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									How To Approach Women With The Hiroshima Opener Method
by Brad Jackson

The act of approaching a woman you don't know and talking to her or asking her out on
a date can cause fear in the hearts of many men. Building any kind of relationship with a
woman really only happens in two steps.

One: Approaching and Two: Attracting

"Building attraction" is arguably the most complex and important step but if you don't
have the nerve to actually approach a girl in a bar, step 2 is null. So ultimately, the
approach, the initial meeting takes on a heavy burden in the dating game.

There are countless routines and methods to approaching a woman in a bar from the
complex canned-lines to just walking up and saying hello. This can be nerve-wracking
enough, but even more anxiety producing is approaching a group of girls. Especially
hard is approaching a group of "hot" girls. This changes the whole dynamic.

All is not lost however, sometimes when you have the right technique (which does exist)
it is possible to approach a group of women and bring them into your world, your reality.
Instead of simply inviting yourself into their discussion, think of a way you can get them
involved with you in a fun and playful manner.

Situational openers are good in this case, but they can be challenging since you have to
analyze the whole situation and think of something that applies. Too often men get
frozen with "analysis paralysis" and end up never opening the girl in the first place.
Taking quick and decisive action is often the best step.

But what would work in a situation like this? An opener that is under the radar, fun to do
and can be done without experiencing any approach anxiety at all. The so-called "perfect
opener" can be hard to imagine working in every situation, but there are a few out there.

The   technique called "The Hiroshima Opener" is a method that destroys approach anxiety
and   annihilates any resistance from women when you are approaching. It not only gets
you   in with the girls you're targeting but it does so in a fun, stealth manner and gives
you   a souvenir at the end of the evening in the form of photo-proof.

Learn how to easily use the Hiroshima Opener by Brad Jackson of PUMA Skills and
discover the power to approach any group of hot girls.

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