The Secret New York Tour

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The Secret New York Tour  
List of sights you will see on this tour 
Your tour may be customized to spend more or less time at particular sights of interest to 
you, as well as ones you’d rather skip. On all our private tours, sights are seen from both 
inside and outside the vehicle.  
                             Greenwich Village: Meander through the narrow, tree-lined
                             streets with your guide and you’ll instantly be caught under its
                             spell. Far removed from the skyscrapers of Midtown, here you’ll
                             feel like your in a small town somewhere that’s not New York,
                             yet this is probably the most characteristically New York
                             neighborhood of them all! The history of Greenwich Village that
                             is. Cafes, artists, reformers & intellectuals. More has happened
                             here to influence popular culture than perhaps any other
                             neighborhood in the world. You’ll LOVE this place. LOTS to
                             discover here.

                             Meatpacking District: This trendy section of The Village is ripe
                             with contradictions. By day men in blood-stained white coats
                             unload truckloads of fresh meat and whole pigs. By night the
                             area morphs into one of the City’s hottest night life destinations.
                             Discover some of the secrets of this neighborhood–of-the-

                              Gramercy Park: Home to the only private park in Manhattan
                              this elegant neighborhood has some stunning architecture and
                              wonderful history few New Yorkers even know about.

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       East Village: It’s here where Abraham Lincoln gave a speech
       that kick-started his presidential campaign in 1860. It’s also the
       birthplace of punk music and was home to the Beatnik
       movement in the 1950’s. Learn about the Rock ‘n’ Roll history
       of this amazing neighborhood, discover the secrets of an old
       church dating back to 1799 and find a few other unexpected
       discoveries in this very diverse, very historic neighborhood.

       Wall Street / Financial District: Take a walk through the
       City’s and our nation’s financial capital. This is also the oldest
       part of the City, when it was originally called New Amsterdam.
       How did it all start? What made New York the capital of
       commerce? Learn all this and more.

       Chinatown: Full of interesting history and culture, Chinatown
       offers plenty for the curious-minded adventurer. Discover what
       used to be a secret tunnel for the Chinese tongs (mafia). Go off
       the beaten path and wander through this other-worldly
       neighborhood’s crooked, narrow streets.

       Brooklyn Heights: A beautifully serene neighborhood with
       some fascinating history, little-known landmarks and great
       architecture. A visit here promises to be one of the highlights of
       your trip to New York.

       D.U.M.B.O.: What was once a gritty manufacturing and
       warehouse district on the waterfront has been transferred into
       a vibrant, artsy and pricey neighborhood. Learn about the local
       history of this waterfront and discover its secrets.

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