                          • Take the elevator to the top of a tall building and enjoy the view.

                                                                          • Shop at a multi-ethnic grocery store.

                                                                          • Search for treasures at a local antique store.

                                                                          • Visit a television station.

                                                                          • Visit a botanical garden.

                                                                          • Get a tour of the airport.

 Refueling on the Road
                                                                        To find out about more fun things to see and do in your area, go
 Make sure you’re making the most of your money at the pump.
 Find the lowest gas prices around town at             online and check out your local visitors bureau or your state’s
                                                                        tourism site to explore great places you might not know existed.

Kids’ Birthday Parties and Fun Gatherings for Less
                                                  the price includes. Most don’t include           scaled to fit an invitation, cut them out and
                                                  decorations or party favors, so you’ll have      have your child color them. A simple photo
                                                  to figure that in when computing your cost.      of the birthday child dressed to fit your
                                                  You could also try visiting a fire station, a    theme or holding a sign that says “Come
                                                  pet store, an animal shelter or park.            to My Party” can be a fun way to get the
                                                                                                   word out. The cost of printing a 4x6 photo
                                                  Don’t Go Overboard on the Theme                  can be as low as $.12 at

                                                  Barbie® or Spider-Man® may be your
Parties today are bigger than ever before,
                                                  theme, but that doesn’t mean you have to
with some parents sparing nothing to
                                                  buy the plates, napkins and invitations to
entertain their kids. However, the real focus
                                                  match — buying all the stuff in the party
of your child’s party should be spending
                                                  aisle can kill your budget. Instead, look
time and having fun with friends and family,
                                                  for a few choice items with your child’s
which should not cost a lot. Here are some
                                                  theme and fill in the rest with matching
suggestions to keep the budget down, but
                                                  colors. For my son’s recent Thomas the
not the fun!
                                                  Tank Engine® party, we bought one simple
                                                  Mylar® balloon (these are often available at     Party Favors for Less
Keep the Guest List Small
                                                  your dollar store) and filled in the rest with   Simple craft activities can keep your
Don’t feel guilty about limiting the size of
                                                  coordinating plain red and blue napkins,         guests entertained and provide them with
the party. A good rule of thumb is that the
                                                  balloons, cups and the like.                     a nice keepsake to take home at the end
number of kids on your guest list should
                                                                                                   of the party. For loot bags, buy plain lunch
match your child’s age. Your child will have
                                                  Make It a Cake-Only Party                        sacks and have guests decorate them
just as much fun with a few close friends
                                                  Planning your party after a mealtime             with stickers and markers while waiting
to help him or her celebrate, and no one
                                                  serves two purposes: kids aren’t going to        for others to arrive. Piñatas can be easily
will be overwhelmed.
                                                  be hungry (or cranky) and you won’t have         made with balloons and paper mâché; or
                                                  to incur the cost of a meal. Instead, focus      simply fill a decorated brown paper bag
Involve Kids in Planning
                                                  on cake and ice cream. Making your own           with inexpensive candy. There are plenty
When they’re old enough, set a party                                                               of other activities you can do with the
                                                  cake will save even more money. There
budget and involve your kids in the                                                                kids, such as decorating a terracotta pot,
                                                  are some great Web sites with instructions
planning as much as possible. You’d be                                                             making a craft foam picture frame, beading
                                                  on simple cake-making for every theme
surprised; if your party budget is $100,                                                           a bracelet — anything that keeps them
                                                  imaginable. If you’re not creative, a
allow your child to pocket what isn’t spent                                                        busy. For other inexpensive party favors,
                                                  simple sheet cake can be made to look
since he or she is much more apt to make                                                           watch the Target® Dollar Spot® throughout
                                                  “professional” with some sugar sprinkles
frugal decisions with the money than make                                                          the year for 75 percent off sales. It’s a
                                                  (great for covering up a bad frosting
unrealistic requests. Plus, it’s a great way                                                       great way to pick up fun party favors for
                                                  job) and some small toys or inexpensive
to get him or her in the habit of making wise                             ®                        just a quarter each.
                                                  objects like Matchbox cars, silk flowers
financial choices early.
                                                  and dollar store trinkets that can serve
                                                  as cake toppers.                                   Decorating your own cakes can be
Compare Costs of Locations
                                                                                                     simple and fun. These sites give
In most cases, the most economical                Homemade Invitations                               great tips on how to decorate cakes
place to hold your party will be at your                                                             without the professional price tag.
                                                  Homemade invitations add a personal
home. However, some places like schools,                                                             •
                                                  touch and can be a special keepsake for
museums,       bowling     alleys   and   pizza                                                      •
                                                  your child. For themed parties, look for
restaurants offer birthday packages that                                                             •
                                                  coloring pages on the Internet that can be
are worth considering. Be sure to ask what

Creative Date Nights for Parents
When you add the expense of hiring a         Coffee Shop                                    Wine Tastings
babysitter to the cost of going out for a
                                             If you’ve given up your designer coffee        Take a tour of a nearby vineyard or brewery
meal or catching a movie, date nights
                                             habit to better manage your budget,            and enjoy some free samples when the
can be especially expensive for parents.
                                             splurging on coffee once in a while            tour wraps up. Visit for
However, there still are budget-friendly
                                             can feel like a luxury. Combine your           a directory of tasting events and locations
ways to spend time with your spouse
                                             java with something yummy from the             near you. If you’re not close to any wineries,
without giving up date nights altogether.
                                             pastry / dessert menu and you’ve got a hot     organize your very own tasting event with
Here are a few:
                                             date that doesn’t cost much. Bookstores        friends. Instruct guests to spend no more
                                             that also sell coffee are great spots for      than $10 on an interesting bottle of wine
                                             this type of date. Even if you each decide     and pair it with some cheese. Conduct a
On a nice evening, spending time outdoors    to buy a book, you’ve typically spent less     blind taste test and have everyone vote on
can be particularly romantic. Pick a quiet   than you would have on dinner and drinks       their favorite variety.
park, a beach or a nature reserve. Bring     at a restaurant. Plus, you have something
a bottle of good, but inexpensive wine       to take home with you!                         At-Home
or champagne along with some nice                                                           If kids are in the mix, it’s sometimes hard
meats, cheeses and breads. Even if you       Game Night                                     to find a babysitter. No worries! You can
buy the gourmet or upscale varieties,
                                             If you enjoy hanging out with other            create a romantic (yet frugal) date at
you won’t spend as much as a night
                                             couples, consider organizing a game            home. The trick is to feed the kids and
out at a restaurant. Sam’s Club®, Trader
                                             night. The couple that hosts the party         put them to bed early so you can enjoy
Joe’s® and most supermarket deli cases
                                             is in charge of selecting the games and        time alone. Set your dining room table as
have more exotic cheeses and meats, so
                                             hiring a babysitter. Potlucks work great       if you were heading to a fancy restaurant:
there’s no need to go to high-end stores
                                             because they take the pressure off the         tablecloths, cloth napkins, mood music,
to find them.
                                             hosts, financially and otherwise. Select a     candlelight – the works. Crab legs or
                                             babysitter (or two) that is comfortable with   lobster tail are especially good on special
                                             the number of kids. Make sure the sitter       nights like this because they’re easy to
                                             is well prepared with activities and games     prepare and cost just a fraction of the
                                             for them. Have all the parents contribute to   restaurant price when purchased at the
                                             paying her and she’ll make a great wage.       supermarket. You’ll feel like you’re living
                                             It’s a win-win for everyone!                   large without spending a lot of cash.

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