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Fire Alarms by hcj


									Appomattox Court House National Historical Park                                                                                                  November 7, 2008
Fire Alarm System Specifications

The overview of work is to provide a working fire alarm system for 16 buildings at Appomattox Court House NHP. All 16 building are within the main Village of the
Park (note blue rectangle on map below). Buildings are within a quarter mile radius and are listed individually in the table at the end.
All components must be listed by UL. All work must comply with NFPA 72 (National Fire Alarm Code) and NFPA 70 (Electrical code) as well as any more stringent
codes imposed by the State of Virginia. The contractor must be licensed and bonded to do smoke/fire detection systems in the State of Virginia.

The contractor is to replace fire system components (many of which are malfunctioning and obsolete (the extant model is no longer made)) with compatible current state
of the art components. New components will be installed in the same location as the old components. A smoke detector will be replaced with a smoke detector,
and a heat sensor will be replaced with a heat sensor. All wiring is already in place; only the component is being changed out.

In the Tavern Kitchen (Book Store), one new smoke detector is to be added to comply with Fire Code Standards. The new smoke detector is to be installed in the
small book viewing room that is on the right as you enter the building.

Components to be provided and replaced are as follows:

1)   5-Zone Panels;
2)   Photo Smoke Detectors;
3)   Control Panels;
4)   Rate of Rise (heat detectors);
5)   Bells;
6)   Battery Backup/Surge Protection units (from panel to the detectors);
7)   80 Character LCD Annunciator Panels;
8)   Key Pads
9)   Addressable Control Panel with Dialer and Communications Interface.

**4 Horns are already installed and are functional.

Refer to the table below for the number of each component type needed and for the locations where they are to be installed.

It is highly recommended that contractors arrange for a site survey by calling John Spangler, Facility Manager, between 7am and 3:30pm at 434-352-8987.

The components in 15 of the buildings will report to the Addressable Control Panel with Dialer and Communications Interface that is to be installed in the Visitor
Center. This new Panel will replace the existing panel, will be capable of accepting communications from the 15 out-buildings, and will have the capacity to
accommodate signals from 22 intrusion system locations. The Visitor Center Panel must be compatible with and programmed to dial out to the Appomattox
Sheriff’s office.

Contractor’s bid shall include all supplies, materials, components as listed in the table below, and labor to install said components.

Most work will be conducted while the park is open and visitors are present. Installation work will not prevent visitor access and will be done in such a manner as
not to endanger visitors or staff and keep interference with normal park operations and visitors to a minimum. Labor will include the time necessary to clean up
debris as each component is installed. Any damage to park buildings resulting from installation will be repaired such that the damaged area will be in the same
condition as prior to the damage. All of the building are historic; therefore any needed repairs would have to conform with the historic fabric. Acceptance of
repairs will be by the COTR who has historic preservation expertise.

At completion of the installation, the Contractor will provide any and all literature on all the types of components installed. Contractor will also provide hands on
training for the park Maintenance Mechanic, the park Facility Manager and the park Curator.
Parts and labor will be warranted for 18 months from acceptance of installation. The contractor will repair and/or replace any work or component that fails during
this warranty period. Response time for repair and/or replacement will be no longer than 12 business hours from the time of notification of the problem.

Installation is to be completed within 60 days of award of contract. Installation to pass inspection by appropriate county fire official before final acceptance.

         Buildings              5 Zone      Smoke          Control      Rate of Rise     Bells     Battery         80 Character       Key          Addressable
                                Panels     Detectors        Panel        Detectors                Backups/             LCD            Pads         Control Panel
                                                                        (Heat Sensors)              Surge          Annunciator                    with Dialer and
                                                                                                  Protectors          Panels
Visitor Center                                  9              4              1            1            2                 1                              1

Jones Law Office                    1                          1               3           1            2
Peers House                         1           4              2               4           1            2                 1             1
Tavern Kitchen (Book Store)                4 replaced
                                                                               1           1
                                             1 new
Tavern Slave Quarters               1           1              1                           1            2
Tavern Guest House                  1           2              1               2           1            2
Tavern                              1           8              1               1           1            2
Woodson Law Office                                                             1           1
Meeks Store                         1           6              1               1           1            2
Meeks Store House                                                              1
Isbell House                        1           9              1               1           1            2
Mariah Wright                       1                          1               7           1            2
Mclean Kitchen                                                                 3
Mclean Slave                        1                          1               3           1            2
Mclean House                        1           9              1               1           1            2
Maintenance Area                    1           2              1               3           1            2

Totals                             11          55             16              33          14           24                 2             1                1

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