The secret behind world-class performance

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					The secret behind
world-class performance
A tool to link jobs to people effectively
The secret behind world-class performance                                                                                                      3

World-class Job
Evaluation is more than
just pay and grading. It
also provides a robust
foundation to design                        What lies beneath…
effective organizations                     World-class organizations know that there is more to Job
                                            Evaluation than meets the eye. Not only do they use it to
                                            assess the contribution of jobs to an organization, they also

and manage talent -                         use it to maximize the value added through their people.

                                            In today’s business environment misallocated
                                            resources can have a much greater impact
                                                                                               n Changing business strategies: Competition
                                                                                                 from both new and existing organizations

without getting in the
                                            on an organization than might be expected.           seeking new markets, has necessitated rapid
                                            Job Evaluation can address this and also help        response to change. This is reflected in
                                            organizations successfully meet the challenges       business strategies where process and project
                                            experienced from an ever changing business           alignment are the preferred way to organise
                                            environment.                                         resources for effective business results.

way of organizational
                                                                                               n Unique jobs: As organizations have changed,
                                            The context                                          becoming flatter and leaner, jobs too have
                                            n Matrix-structured organizations: A                 changed. Many jobs now have evolving multi-
                                              turbulent business environment has become          functional roles. This makes them much
                                              the norm over the last few decades. So much        harder to understand and to compare like for

values and culture.
                                              so that organizations have adapted their           like.
                                              structures in order to succeed in the globally
                                              aggressive environment in which they now         Job Evaluation is a sophisticated tool which can
                                              compete. Reporting lines are now multiple        help tackle these issues. It offers clarity and rigor
                                              and accountabilities overlapping.                – simply and quickly. It can mean the difference
                                                                                               between average and world-class effectiveness.

The secret behind world-class performance                                                                                                                                                                                 5

                     What does world-class job                                         Pay and value
                                                                                                         Most organizations use Job Evaluation primarily to underpin pay levels. They understand that it
                                                                                                         enables them to manage people, based on the expertise they bring to the organization, whilst using
                                                                                                         the market as a point of reference. In addition, Job Evaluation is commonly used to determine grade

                     evaluation look like?                                                               ranges that reflect individual organizational structures and the different types of jobs within them.

                                                                                                         World-class organizations also use Job Evaluation for these purposes. However, they do not pigeon-hole
                                                                                                         it as a pay and grading tool. It provides them with a rigorous process for equal pay purposes and beyond
                     Hay Group’s Method of Job Evaluation is an                                          this, can help identify and measure the value created in roles so that rewards are linked to outputs or
                     under-utilised hero in the HR tool box. World-class
                     organizations know this and have re-discovered
                                                                                                         A rigorous Job Evaluation process provides organizations with a common framework and language to
                     what lies beneath its top layer to reveal hidden                  Organizational
                                                                                                         design jobs more effectively to best support their business strategy. Strategic goals and objectives can
                     depths of insight and flexibility.                                                  then be clarified and distributed into job-specific accountabilities, ensuring that there are no gaps or
                                                                                                         overlaps. This is particularly relevant for matrixed organizations.

                                                                                                         World-class organizations know this and use Job Evaluation to review organizational structures against
                                                                                                         processes, roles and accountabilities, providing a foolproof test as to whether or not they are effective. The
                                                                                                         framework that Job Evaluation provides, also enables world-class organizations to link annual objectives
                                                                                                         and development activities to accountabilities.

                                                                                       Selection and     Job Evaluation can be used to reveal the strong links between the nature and shape of senior manager
                                                                                       assessment        and executive jobs and the competencies required to achieve outstanding performance.

                                                                                                         World-class organizations know that understanding the work’s scope significantly increases their ability
                                                                                                         and accuracy to select and develop high-performing executives. They are also aware that this enables them
                                                                                                         to design jobs that increase the likelihood of the jobholder succeeding. World-class organizations use Job
                                                                                                         Evaluation to provide a quick decision-making rationale to determine exactly whether the right person is in
                               Job Evaluation is a sophisticated tool which can                          the right job. Not only does this add value internally, but it helps limit the risk for shareholders investing
                               help tackle these issues. It offers clarity and rigor                     in them.
                               – simply and quickly. It can mean the difference
                               between average and world-class effectiveness.
                                                                                       Succession and    Job Evaluation can assess the extent to which a job prepares an individual for the additional
                                                                                       career planning   challenges of a bigger job or more senior role.

                                                                                                         World-class organizations use this key feature for succession planning purposes, as it provides a
                                                                                                         framework against which talent can be managed in an informed way by combining an understanding
                                                                                                         of the roles needed to support the organization, what successful performance looks like in them and the
                                                                                                         competencies required to achieve this.

    The secret behind world-class performance

                                                                                                                                Hay Group’s Job
                                                                                                                                Evaluation Method
                                                                                                                                is the most widely
                           Why Hay Group?
                           n Hay Group’s Job Evaluation Method is the        n Hay Group’s Job Evaluation approach
                                                                                                                                used and recognised
                                                                                                                                proprietary job
                             most widely used and recognised proprietary       provides a sound and straightforward
                             job evaluation system in the world.               method to measure and value work on an
                             Hay Group operate in 82 offices across 47         on-going basis. It enables organizations
                             countries enabling us to meet your needs          to make sound judgements about internal
                             across geographical boundaries.                   relativities and provides comparisons with
                                                                               external organizations.

                                                                                                                                evaluation system in
                           n The concepts of step differences and job
                             shape built into Hay Group’s Method               Hay
                                                                              	 Group’s Job Evaluation Manager is a
                             make it unique in providing insights into         powerful on-line tool to build and maintain
Clients who have used        organization and job design and underpins         an organization’s job structure. It has been
our system for over 30       other key people processes including career       developed on an internet based platform to
years are proof that         development and succession planning.              provide leading edge support at all stages

                                                                                                                                the world.
Hay Group’s Job                                                                of a clients’ job evaluation process. The Job
                           n Hay Group’s Job Evaluation method is an           Evaluation Manager has been designed to:
Evaluation process           analytical method with non-discriminatory
works.                       factors, enabling it to support the                - enhance efficiency in the implementation
                             achievement of equal pay for equal value.            of job evaluation processes by eliminating
                                                                                  the need for (duplicated) paper files and
                           n Hay Group’s Job Evaluation method is                 manual procedures
                             supported by the most comprehensive                - secure quality and consistency by ensuring
                             compensation and benefits database. It               all users have access to a common database
                             provides the unique capability, in a single          and materials and approved users have
                             process, of accessing comprehensive external         the ability to comprehensively review
                             market data providing valid and rigorous pay         evaluations and job information material
                             market comparisons.                                  on a continuous basis

                           n Hay Group’s basic theory that differently       n Clients who have used our system for over
                             shaped jobs require different types of            30 years are proof that Hay Group’s Job
                             people is supported by our comprehensive          Evaluation process works. It combines a
                             leadership database which contains years          sound conceptual basis and robustness which
                             of study and analysis of over 65,000 global       has enabled it to stand the test of time, with
                             executives.                                       inherent flexibility allowing it to respond
                                                                               to any changes in an organization and
                           n Hay Group Method has the added advantage          individual roles.
                             of including a number of checks and
                             balances to assist organizations with making
                             consistent and robust judgements of job size.

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