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                                               The Calvary
                                                     Volume 10 - Issue 12– December 2009

      Comforters for Christ
     T    hank you, Emerson and
          Lucy Brown for sharing
     your mission work in Mexico.
     Because of this, our Tuesday
     Lunch Bunch (and others) have
     worked as a team to make com-
     forters and utility bags to share
     with the Browns to take to
     Mexico every winter.
           Before doing this, I had
     been making bags and comfort-
     ers for the Jubilee Mennonite
     Church. I was excited when
     this opportunity came up so I                                             Ladies working on comforters
     could give through our own
           As word got out that we                     ramé for drawstrings, that have        group to do this.
     were working on this project,                     also been donated. Without                   The size of our group var-
     people started donating fabric.                   these donations, we could not do       ies from nine to seventeen la-
     No one can fathom how much                        all we do! With all these dona-        dies. Our group gets together on
     fabric has been donated.                          tions, we still have to purchase       my patio to work, cutting, sort-
           There are two local stores                  batting for warmth in the com-         ing, and sewing. There are three
     that have donated a lot of fab-                   forters.                               ladies cutting and sewing that
     ric. We use thread and mac-                             When we started this pro-        don’t go to our church but want
                                                       ject two years ago, the price of       to help
Inside this issue:                                     batting was $1.69 per yard; it’s             There are two ladies I espe-
                                                       now $2.99 per yard. It takes two       cially want to give credit for
From the pastor’s desk.................. ........2     and a half yards per comforter.        their efforts: Jeanette Mosier
     “Fickle fans and fickle faith”                    Even though we buy it when it is       and Natalie Wickersham Sabre.
Missionaries on furlough. . .…………..3                   on sale, it still costs us $4.50 for   Jeanette helps me put comforters
                                                       each comforter.                        together and sews and sews and
                                                             We also buy the items that       sews. Natalie cuts and cuts and
Youth activities…….….……...….INSERT                     go into the bags. The school           cuts the fabric into useable
Coming events …...……….....…...INSERT                   bags average about $3.60 each;         blocks. Without them our group
                                                       the hygiene bags average around        could not do what we do.
                                                       $5.99 each. With the generous                Our group of ladies really
                                                       financial help from the Sunday         enjoy the fellowship we have
                                                       School classes and lots of other       when we get together to work as
                                                       people who just hand me                             (continued on page 3)
                                                       money, it is possible for our
Page 2                                                                                               The Calvary Call

Fickle fans and fickle faith
R     ecently Cathy and I went to a Monday Night
      Football game in Cleveland. This has been a
long season for Cleveland Browns fans. However
this was going to be different. This game was the
40th anniversary game of Monday Night Football.
Cleveland played in the very first Monday Night
Football game and beat the Jets 31-21. This game
was going to be special. The Browns would be up
for the game because of its significance. Added to
                                                         mit, I was disappointed and discouraged by the
the mix is that we were playing the Baltimore Ra-
                                                         team’s play. I wanted to see them do better, but I
vens. Do you remember when the Browns left
                                                         wore my Browns cap home. We stopped to eat and
Cleveland in 1995 and they went to Baltimore? This
                                                         someone saw my hat and commented about the
was a big game in front of a national audience
                                                         Browns. I said, “It was rough but we are coming
against a team you have learned to dislike. Browns
backer towels were given to everyone as they entered
                                                                I wonder if we look like fickle fans to God. I
the stadium to heighten the significance of the game.
                                                         should say, I wonder if it looks like we have fickle
      As Cathy and I entered the stadium, we saw
                                                         faith. If everything is going the way we want it to
people wearing Browns jackets, hats, scarves, pants
                                                         go, we are all about God but as soon as our life hits
as well as people who painted their faces and some
                                                         some hard times and we have to punt, we want to
wearing dog masks that scared us. There was great
                                                         leave the “game” early. We stop waving our towel
excitement in the air. As we received our “backer
                                                         or hands and we start looking for a new team to fol-
towel” and went to our seats, we were greeted by
                                                         low. Or we just stay away from the game. The fire
other Browns fans who anticipated a victory. The
                                                         we had at salvation can be replaced with apathy. The
three Raven fans in our area were outnumbered and
                                                         once hot team goes through some reorganization and
should have known to be quiet. As the team was in-
                                                         instead of standing by our team we look for some-
troduced, the place went nuts. Towels were being
                                                         thing new. The time when we need each other is of-
waved in the air and barking was heard in every seat.
                                                         ten the time we turn and leave.
(Ok, Cathy didn’t bark, but I did!) When the team
                                                                 James 1:3 says the testing of our faith helps us
took the field it got even louder. On the first series
                                                         stand strong in difficult times. We should expect
we held them to a 3 and out. They only gained three
                                                         hard times. We should welcome hard times. We
yards and had to punt. Again the fans were standing
                                                         shouldn’t run during hard times. We need to stay
waving the new Browns backer towels. Then the
                                                         and encourage each other. Together we should work
Browns’ first offensive play was a 14-yard run to
                                                         on sharpening our skills and improve. We will never
cheers and waving towels. If you saw the game, that
                                                         get stronger by running from difficulties. Rather,
was about all we had to cheer for. The Browns
                                                         James says we should count it all joy (1:2), ask for
never scored. They never passed the 45-yard line.
                                                         wisdom from God (1:4), and not doubt (1:6). If you
The towel waving went to booing. The standing fans
                                                         study the entire chapter you will see that difficult
were moving to the aisles and leaving – in the third
                                                         times are considered good gifts from God. Don’t
quarter. When the team needed its fans to stay true,
                                                         reject His gift. God loves us enough to allow us to
they turned and left.
                                                         go through times of stretching. We don’t have a
      At the end of the game, Cathy and I were sitting
                                                         “backer towel” to wave, but a towel and basin to
alone in our section looking at the towels that were
                                                         serve. Let’s help the team, pick up our towel, and
thrown on the ground. What happened to all the ex-
                                                         cheer each other on. Let’s have firm faith, not fickle
citement? What happened to the cheering fans?
What happened to the loyalty? I watched and
                                                                             - Jeffory D. Willetts, senior pastor
thought to myself, “What fickle fans!” I have to ad-
The Calvary Call                                                                                            Page 3

                          ~ Missionaries on furlough ~
                                  Julie McFadden began serving in Cape Town, South Africa in 2001, teach-
                                  ing the lower elementary grades at the Good Hope Christian School. Her
                                  ministries at Mountain View Baptist Church were teaching and discipling
                                  women and children and helping with the music ministry. At the beginning
                                  of 2009, she moved to George, a town about 250 miles east of Cape Town.
                                  She is working with other church planting missionaries to establish churches
                                  among the English- and Afrikaan-speaking people.
                                          Julie arrived in the United States at the end of June for a six-month
                                  furlough (planning to return to South Africa at the end of December). While
                                  here, she is reporting to supporting churches, visiting individuals supporters,
                                  and raising additional support. She says “Of course, one of my favorite parts
                                  of furlough is spending time with family! :-)”

Shelley Grimm went to language school in San Jose, Costa Rica in August
2005 to learn Spanish and then on to Managua, Nicaragua to evangelize and
disciple women and children. She has worked in an orphanage teaching pre-
school, taught Bible study and tutored people in reading at House of Hope,
and discipled women in the local churches. Some of the ladies she works
with are preparing to become pastor's wives and help their husbands in new
church plants.
        Shelley arrived home for a 1 year furlough in August and will return
to Nicaragua in July. While here, she is visiting supporting churches, family,
and friends. She is also attending training to help give her new ideas for the
women's ministry she is doing in Nicaragua. She says, "It is interesting to
see how God is bringing people into my path at just the right moment to
bring me a word of encouragement and help. It is refreshing to be with my
brothers and sisters in Christ here in the states again."

Comforters for Christ (continued from page one)
a team. The ladies talk about how nice it is to get acquainted with ladies they didn’t know before.
     In addition to the 65 comforters we gave to Lucy and Emerson Brown’s Mexican mission project, we also
made 470 filled hygiene bags and education bags. These were made from 2007 - 2009.
     From 2008 - 2009, we made 124 comforters to give to “Feed the 5000”, CCS auction, Appalachia,
Awana bus ministry, Homeless shelter, fire victims, CCS, Katrina victims, and the church closet. We also
gave filled bags to a family of seven who were fire victims, and 158 bags to the Awana ministry.
     We are all happy to use our God-given talents to serve others. We thank God that He gives us the energy
and good health to do His work.
                                                                                               - Phyllis Brunson
                                                                                 (For the Tuesday Lunch Bunch)
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                          ~ Youth activities for December ~
 Calstumi (Calvary Student Ministries) - Grades 9 - 12        AWANA (Ages 3 through Grade 6)
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             Layman’s Christmas party - December 12 at 6:00 p.m. at the home of Don and Phyllis Stinson
                                     AWANA Christmas party - December 16

                                    ~ Calvary Christian School ~
  Calvary Christian School will present a Christmas musical on Thursday, December 17 at 7:00 p.m. Grades 4 - 8 will
           present “The Christmas S.O.C.C.E.R Team”. (Society of Christmas Carolers Emergency Rescue)
                    It was performed about ten years ago and was a favorite. It has a great message.
                                      A book fair will be held, December. 15 - 18.

                                          ~ Fun Bunch to MCI ~
The Fun Bunch will be attending a Christmas play presented by the Christian inmates at Marion Correctional Institution
on Thursday, December 10 at 1:00 p.m. Contact Alice Baughman for details.

                                 ~ Women at Risk jewelry party ~
On December 4 at 6:00 p. m in the church fellowship hall, there will be a jewelry party with proceeds going to Women
at Risk International. This will be an opportunity to learn more about Women at Risk International that evening.
      The passion of Women at Risk is to give voice to the silenced cries of women of the world. They offer a safe place
to turn crisis into a story of hope. 800,000 people are trafficked every year against their will. 50% are children. 70% of
the women are sold into sexual slavery chained to beds of horror.
      Babies are sold into slavery globally for as little as $100.
      Virginity is sold by traffickers to the highest bidder.
      "114-200 million women are ‘demographically missing’ due to infanticide, dowry deaths, domestic violence and all
manner of risk." - UN Secretary General.
      Women and children rescued out of sexual slavery are placed in safe houses and provided job training. They learn
such things as jewelry making, small business management, sewing, etc.
      Everyone is invited to come and learn more about this project, and encouraged to buy a piece of jewelry to help res-
cue a woman from a life of unspeakable slavery.
                                                                                                           - Courtney Prall
                                ~ December 2009 ~
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