The Humane Society, Inc.                                                                           Summer 2007
Serving all of Anderson County and Oak Ridge

 The Paw Print
              THE SECRET CITY FESTIVAL                                      Harry’s Aquarium & Pets has placed over
    The City of Oak Ridge has again invited us to                           100 dogs and cats since implementing
    participate in the Secret City Festival. This event is a                their shelter animal adoption program in
    good opportunity for the Humane Society to raise                        late October 2006. Some of the animals
    public awareness of our organization and successful                     placed were deemed “not adoptable” and
    spay/neuter program.                                       were literally on death row. “We do have to be careful
                                                               which animals we choose from the shelter to bring to
                 Our annual dog parade is just one of the      our shop. We have limited space because we don’t
                 many exciting opportunities waiting for       use traditional cages. We like to have dogs and
                 you. It should prove to be a fun time for     puppies accessible to public interaction, so size and
                 all participants.                             personality really matter to us.”
    We always need more help so if you would like to           All the upkeep of these shelter animals is provided by
    volunteer please call 865-381-1550 and leave a             Harry’s Aquarium & Pets. Daily food, water, cleaning,
    message. The answering machine is checked daily            exercise and any vet transport and medication if
    and calls are returned promptly.                           needed is done by Harry’s staff. “We even introduce
                                                               all dogs and puppies to housebreaking. Many people
                                                               were pleasantly surprised that their new puppy was
                                                               already basically housebroken upon adoption. We
                                                               chalk it up to not being in cages and being taken out
                                                               regularly. It’s been a huge change in work-load here
                                                               in our shop since taking on shelter animals. I never
                                                               realized how much work and expense it takes to be
                                                               an adoption center for the shelter, but it’s so
                                                               rewarding to save a life and to bring families together
                                                               that I definitely don’t regret the decision to start the
                                                               program” says Natasha Cortez, Harry’s co-owner.
        DONATION OF DOG BENCHES TO THE                         “We have had very positive public feedback on the
           OAK RIDGE ANIMAL SHELTER                            program. People feel that coming to a shop is a more
                                                               pleasant atmosphere than going to the shelter,
    On April 19, 2007, the Humane Society was pleased          although we do stress that there are great animals at
    to donate nine dog benches, manufactured by the            the shelter to be seen. We also receive great support
    Mason Company, to the Oak Ridge Animal Shelter.            from our veterinarians, Dr. Hinson with the Oak
    These benches provide a cleaner and more                   Ridge Vet Hospital and Dr. Lenhard at the Jackson
    comfortable sleep location for the shelter dogs in the     Square Vet Clinic. They have really helped us with
    kennels. Without these benches, the shelter dogs           health issues that could not be dealt with at the
    must lie on the concrete floor, which may be wet or        shelter because of City budgeting.”
    soiled. The Shelter only had five of these benches for
    the thirty-nine dog kennels. The addition of these         To learn more about Harry’s Aquarium and Pets and
    nine dog benches will significantly improve humane         their shelter animal adoption program, visit them in
    conditions for more of the shelter dogs awaiting           the Grove Shopping Center or call 483-5025.
    adoption.                                                                  Submitted by Harry’s Aquarium & Pets

    Board members Susan Blackford and Mary Harvey
    presented the dog benches to Don Russell from the
    Oak Ridge Animal Shelter.

                        OVER 100
                     ANIMALS SAVED!
                       The purpose of the Humane
                       Society, Inc. is to promote the
                       humane care and responsible
                       treatment of animals. The
                       Society has been in existence                                      The Humane Society
                       for over 30 years during which                                       Flea Market, located
      NEW              time its board members have                                           on Warehouse
                                                         Road near the Oak Ridge Animal Shelter, and in the
    MEMBERS            succeeded in designing a
                                                         same block of warehouses as Larry’s Antiques, is
                       very successful spay/neuter
                       program as well as                open from 10:00 am until 1:00 pm on Saturdays.
                       educational programs.             Michele Cloutier, manager of the flea market, reports
                                                         that all old stock has recently been removed, and the
The Society receives all of its monies from              shelves are stocked with new items. Categories of
memberships, grants, Anderson County non-profit          goods include the following: lamps, toiletries, china,
funds, the local Wal-Mart community’s fund,              linens, collectibles, games and toys, as well as
donations, fundraisers, memorials, and a flea market     records and videos. Please consider visiting on a
on Warehouse Road. The Society has no paid               Saturday morning; all proceeds benefit the Anderson
employees or offices, an extremely low overhead and      County spay and neuter program.
all programs and fundraisers are run by volunteers.
Raising money to cover this popular program is
always a challenge.
Please consider becoming a member of this very                                DONATIONS
worthwhile organization. Membership can cost as          Michael & Barbara Gamblin   John Howell
little as $20 a year but the assistance it gives in      Earl & Connie Eversole      WE Tewes
controlling the pet population is priceless. If you’re   B.R. Brooks                 Kimberly Sherles
already a member, THANK YOU FOR YOUR                     D.O. & Billie Harton        Joyce & Dennis Haley
                                                         Martha Smyth                Meg & Don Jared
SUPPORT. Talk to your friends and encourage them
                                                         Bill Tewes
to become members also. For your convenience, a
membership application is located on the back of this                        IN HONOR OF
newsletter. If you’ve been a member in the past but                  Linda LaForest – Meg Schreiber
are no longer able to support us financially, we would
still love to have you volunteer. We can always use                            MEMORIALS
help at the Secret City Festival and on Saturdays at     IMO Dr. A.H. “Mickey” McArthur – Charles &
the Flea Market on Warehouse Road.                                                          Betty Campbell
                                                         IMO Courtney Weaber – Dennie, Wayne, Travis &
To show our appreciation, we have worked with                                     Zackery McKinney
some local retailers who provide pet care supplies to    IMO Jeanette Houser - ORNL
allow our members a discount at their                    IMO Randy Goodpasture – John & Pam Miller
establishments. Below you will find the stores           IMO Rita Collins – Johnny Randolph
involved in this program and the type of discount they   IMO Carley Tenpenny – John Paul V. Maxfield
provide. Whenever you shop at these locations, just      IMO Ron Cloutier – John & Mary Harvey;
show them your membership card before your                                   Alice Feldman & Albert Good
purchase to receive your discount.                       IMO Ginger – Bob Lyon
Oak Ridge Feed & Garden, 100 Dresden Road,               IMO Rudder – Bob Lyon
Oak Ridge. 482-3229. 5% discount on all pet
supplies and pet food.                                              IN MEMORY OF SILVIA ALIBERTI
                                                                      NOV. 22, 1910 - JAN. 10, 2007
Agri Feed and Pet Supply Co., 5716 Middlebrook           A true animal lover and explorer of nature, Ms.
Pike, Knoxville. 584-3959. 10% discount on pet           Aliberti loved to go to remote places such as the
supplies and accessories (pet food is not included).     Chota Monument on Tellico Lake or to Norris Lake
                                                         State Park in search of unusual animals and birds
In 2006, we are proud to have sponsored the
                                                         one could not find in a city.
spay/neuter'ing of 199 cats and 205 dogs of low-
income families in Anderson County.                      Ms. Aliberti also supported the Humane Society and
                                                         we are grateful for the generous gift she bequeathed
Since the beginning of 2007, we have sponsored the
                                                         in her Last Will and Testament.
spay/neuter'ing of 79 cats and 81 dogs of low-income
families in Anderson County.
  WARM WEATHER PET CARE                                                         KEEP YOUR PET HEALTHY
You can make the lazy days of                                                    The majority of cases seen
summer even better by sharing them                                                  recently at an area emergency
with your pet. By following a few                                                   veterinary clinic are not animals
summer pet safety tips, you can keep                                                hit by cars or other traumatic
your animal friends healthy and enjoys                                            injuries but rather "dietary
the months of sun and fun.                                                     indiscretions". Simply put, owners
Never Leave Your Pet in the Car. Though it may                feeding their animals human food which leads to
seem cool outside, the sun can raise the temperature          severe gastric upset and worse. The leading foods
inside your car to 120 degrees Fahrenheit in a matter         causing these problems are meat and meat products
of minutes, even though the windows are rolled                (pork being the worst) and dairy (milk, butter, etc.)
down. If you need to run some errands, leave your             products. Our pets cannot digest high fat foods that
furry ones at home.                                           humans eat. Gastric problems which may start out
                                                              with vomiting, diarrhea, and/or a painful abdomen
Keep Your Pets Leashed. It will                               can be so severe that an animal can go into shock
keep them from getting lost,                                  and its life may be endangered. The advice is simple:
fighting with other animals, and                              feed your pet only foods made for pets. Avoid high fat
eating or drinking things that could                          pork treats like pigs ears and other pig parts. Also,
make them sick. This tip is not just                          dogs should not eat products made for cats and vice-
for dogs -- even cats can learn to                            versa.
walk on a leash if you train them.

Water, water, everywhere.
Whether you are indoors or out, both you and your
pet need access to lots of fresh water during the
summer, so check their water bowl several times a
day to be sure that it's full. If you and your furry friend
venture forth for the afternoon, bring plenty of water
for both of you.

Pets Need Sunscreen too. Though all that fur helps
protect him, your pet can still get sunburned,
particularly if he has light skin and hair. Sunburn in
animals can cause problems similar to those it can
cause in people, including pain, peeling, and skin
cancer. So keep your pet out of the sun between 10
a.m. and 4 p.m., and when you do go out, rub a bit of
sunblock on unprotected areas like the tip of his ears,
the skin around his lips, and the tip of his nose.

         Say "No" To Tangles. Keeping your pet
            well-groomed will help her hair do what
            it was designed to do, protect her from
           the sun and insulate her from the heat. If
              your pet has extremely thick hair or a
              lot of mats or tangles, her fur may trap
too much heat, so you may want to clip or trim the

Watch Out for Antifreeze. Hot weather may tempt
your pet to drink from puddles in the street, which
can contain antifreeze and other chemicals.
Antifreeze has a sweet taste that animals like, but it
is extremely toxic. When you are walking your pet,            . . . a charming word in a
make sure that he does not sneak a drink from the             friend’s vocabulary.
                                                                                                   -Louisa May Alcott
                                                  The Humane Society, Inc.
                                        Serving All of Anderson County and Oak Ridge
                                              PMB 366, 969 Oak Ridge Turnpike
                                                Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37830

                                          MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION/RENEWAL

   Name __________________________________________________________ Phone _______________________________

Address _______________________________ City _________________________State __________________ Zip _____________

     Individual voting membership          $20.00                      Family voting membership           $30.00
          (only one name may be used for this                           (two votes allowed with this membership)

                    Supporting membership (two votes allowed in more than one name) as follows:
                     Friend                       Patron                       Benefactor
                   $50 - $99                        $100 - $199                        $200 plus

                     I wish to contribute $_____________       Total amount enclosed $_____________

                                  Please make checks payable to The Humane Society, Inc.

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